A Look At Special Anal Toys For Men – Learn More

A Look At Special Anal Toys For Men – Learn More

Special Anal Toys

Explore the enticing world of special anal toys, designed to elevate pleasure and enhance sexual experiences. From butt plugs to prostate massagers, these toys offer unique stimulation for both novice and experienced users. Dive into our guide to find the perfect toy that suits your desires and maximizes satisfaction.

Anal Toys:

Anal play are often considered to be the forbidden fruit of sexual adventure and activity. For many years it has often been labelled as dirty, as taboo and relating to all sorts of things about homosexuality. Let’s clear the air – there are many straight men that enjoy anal play as well as gay men, equally there are a lot of gay and straight men that do not like anal play at all. Being gay doesn’t mean that you’re automatically into anal play, in just the same vein as liking anal play doesn’t automatically mean that you’re gay. High end adult stores will acknowledge this and will not judge you on getting an anal toy if you’re a male.

What Makes Anal Stimulation Special For Men?

Why do boys like it? The ass is full of sensitive nerve tissues – now not everyone has rich nerve endings in their ass, but there are a lot of people that do. There are a considerable amount of nerve endings at the entryway to the anal cavity, and for men there is also the prostate and the surrounding skin tissue to consider when stimulating the ass. Anal toys for men are intended to stimulate one of three things; the sphincter muscles and the delicate nerves at the entrance to the anal cavity, the prostate or the anal walls.

By turning up the vibrations on an anal toy a man simply control the types of sexual stimulation that he needs and requires. Alternatively he might be using a toy that doesn’t possess vibrations or he might be more inclined to have a series of pulses or functions on the toy. All anal toys will have something in common though, that being a flare on the base of the toy to prevent the toy from being absorbed into the anal cavity. A flare, or a widened base is an essential component for every sex toy, and if it is marketed as an anal sexual aide without this base, then it simply should not be used.

Anal Sex Toys

buy toy for prostate

Anal toys can be made using almost every single material that is available. They might be produced using a metal, glass or silicone material, or they might be produced with a variant of rubber. Anal toys for men are specifically designed as a supplement to sexual activity – unless you are lucky enough to be able to ejaculate and orgasm from anal stimulation alone.

Special Anal Toys Can Be Used In Combination

Then anal play will invariably combine itself with some other form of sexual activity including but not limited to; masturbation, oral sex, penetrative intercourse and so on. Some people might use anal toys as a precursor or a warm up to anal sexual activity with a partner. Some men hate them, and others have a special love for them.

Similarly as with any male sex toy, a great quality lubricant will make their use much more pleasurable. Unlike a vagina, the anal cavity doesn’t produce its own lubricant and it will need to be extra lubricated for a silky smooth sensation and for comfort.

Recommended Material For Special Anal Toys

When trying to find an anal toy, we recommend that you pick a high quality butt toy produced using a skin safe material, for example silicone. Silicone is a material which is very easy to clean and non-permeable. Elastic, rubber and latex items can be hard to clean and may easily develop microscopic organisms. It is imperative that you also invest in a quality cleaner for your anal toys – as they are more susceptible to bacteria growing organisms.

Anal play concentrates on both physical and mental joy that different types of sex play don’t, and for some individuals (alone and with partners) it opens up new pathways that has an effect on all parts of their sexual experiences. For others it’s something for them that they don’t necessarily not like, but isn’t their preferred method of sex and they will partake in such an activity to please and provide a sexual compromise for their sexual partner.

But how do you know if you like anal play? Aside from randomly sticking something up there one lazy Sunday afternoon you’re going to need to do some exploring. How do explore? You investigate anal sex play through the use of anal sex toys. In principle any sex toy you use to vibrate the ass, rectum or prostate is an anal sex toy. There are some imperative issues with anal toys for men though, and I would highly recommend just using toys that have been intended for anal play and are obviously alright for this sort of play. In other words, if it’s not specifically geared for anal play, do not use it.

Boy Sex Toys

Some Essential Tips Before You Begin:-

In case you’re not certain where to begin, it’s generally best to begin easy, small, and with heaps of lubricant. If you haven’t already, and you’re worried about being dirty – check out our websites two pages on douching located in the menu at the top of this page.

Thicker lubes for the most part have a tendency to be better for anal play in light of the fact that they stay where you put them. This will generally makes them superior to the thinner lubes, which spread effortlessly, and are likely to not end up where you intended them to end up. Numerous anal toys showcase a bend intended for prostate stimulation which can likewise be used for g-spot incitement.

We also recommend using a silicone lubricant which isn’t going to dry out during play. A silicone lubricant is long lasting, durable and specially formulated for anal play.

It’s also important to go back over the concern in regards to anal sex toys for boys. Make sure that the toy you’re looking at has a flare, or a base on it, to prevent the sphincter muscles locking onto it and absorbing it into the cavity. Safety, especially with anal play, is always paramount!

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs, which are also simply called plugs and anal attachments are toys intended to be embedded in the ass, and their shape allows them to stay set up and inside for extended periods of time, especially if you’re using a metal butt plug which resists bacteria build up.

Individuals will frequently use butt plugs even when they’re not having any form of sexual activity. Whether that be when exercising, or going to work.  A butt plug can be used during sexual intercourse whether that be on a boy or a girl, for a girl, the butt plug will act as pressure – creating pressure on the vaginal walls and making the vagina feel tighter. In a boy, a butt plug will be rubbing against the prostate during movement and providing intense stimulation.

Butt Plug

The essential outline of a butt attachment is that it starts smaller at the tip and gets more extensive as you move down to the base, and after that a small thin stem just before the base, with a wide flared bit toward the end. This design is to ensure that it is easy to insert, and once inserted that it’s going to be held in there.

What Materials Can Butt Plugs Be Made Of?

Butt plugs are typically accessible in jelly, elastic, silicone, acrylic or hard plastic and metal. There are vibrating butt plugs in addition tonon-vibrating butt plugs. Each butt plug is individual as are the people using them and as such it can be a matter of trial and error. Some people will prefer certain teardrop shapes, and others will prefer a more rounded shape. If you’re wearing it throughout the day – the types of activities that you are partaking in over the course of an average day is going to be important in deciding the kind of butt plug shape that you need.

Butt plugs don’t need to stay where they are and can be moved around for extra stimulation. While it can be safe to embed a butt plug and forget about it for a drawn out stretch of time, there can be an issue as the lubricant goes away. Specifically, removing a “dry” butt attachment can be difficult, and on the off chance that you don’t replenish the lubricant every so often it’s conceivable (albeit not inescapable) that you could do some damage through tearing.

Subtle And Can Be Used For A Length Of Time

If you intend to leave it in for extended periods of time, I would advise that you steer towards metal and glass butt plugs. Also, the shape for this type of play also matters. If you’re keen on a butt plug that will stay to for a longer period of time, butt plugs that have bulbous heads and more slender stems between the head and the base of the toy will stay put superior to any other shapes.


Dildos are toys intended for anal penetration that resemble a penis and may or may not be vibrating. An anal dildo is any dildo that has no sharp edges or creases and a flared base intended to keep it from going the all the way in. Some anal style dildos will use the balls of the penis on the dildo as both a handle and as a flared base to prevent them from being absorbed.

Dildos composed particularly for anal play can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and those made for male anal play may also have a shape which is intended to stimulate the prostate – which is the nerve capital of the male anatomy.

special anal toys

Not the same as butt plugs which are generally held in place and not moved around, anal dildos are normally used for to provide a thrusting stimulation – they require hand movement/ass thrusting and function in a similar way to a real cock. The principle thoughts when selecting a dildo is the length, girth and material of your potential new toy.

Variety Of Shapes And Sizes

You might be a beginner to anal play, you might be an experienced pro and looking for the facts to anal stretching and fisting, or you might be somewhere in between. Some popular male anal toys will even come as an inflatable variety which you can pump up to whichever size that you need, these might be a useful thing to consider if you’re thinking about fisting or stretching. Dildos literally will come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

One thing that you will need to keep in mind when it comes to dildos are the materials that they come in. There are a lot of dildos out there which have been made from rubber, and whilst rubber is super soft they might be a little difficult to keep clean and maintain. We’ll go through various dildos in the next chapter – but we would definitely recommend reading up on your sex toy materials and the benefits of silicone over rubber. We’ll explain more in the next chapter.


Don’t Forget To Use Lubricant!

Vibrating Anal Toys

Anal vibrators are intended to add additional stimulation to anal play while being safe for anal entry.

Any vibrator can be used externally for anal stimulation, yet for anal insertion or penetration, or anything internal, you ought to just use a vibrator intended to be an anal vibrator. To be ok for this the vibrator must:

  • Be smooth, with no sharp edges, harsh pointy bits, or anything that can undoubtedly fall off inside you.
  • Have a wide flared base, or ring, or something fundamentally sufficiently huge to keep it from being drawn up into the rectum. When you embed something inside, there is a suction-like impact where articles can be drawn up into the rectum.

There are four unique styles of anal vibrator; butt plugs, anal dildos, prostate vibrators and anal beads. Individuals who are occupied with investigating anal penetration regularly find the vibrations are useful in giving them a chance to unwind further with increased and stronger orgasms.

Another safety thought is legitimate and thorough cleaning. An anal vibrator that is made of reasonable elastic may be permeable and difficult to clean completely it can absorb microscopic bacteria. Therefore it’s suggested that you select a material that easy to clean (silicone, metal, hard plastic) or use a condom on your toy every time you use it.

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