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Chastity Devices For Men – What Are The Benefits!

Chastity Devices For Men can become an important part of marriages and long-term relationships. This is exactly why men’s chastity cages and belts tend to be well-known adult products distributed globally. In fact male chastity is so popular, friends and neighbours are probably practicing it without you knowing it!

Chastity Devices For Men

It’s just one of those things that can be practiced in absolute secrecy without anyone but the partners involved knowing. But, as more and more people hear about male chastity, they often wonder what it is – and why so many men and women have decided to make it a fundamental part of their relationship.

Malw Chastity is incredibly popular and often a theme in erotic stories, literature and fantasies. Even if the cage itself is not used. You can witness this in the tease and denial stories, where a woman is treating a man like her plaything and refuses to sexually satisfy him until they are satisfied themselves. Only then, will they sometimes receive sexual release.

Sexual teasing and denial has its roots within male chastity. Orgasm denial and edging where sexually pleasing the partner subverts popular social thinking, allowing the act to be considered taboo. This is true in heterosexual relationships as it is generally assumed that the female is sexually submissive.  Seeing her have control of orgasm and sexual pleasure is a great turn on for many men.

Most Men Like Experimenting Orgasm Denial

Men like experimentation with orgasm denial. even if the wife or partner is reluctant to participate.Generally, once she realizes the power holding that power has over her partner becomes a willing and eager participant. Controlling your partners orgasm doesn’t mean that it will alter the dynamics of a relationship, nor does it emasculate the man. All it does is give the sexual power to the partner, they control when and where the male can orgasm or have sexual pleasure.

It has been proven in studies that statistically couples that engage in role play, bdsm or chastity have fulfilling and intimate relationships. Even though masturbation does have its benefits, the benefits of orgasm denial can be useful as well. It needs to be a relationship that both partners have considered, and the male being locked up needs to find some level of arousal in that act in itself – otherwise the exercise is for naught.

Certainly being locked up is an exciting way of bringing the flavour and magic of yesteryears back. Many people find the aspect of edging to be an utter turn on. To edge a male involves bringing them close to climax, and then backing off and letting their arousal die down without release. Enforced male chastity, and forced chastity within couples can bring in unthinkable advantages.

Chastity devices for men
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Here are 3 common ways how this can be brought about.

Male Chastity Training Toys

Making men wear a simple chastity device or a urethral stimulating penis wand at the time of love-making can be an incredible turn on. It can also ensure that ‘selfish’ lovers please their partners to a satisfactory level before they themselves get release. Or perhaps they might be denied that release.

Many couples interested in chastity devices choose to invest in either a stainless steel chastity device or a plastic chastity device for the task. These may sound intense, but these two materials are the most common of chastity devices on the market today.

Now before you start freaking out and thinking – why on earth would I lock my partner’s dick up – let’s look at some of the incredible advantages that the use of male chastity devices can bring.

Benefits On Female Supremacy And Male Chastity

Increased intimacy and wonderful sexual experience:

Your man will no longer be able to climax without your approval. He will naturally start in a more caring, romantic and thoughtful manner in the hope to get some form of sexual reward. It can actually leave you amazed to know this but it will bring increased intimacy and foreplay to the table. Discover the changes and nature of sex – sex is no longer simply about climax and getting to that point – it’s now about earning that climax and ensuring that it’s deserved.

This leads to passionate stroking and long lasting foreplay between the couple as both get drawn to their new erotic play. The sexual experience just gets better and better as chastity invariably causes men to hone their imaginative skills and please their partner more. Withholding the orgasm will make the eventual release an out of the world experience . The practice of edging is great with this form of sexual play.

All it takes is orgasm denial, which is most effectively achieved through a cock cage, or similar device.

Stainless Steel Cock Cage
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More Control For The ‘Dominant’ Partner:

Consider that men’s sexual drive and libido is higher than most women. With forced male chastity, partners who had earlier failed to communicate effectively about their disinterest, causing sexual issues within the relationship, can now gain an upper hand. Surprisingly they will get more turned on being in control and their men will love it.

Relaxation For The Man:

As partners age, they may find their sexual performance isn’t what it once was, leading to frustration and self-doubt in the bedroom. This can be particularly challenging for men, as these feelings may negatively impact their libido and erectile function, ultimately reducing their sex drive and leading to avoidance of intimacy.

Many people hesitate to share their private fantasies due to fear of rejection, yet exploring these can enhance a relationship. Here are some simple tips to introduce you to the benefits of the male chastity lifestyle, which can foster communication and reignite intimacy.

The basis of male chastity is that men cannot control themselves sexually. They think with their dick, and this can be detrimental for relationships, especially where there is a disparity of sexual libido. Men can unwittingly be selfish – they deem that sexual activity has ended with their own climax. This might not be an issue for partners who are attentive and will please their lover first, but for some men and their partners it can be an issue.

Men Can Be Selfish Sexually

Plus, some men, especially ‘active’ men, need to feel they are conquering their partner. I say active to also include gay males as well. There are men that love the thought of their partner surrendering to them. This is needed in order to maintain sexual interest and reaffirm a males ‘masculinity’.  When first meeting someone special and during the dating period a man may seem intimate, sensitive. Generally willing to make love in a manner that will please his new conquest.

Once reality and faniliarity sets in they are less interested in sexual intercourse, or satisfying their lover. Alternatives like masturbation, looking at porno movies or even external relationships creep in. These may destroy an otherwise good relationship.

Some people are addicted to the hunt.

They seek out the rush of endorphins and emotions that come with a new conquest, constantly on the prowl, so to speak. It isn’t that he loves the relationship any less, it’s just that the rush of emotions he felt when dating, are no longer there. The relationship has become one of comfort, rather than of sexual conquest.

I need to reiterate that this is not a negative thing, many people prefer this level of stability than the feelings of conquest and newness. There are some people however, both male and female, that like this initial rush.

It is because he feels like he has you; the particular joy connected with conquest is gone – you have become the conquered and are ‘less attractive’ to his competitive nature. When he is masturbating he is thinking of other girls and fantasizing being with them and not necessarily you.

Maybe he is thinking about you in the form of fantasies that he has not yet communicated with you about.


Understanding the Role of a Keyholder

Who is a Keyholder?

The keyholder is an integral part of a male chastity arrangement. This person holds the literal key to the chastity device, symbolizing their control over the wearer’s sexual release.A keyholder has the authority to decide when the chastity device is removed, maintaining control over the sexual release of the wearer. This role requires a deep understanding of responsibility, trust, and consent.

The Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Being a Keyholder

Being a keyholder is not just a practice of physical control but also an emotional and psychological exchange. It involves a significant amount of trust from the wearer and can be a powerful emotional bond between partners. The dynamics within a chastity relationship are complex and rich with emotional and psychological layers.

Power Exchange and Control in Male Chastity

The exchange of power where one partner surrenders control over their sexual pleasure to another can significantly enhance the emotional connection and lead to greater intimacy. Couples practicing male chastity often report increased emotional intimacy, better communication, and a stronger sense of trust. The anticipation and delay of gratification can also intensify sexual pleasure.

Choosing a Keyholder

Selecting a keyholder is a critical decision that should be approached with care and mutual respect. Ideal qualities in a keyholder include trustworthiness, respect for boundaries, empathy, and an understanding of the wearer’s needs. Choosing the right keyholder involves discussions about comfort levels, experiences, and expectations. It’s essential that both partners feel secure and valued in their roles.

Common Misunderstandings and How to Address Them

Misunderstandings in male chastity can arise from poor communication or mismatched expectations. Addressing these involves regular check-ins and open dialogue to ensure both partners are comfortable and their needs are met.

Responsibilities of a Keyholder

The responsibilities of a keyholder extend beyond just holding a key; they are caretakers of their partner’s physical and emotional well-being. Keyholders decide on the duration of each chastity period and the timing of release, which should be made considering the wearer’s physical and emotional health. The keyholder must ensure the chastity device is clean, comfortable, and safe for long-term wear is crucial. Regular inspections for any signs of wear or discomfort are important.

Men’s Chastity Can Improve Everything.

Within a forced chastity romantic relationship, use is made of a device to set his cock secure and locked, making it inaccessible to others. Consequently, he’ll only accomplish a full erection or be able to make love at a time and place you choose.  He has become the dominated and will love you more for it. Being dominated by their sexual partner is one of man’s top sexual fantasies.

If the partner wants sex just release him from his male chastity and that action will follow. Be sure to ensure that he earns his pleasure!  There will be no more deceiving you sexually with him masturbating off to porn on the internet. You will never have to worry about him being enticed with another woman/man real, on film or online.  His full sexual strength will be dedicated and given to you, the key holder.

Each and every time you open the chastity device he’ll think that he has been reborn. He will always be attempting to conquer you again and again, like when your relationship first started. He’ll almost certainly carry out anything and everything to make sure you are satisfied with him. This is done as he knows unless you are satisfied it may be a long time before he is let loose again.

Some Things Not To Do Whilst Wearing a Chastity Device

Watching porno’s with a chastity device is not a good idea as erections will generally hurt due to the restrictive nature of a man’s chastity device. We also advise that you keep an eye on him during the night – when erections become involuntary through dreams.

Enforcing chastity will almost certainly mean that he will become more intimate, passionate and romantic in the bedroom., It may even carry over to him helping more around the house, and he will be centred on pleasing you as you have robbed him or his manhood, his penis. To gain its freedom he will do almost anything. Sex will become completely centred on him pleasing you. You’ll receive more oral sex and loving attention than you have ever had before. Night after night, he will wnat to make love to you with his hands, mouth and soul.

No longer will you have to worry about him giving you a quickie and then rolling over and falling asleep.

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Chastity Is Not A One Way Street

But, this is not a one-sided street. There are benefits for him as well. When he is released his orgasms will be more intense, his erections will be harder and his libido will be incredible.

One of the most thrilling ways for women to control her man’s sexual desires and recapture the essence of love and passion of the bygone days is through forced male chastity. When done carefully and succesfully the woman will be getting her man to submit and embrace it, there are benefits galore.

You must have heard of frequent tease and denial stories?

To make this strict long-term orgasm denial work and manifold itself, it all lies with the woman. There are various techniques that are now employed to make male chastity work and indeed they are beneficial. Fantasies invoke sufficient pleasure in an otherwise dull and drab lives. Male chastity devices are designed so that they will not break if they are tampered with. Most importantly – the locks are either numbered or keyed and the combination and key will only be with his spouse will hold.

So literally his partner will hold the key to his desires.