Mistakes Men Make In Bed – Up Your Game Now

Mistakes Men Make In Bed – Up Your Game Now

Mistakes Men Make

In the dynamic world of intimate relationships, there are common pitfalls that often go unnoticed. There are quite a few critical mistakes men make that can hinder sexual satisfaction and relationship depth. By addressing these errors, men can enhance their understanding and improve their interactions with partners, ensuring a more fulfilling connection.

Mistakes Men Make #1 – Sex Only Starts In The Bedroom

Male arousal works very differently to female arousal levels. With men, it’s almost like turning on a light switch in some ways whereas women can take a lot longer to reach a sexual arousal. You can combat this by using arousal techniques throughout the day. Physical touching such as hugging, kissing and holding hands are excellent ways to have some cute flirtatious fun together and show your partner that you appreciate her.

This technique can also be used for same sex couples as well. Feeling safe and secure in a relationship is one of the keys for anyone wishing to engage in intimacy, as sexual arousal is often closely linked to trust, intimacy, communication and relaxation. Indeed, a long hug can go a long way in changing the body. Studies have shown that a 20 second hug can be responsible for increasing the levels of oxytocin in your body, which are responsible for feelings of trust, affection, and intimacy.

Mistakes Men Make #2 – Assuming You Know What They Want

Women and men fake orgasms. Surprised? Well it still happens. Women fake orgasms to make their partner happy and to boost their confidence, whereas men will often fake an orgasm because he believes that she is bored, or that he is embarrassed by the length of time that it is taking, or for a variety of other reasons.

What worked with your last sexual partner may not work with your current sexual partner and it’s important to not use the same tips and tricks that you used with your last partner. It is very important to get to know the body of your partner, and to learn the way that they like things, and how they respond to certain feelings and sensations. After sex, you might be inclined to have the post sex talk, a great bonding mechanism that can be used straight after the sex bliss in bed, or during some increased sensuality and intimacy in the shower.

Asking questions like how did hat feel, or what they liked and/or disliked about that session is a good way to learn. Never be afraid to ask. It’s important though, to ensure that you focus on the positives as opposed to the negatives. Do not say, I didn’t like this, but say that you really liked it when they did this. Focus on the positives so that you get more that.

Mistakes Men Make #3 – Stick To A Plan

plan a or b for sex

Okay, so you’ve discovered a new move on your partner that they really enjoy. Just because it worked the last couple of times that you pulled that move does not mean that they’re going to enjoy it the next dozen times that you demonstrate your new skill. Bodies are different, every single time, and it’s important that you explore your partner’s body regularly. That’s not to say that you need to devote 3 hours of your night to foreplay every time that you have sex, but there are certainly going to be times when you need a longer session than just a quickie.

For women, their body will respond differently to different things based on where they are in their cycle, and both sexes will have altered body states depending on their moods. If a partner is stressed, or feeling anxious, then their body is going to respond differently to different stimulation. Pay attention to their body and how they’re reacting.

Lastly, when you find something that works. Focus on it for an appropriate length of time, then do it again. Women especially will often complain that their partner has moved on to something else by the time that they’re just starting to enjoy something and get into it. Linger, but don’t overuse.

Mistake #4 – Sex Is More Than Just Physical Stimulation

Not everyone is exclusively aroused by physical stimulation. A lot of people are also turned on by mental stimulation as well. This could involve dirty talk, it could be visual or it could be a combination of that. Next time you’re making love with your partner, or indeed just casually engaging in some foreplay, try a little dirty talk. The worst that’ll happen is that you both erupt into a fit of giggles. The best thing that’ll happen is that you end up with clothes all over the house.

mistakes men make

Mistake #5 – Expect Intercourse To Give Your Partner An Orgasm

This is especially true with women. The statistics are that 80% of women need more stimulation that just intercourse. The reason being is that most sexual positions will not stimulate the clitoris. This is why a lot of women need extra stimulation, whilst some use vaginal and clitoral pumps to achieve this by making the surface area more pronounced and sensitive, others will simply use a small clitoral vibrator or something similar.

Conversely, for men, their needs to be stimulation to the penis. Whilst some men can ejaculate through anal sex and prostate stimulation via anal toys for men alone, there are a lot of men out there who rely on penile stimulation. If you’re topping, don’t forget to pay attention to their genitals as well and don’t assume that they’ll take matters in their hands all the time.

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Mistake #6 – Skip The Seduction

People like to be seduced. It’s true, they like to feel wanted needed and desired. In this regard, the seduction is often more important than the technique. Learning what your partner likes is key to this one. Do they like oral, visual or mental stimulation? They might like dirty talk, they might like a finger slowly being traced up their chest or down their back, or they might simply want to be flirted with at the bar.

It’s Time To Fix Mistakes Men Make During Sex

Enhancing sexual intimacy involves recognizing and rectifying common missteps. By fostering open communication, attentiveness to a partner’s unique preferences, and maintaining a sense of adventure, men can significantly enrich their relational and sexual connections.

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