Best Ways To Masturbate: Techniques You Can Learn Now

Best Ways To Masturbate: Techniques You Can Learn Now

Ways To Masturbate

Masturbation is one of those tricky things that we’re never quite sure how it started, or how we even learnt to do it. There are so many different ways to masturbate that we may or may not have explored. We might have been sitting in the bath or shower one day, an erection pops up and like a new toy, you’re like – let’s play with this. All of a sudden you’re experiencing your first ejaculation and you’re sitting there staring in amazement and wonder and wondering why you have never felt so good before.

This article is for all you people. The people that masturbate, but have never really been told the best way to masturbate. You might have sat there listening to your friends stories, you might not have, you might have been exposed to some erotic material, or you might have thought you were dating a good girl only to discover the joys of sexual pleasure as she taught you all her tricks, techniques of being a bad girl. Sitting there like a love sick puppy, you’ve been chasing the feeling of your first time ever since. If you’ve been chasing that intense first orgasm that you’ve never really been able to replicate, then here’s your chance.

Girl With Cam

Not only will this article help your orgasm as you learn how to train your penis, but you will be improving your sexual confidence, prowess and stamina in ways that’s going to leave your partner panting and exhausted on the side of the bed. Intrigued? Read on and discover how to get the most out of your masturbation technique.

Getting Started

Most boys will very quickly establish that their hand is the perfect friend for masturbation. It’s simple, effective, and to the point. Especially since most boys will start masturbation in their early teens, it’s a little difficult for them to get their hands on some form of masturbator.

With that in mind the basic technique for masturbation is the simple gripping of the shaft with your dominant hand. Most people, if you’re standing and your penis is pointing directly outward, will sit the shaft on their palm with the fingers on the underside, and the thumb gripping the top. Once on that position or similar, you would then stroke your shaft with your hand. Not many people go crazy fast the second they start, but they will inevitably build up speed and intensity as their level of arousal and stimulation sky rockets from the sensation.

Don’t Be Shy To Explore New Things

With experimentation and practice, a guy will learn at exactly the right pressure to hold the shaft and the speed with which he moves his hand in a back and forth motion. Some men will use their thumb to lightly stimulate, and rub the head of the penis, especially if there’s pre-cum or pre-ejaculate with which they can spread. A lot of guys that don’t pre-cum will often have a tendency not to rub the head as without lubricant it can be a little too dry and sensitive.

A good way to do this is to add a couple of drops of lubricant so that you can slowly massage the head with the tip of your thumb at the same time. The sensation will not only drive you wild, but go a long way into helping you last longer in bed. If you’re over-sensitive, it’s perfectly fine to just stimulate the shaft.

This is the most basic and simple technique, however, with a slight ingenuity and creativity, you can up the level and change your whole masturbatory experience.

Using The Twin

ways to masturbate

Another fairly basic technique is to use your less dominant hand. This can be a bit of a work out, but if you’ve grown accustomed to using your dominant hand then you can add an entirely new sensation by using your less dominant hand and spicing it up.

Get Ready To Work

For this to really work, you’re going to have to endure the entire session using ONLY your less dominant hand. You’ll find that you’ll have to alter your technique and you’ll end up lasting longer as you fumble your way through it. Because of the altered sensations, you’re going to experience a different kind of climax to what you’d been used to this far.

If you’re lucky enough to be long enough to create a tunnel with two fists side by side, then you and your future partner are going to have an awesome time. If you’re not this lucky then that’s perfectly okay as well, and you can use the two palm technique instead. This involves sandwiching your penis between two hands and thrusting your hips, or alternatively moving your palms up and down the shaft.

Alternative Method For You

Another technique you could use when using the twin hand, is to have one hand stroking or moving up and down the shaft, and your other hand massaging the head of your penis. You will most likely need lubricant to do this effectively. You could pinch the head of the penis with three or more fingers, and slowly move them around as if you’re massaging someone’s scalp, or you can put the head of your penis in the open palm and move your palm around the head.

Lastly, a good double handed technique is wringing. It might sound painful but you’re not going to be wringing like a wet towel, you’re going to be using a far more gentle technique.

Balls Aren’t Just For Hanging

Balls Aren't Just For Hanging

When someone kicks you, or throws something at your crotch, it’s going to hurt like hell. For this reason, there’s a lot of boys out there which associate the idea of pain as playing with their balls. This is certainly not the case.

In fact, further than just being a production factory and just hanging around there for pain, the balls are an incredible erogenous zone for men that can be certainly used to ensure that you have strong and intense orgasms.

Whilst there are a myriad of different things that you can do them from simple touching to using a vibrator on them and even wrapping them up in their own vibrating ball sleeve, we’ll just go through some of the simple techniques here.

How To Elevate Your Pleasure

The balls will rise up during heightened sexual stimulation and just before ejaculation, they will generally be quite snug and tight towards the body. Pulling them down gently with your free hand when masturbating will prevent them from rising up, and potentially cause the muscles to work harder in order to get them to do their job resulting in more intense orgasms.

Owing to the fact that the skin is quite sensitive, they can be touched, tickled and teased and all sorts of things. You’ll need to explore what feels good and what doesn’t feel good, as some boys will like them being touched, tickled and teased and other boys will just enjoy the warmth from a second hand holding and cupping them with a firm grip.

Not only does playing with your balls have the chance to feel amazing, but you can also be using it to check for abnormal lumps. Yes, you might hear this all the time, but it’s important to be continually checking your balls for testicular cancer.

There’s another good reason to spend some quality time with your balls. If you know what they feel like normally, you can look out for any unusual lumps – something all guys should do on a regular basis.

Male Erogenous Zones

Men seem to think that they don’t have erogenous zones, or that only women have erogenous zones which is why they use quality vibrators that have been designed to stimulate the erogenous zones and have loads of fun. Here’s the thing, guys can do that too.

Whilst it is true that most masturbation techniques with men are centred on the genitals and ass, there are actually an abundance of other parts all over your body which will respond well to stimulation, touch and some love and attention. We can’t explore them all for you, each man will be completely and utterly different, but you can try touching and playing with your nipples next time you decide to masturbate.

You might find that by experimenting with different kinds of strokes, pressures and techniques that you’ll drive your arousal through the roof. Other areas might also include the inside of your thighs and up towards your ass, the sides of your stomach, and even your stomach. Ears are also incredibly sensitive, though they might require some exploration and some heat from a partners tongue. Explore your body, and find out what makes you tick.

Southward Bound – The Perineum

The perineum is the area of skin that sits between your ass and the base of your balls. It’s a very soft area which, during arousal, can be very sensitive to the touch. The perineum is an area with which the prostate sits behind, and thus you can externally massage the prostate from this area with the right touch, the right sensation and the right stimulation. Try caressing this area with fingers, a vibrator or pushing on it gently with your spare hand during masturbation. This is an area which will require creativity, and so it needs to be explored to see if you’re liking this kind of stimulation.


Just like sex, you might be inclined to change positions every now and then. Are you really going to lean back in your char, stick your cock in the air and pump it every single time as you watch porn? Maybe? Then switch it up.

Try laying on the bed with your penis underneath you. Thrust into your hand as you would if there was someone else on the bed. You can alter this position in a variety of ways from kneeling, to sitting, to standing and all sorts of different things. Your hand is essentially taking the role of an orifice as you thrust around and pretend that there is a sexual partner with you. Sure, your positions are going to be slightly limited owing to the length of your arms.

You’re not going to be able to exactly mimic doggy style because you simply won’t have the balance and co-ordination and the same ability to arch backwards. But there are a variety of different positions that you could try.

Alternatively, use the edge of the bed, sink, desk rest your hand in a clenched fist style and pump into it.

The Male G-Spot

There are some guys out there that associate the g-spot with women. But, men have a g-spot. Some people even claim to have two g-spots. The first of these g-spots is a small area on the frenulum. For most boys there will be a string like piece of flesh which will connect the head of the penis to the shaft. This is an exceptionally sensitive area to rub, play with and it’s what a lot of people will aim to play with during oral sex.

The second g-spot is the prostate and whilst we acknowledge that there’s going to be a lot of guys out there that simply aren’t interested in anal and prostate play, we’re still going to include it here. Not only can it be a lot of fun, but there’s the absolutely blissful pleasure of enacting a prostate orgasm.

Make Sure Your Clean

In order to stimulate the prostate you first need to wash your hands and ass before starting. A good place to jerk off in is the shower, owing to the extra heat and sensitivity of the water on the body, and prostate stimulation can be easily done in the shower.

Put some lubricant on a finger, and rub the lubricant on the outside of your ass. Relube, and then gently isn’t the finger as far what is comfortable for you. From here you can do one of two things; you could just keep the finger inside of you as your masturbate with your other hand, or you could gently and slowly move it in and out.

Whichever you find to be more comfortable. If you’re looking for your prostate, then you need to be reaching towards your tummy, and towards your dick. It’s only a couple of inches inside, and it will feel like a soft little ball. This is the outside of the prostate, apply gentle pressure and stimulation here, rubbing it in whatever kind of fashion that you enjoy.


Masturbators are simply the best way to masturbate. These realistic male sex toys have the potential to completely overhaul your sex life.

Masturbators are designed to have the penis inserted into them, for a realistic soft and squishy sensation. They’re designed to maximise your pleasure, enable you to have stronger orgasms, and they can help train you to last longer. How is that sounding for you so far? Masturbators can be used in place of the above technique where you are on the bed with your hand. Stick a masturbator between the covers of your mattresses, or where it can be held in place without using your hands. Realistically allowing you to practice some of your best moves.

There’s a lot of masturbators out there, but I really love the Fleshlight’s and Tenga masturbators. They’re intense, have an amazing suction system and are simply some of the most durable ones that I’ve ever seen or had the pleasure of using.

turbo fleshlight

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Lubricant is one of those important things when it comes to masturbation that a lot of people forget about. Regardless of whether you’re into vagina’s or asses, they’re simply not as dry as your hand. Vaginas are wet, squishy and slippery, and asses are hot and squishy (they need lubricant).

In that regard, lubricant serves an important function of directly mimicking sex and genitals. Lubricant will also make it so much easier to provide stimulation to the head of your penis, and if you’re into anal play and exploring that during your solo sessions then you’re definitely going to need to use lubricant. There are a large range of different types of lubes such as flavored lubes or ones made from different ingredients.

Please take note: Depending on your age you might not be able to get your hands into a sex store to grab a realistic masturbator or specially formulated lubricant. In this instance, you can use an olive oil from the kitchen, or most supermarkets will sell lubricant. Alternative, depending on your relationship with your parents, or one of them, you could always ask for lubricant.


Adult movies can be a lot of fun when used in the right way, but if you’re watching them for the sake of watching them and with very little thought then it could become problematic. Masturbation is certainly not something that should be rushed and one of the things which is bound to increase your level of arousal is your favourite movie. With movies, what we’ll tend to do is actively search for the things that turn us on the most, this could be feet, you could be into cougars or BBWs, or anything else on the fetish spectrum.

What tends to happen is that guys will turn on the movie on, get excited, and rush to climax because he is just that turned on. What happens in this regard, is that you might be training yourself to ejaculate too quickly during sex by getting your penis to respond to certain touches and ways of stimulation that get you off as quickly as possible. The key to pornography, is firstly to recognise that it’s a construction and not real, and secondly to last through the entire film!

How To Improve Your Sexual Stamina

Most boys, especially ones that live in families with siblings, learn to masturbate quickly during their teenage years. In a way it is expected because firstly, you don’t want to get caught and for the most part it initially feels better going quickly.

If you ignore everything else that has so far been written in this article, then you need to listen to this one. It is very important to learn to take your time.

Some men, over the course of their lives, might have trained themselves to come quickly when it comes to sex. One of the reasons that this happens as an older male, is that we spend much of our younger years furiously masturbating with as much speed and ferocity as we are able to. If you’re already a little older, don’t panic, you can still use masturbation to train yourself out of it.


Edging is the technique that is used to describe bringing yourself close to orgasm, and then completely backing off. A good way to do this is to set a time limit of say 25 minutes. What you’re going to do is jerk off for the 25 minutes. If you feel close to coming, then you stop all sensation, wait a minute, and then start back up again. Your goal is not to ejaculate until the timer goes off.

Sound frustrating? It is. But if you can do this for extended periods of time (say an hour or longer) then you are not only building up your sexual endurance and stamina, but you’re going to give yourself the biggest orgasm that you’ve ever felt, and if you’re a streamer then prepare to be streamed.

The Final Word On Masturbation

If you haven’t realised by now then you will realise that one of the key components is to experiment, try things and explore what works for you. Try to keep an open mind when it comes to the exploration of your body, but at the end of the day there are simply going to be things you enjoy, and things that aren’t going to work for you.

There are two main points that should be understood from reading this article. The first point is to ensure that you are taking your time during masturbation and not rushing it. Rushing it will lead to a variety of different problems in the future and can actually help speed up the process of ejaculation during sexual activity. It’s ironic in a way that we spend much of our teenage years trying to get off as fast as possible and then spend the rest of our life trying to slow it down.

Secondly, masturbators are a great tool. There’s a lot of boys out there that feel if they’re using masturbator than they’re cheating themselves out of a relationship, but that’s not the case at all. They’re fun, there realistic and they make a great alternative to the hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not they can be great tools for you to use by yourself, or if you have a willing partner to get your partner to use them on you.

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