Sex Toys For Men: Pros And Cons You Need To Know

Sex Toys For Men: Pros And Cons You Need To Know

In a world where society is increasingly accepting of sexual exploration, why do some still get embarrassed when buying Sex Toys for Men?

It seems like a paradox; after all, the broadening of attitudes toward sex has meant that openly embracing our desires should be more commonplace. So what’s stopping us from reveling in the sheer joy of purchasing a new pleasure device?

The History

Although adult toys have been around in some form since ancient times, the modern era of sex toys began in the early 20th century. In 1906, a German inventor created a primitive version of the vibrator, which was sold primarily to treat female hysteria. Through the 1960s free love movement and 1970s porn revolution, toys went from something that was seen as shameful, to becoming widely accepted items for pleasure, experimentation, and education.

The Evolution

In recent years, the market for sex toys has exploded. With an increased focus on bodily pleasure, manufacturers now offer a much wider range of products than ever before—each with its own unique purpose.

Despite this, many men still feel embarrassed when they are seen in sex toy stores or perusing the internet scantily clad. This is understandable; male sexuality and sexual pleasure have long been stigmatized in our society due to age-old notions of gender roles and masculinity norms. Attitudes towards toys like sex dolls are slowly shifting, as more people come to understand their potential impact on sexual satisfaction and intimacy.

The evolution of adult toys can be traced back to ancient cultures where artifacts such as paintings and carvings provide evidence of their use in pleasuring rituals. Later on, in Victorian England during the Industrial Revolution, dildos were sold through mail-order catalogs with little attention paid to public awareness or criticism. As time passed and culture evolved, there was a greater acknowledgment of these devices as something not just for women. Acceptance for all genders and orientations — an important step towards destigmatizing these products.

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The Psychology of Sex Toys

The root cause of male embarrassment surrounding sex toys is two-fold. First, there is the notion that men should take full responsibility for providing sexual pleasure to their partners, which can be difficult to reconcile with the idea of needing an adult toy in order to do so. There can also be feelings of insecurity associated with not being able to “provide” without outside help from a device that looks unnatural and often carries stigmatized connotations.

In a cultural sense, male embarrassment over purchasing adult aids also stems from society’s expectations about male behavior — that men should have knowledge about sex and be expected by their partners to “perform” sexually without external assistance. This internal struggle then serves as an additional layer of shame when men look at themselves in the mirror after purchasing adult products. They man question why they need something unnatural or embarrassing-looking in order to get aroused.

The Sociology of Sex Toys

The most fundamental sociological factor in relation to the sale of sex toys is gender. For centuries, male desire has been seen as culturally legitimized in a way that female desire has not. This makes it easier for men to openly discuss their sexual needs and desires than women. Alternately while male desire could be accepted more readily by society, female sexuality was often subject to cultural suppression or marginalization. Alleviating silent expectations around what was acceptable and what wasn’t.

As a result of this gendered power imbalance, when it comes to purchasing items related to sexuality or sexual pleasure – such as adult toys. Men may feel as though they should not be engaging in such activities because they do not conform to traditional patriarchal norms of behavior.

The Pros and Cons of Adult Toys

The use of adult toys is becoming increasingly commonplace, but many men still feel a degree of embarrassment when buying them. This can be due to a range of perceived or internalized stigmas related to male sexuality, as well as a lack of education surrounding adult toys and their positive uses.

Embarrassed When Buying Sex Toys

Despite this common embarrassment, sex toys can bring a number of benefits and should not be seen as off-limits or taboo. It’s essential to have an open dialogue about this issue so that we can encourage more people to use adult toys without fear of judgment or retribution.


  • Increased pleasure: Adult toys are designed to enhance carnal pleasure for both partners by providing extra stimulation and new sensations.
  • Enhanced intimacy: Through exploring different areas, couples can build trust and communication around their physical relationship in a fun and creative ways.
  • Stress reduction: Orgasms release hormones that contribute to feelings of relaxation, improved self-esteem, and even better sleep — all in the comfort of your own home!
  • Choice variety: There is an enormous variety of products available on the market in many shapes and sizes with different features for solo play or couples— find what works for you!


  • Unfamiliarity: Many people lack the knowledge needed to properly use a vibrator or other toy. Taking the time to do research on each item before purchase will help ensure safe and enjoyable use.
  • Psychological discomfort: Coitus culture remains hugely gendered which can make it difficult for men who want to explore their sexuality through toys free from shame or stigma.
  • Inferiority: Studies have revealed that men may perceive themselves as inadequate if they think their partner relies on the use of adult toys too often which could reduce erotical satisfaction overall.

Sex Toys for Men

While there can be some discomfort in being a sex-positive person – especially when it comes to discussing toys – it is important to remember that adult toys can help enhance your carnal experience. It is no longer shameful to own and/or use them. They are an effective way of spicing up your sex life, whether that’s solo or with a partner. Therefore, men should feel more comfortable buying them and talking about toys, given how open the conversation around sexuality has become in recent years.

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