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A Beginner’s Guide to Masturbators and Strokers

Guide to Masturbators and Strokers

Guide to Masturbators and Strokers – Masturbators and strokers optimize the act of pleasing and exciting yourself – also known as male masturbation. Masturbators and strokers are used when you need something new to masturbate with and you need the best and fun masturbation techniques. They are perfect male sex toys for guys who are single and might be too sexually overwhelmed when a sexual partner is involved. The same applies for partners who are away from each other.

Masturbators can provide a useful alternative for people that might have concerns about their partner’s loyalty, or to ensure that their partner is satisfied during their absence. Though, some people do get a bit hesitant with allowing their male partner to have a masturbator, if your partner is unsure you might want to read our page on how to bring sex toys and aides into the relationship.

Masturbators have seen their popularity increased lately and there are plenty of them to choose in the market. They normally come in different texture, sizes, shapes and prices. Top model masturbators may have a replica of a female torso creating an attractive figure round breasts and sexy hips or of a female sexual body part. They are more realistic and have a distinctive real feel about them and are available in high quality adult stores.

How are masturbators made?

Masturbators are made through the replication of a body part of the porn star. This might be through their dick, it might be their ass, vagina, breasts or pretty much anything else. A mould is created using plaster, which is in turn used to make a metallic plate. This metallic plate is then replicated as many times as needed for factory production, from there the resin is injected into the plate, cooled and a masturbator is made.

The vaginas and various body parts are put in mouldings as are the butts and boobs – to best masturbators are generally replicated from the hottest porn stars on the market at the time. Some might be like the Fleshlight and only include the orifice, or others such as a Lexi Belle’s Masturbator include her whole torso as she spreads her legs with her hands! Some people love the ultra-realistic masturbators as they consider it to be an extension of their fantasy.

These types of strokers may have both vaginal and anal openings. With these types of masturbators, half torso and full body masturbators, you can even go as far as flipping her over to get access from behind with two opening types. Some have gone a step further and introduced a Hardcore XXX DVD and lube for free to set the right mood and to provide maximum satisfaction.

Vibrating Masturbators and Strokers Are More Enjoyable

Masturbators and strokers that vibrate are available, they are really exciting and even more enjoyable to use. The combination of a vibrator during masturbation can really get some men going. Alternatively, you should also purchase a small clitoral bullet vibrator that women use when purchasing a masturbator or stroker. The clitoral vibrator goes in the opposite end of where your dick comes in. It will ensure vibrations travel through the stroker to increase your pleasure. This is a fun and easy way to turn any masturbator into a vibrating cave of love!

Masturbators and Strokers
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What Is The Best Material For Masturbators?

The type of material for male masturbators and strokers is very important. It will determine how the masturbators will feel. The best material is the one that will actually feel real – this includes Cyberskin, Sil-a-gel and the variants of these materials.

The more realistic it feels the more the pleasure you get from it. Different companies have come up with interesting names for the same product, and that should be kept noted. Many companies have created their own unique formulas when it comes to masturbators, so if you’re a fan of a particular company’s texture, then stick with it. But you’ll find that the majority of textures will have some variation of the same material.

Generally the majority of masturbators in the market are made of thermoplastic elastomer material. The material’s firmness or softness is different among different brands and that’s what makes them a little different.

Does The Differences In Texture of The Inner Part Among Masturbators Really Matter?

There is a wide range of textures used for the inner part of the masturbators, they include; tapered, ribbed and even smooth. You can certainly see and feel the difference of textures between models especially such models as the Tenga and Fleshlight variety. These have incredible internal textures – where the Fleshlight goes for more realistic sensation – the Tenga forgoes realism and goes for intense hard-core stimulation.

Varied textures have different levels of excitation and they determine the good ones and the best to use. Everyone has a different taste and therefore it is up to you to pick the one that most satisfy your needs.

Why not have multiple sitting in the drawer, you can have virtual threesomes and orgies as you pound your way through various textures?

What Varieties Of Design For The Outside Are Available?

Many of the masturbators are designed to look like a real vagina. As such are moulded from adult actresses and porn stars, they might be famous actresses. Lexi Belle, Jesse Jane, Tera Patrick are all porn stars that have been moulded for masturbators. Even BBW Star April Flores has a masturbator on the market.

You can even get them moulded from male porn stars as well, such as Brent Corrigan. This is particularly true for the Fleshlight Company – who partners with various porn companies to provide new Fleshlight’s and FleshJacks, the gay equivalent. It is quite an interesting situation because many of its users find it more enjoyable to believe that they are having sex in reality.

Manyhave confessed that they get so excited when using these kinds of models because they feel that they are fucking their favourite porn stars and are actually a little closer to them.

Are There Varied Sizes of Masturbators in the Market?

There are numerous sizes of masturbators and men’s strokers. Size affects the storage and ease of use. A masturbator with a vagina in a moulded butt that is six kilos heavy, is not easy to carry around – or even put in a suitcase for a business trip. They are best used at home and kept underneath the bed. There are other more realistic dolls that weigh as much as a small woman.

Larger products also need much more preparation time than smaller ones. Pocket masturbators are designed to be carried around easily and include variants such as Fleshlight’s, Tenga’s, Tenga eggs, pipedream masturbators etc. They can be used away from home in privacy, either in a toilet or a private room somewhere. They are so convenient and can be carried in a bag.

Guide to Masturbators and Strokers
Tenga Masturbators

How Do You Clean A Masturbator?

It is crucial to clean a masturbator after using it. This will ensure that your masturbator’s life span is increased. Also it will be unhygienic to leave it with bodily fluids which will dry and form an unspeakable crust. Some companies have come up with products which have different ways of opening them so that it is easy to clean up after using. Other products are disposable so you need not to clean them up after using.

Proper disposal of disposable masturbators such as Tenga eggs and cups is all that is required of you.

What Are Some Safety Tips For Using Masturbators?

Masturbators are good because they help a great deal in releasing sexual tension in case your partner is not available at that moment, or you’re enjoying the single life and sick of the hand. However, continued use of them needs some care. Fanta-flesh and cyber-skin materials are the most popular materials for making masturbators. This is due to their real-like feeling. The material will warm up quickly and it is really soft on the penis. However, with this kind of material, they can become easily damaged with improper care.

The Following Precautions Will Ensure Longer-Lasting And Healthy Enjoyment Of Masturbators And Strokers:

1)  The material is Cyber-skin it is porous and has a tendency of picking up dust. It is therefore necessary to store your masturbator is a dust free area, and ensure that the cap is screwed on at all times. Dust will increase friction and hence the process of wearing out will increase too. You may also feel the need to add some corn starch powder to it after cleaning and drying to ensure its silky smooth texture. Corn starch will prevent the material from becoming sticky and tacky.

2)  It is necessary to store them in plastic bags because cyber-skin can melt and fuse on to other materials that are not of the same material.

3)  When masturbators are not used for a while, the cyber-skin exudes a sticky film. This film can be irritating to the skin, it is recommended to wash out the film. Also, this can lead to a noticeable scent. This scent is usually masked with perfume that is applied to the toy during processing.

4)  Use only water or aqua based lubricants. Cyber-skin has silicone as one of the materials, some lubricants might cause it to melt and become rough and deformed.

5)  Avoid using Talcum powder on masturbators. It is attributed to causing cervical cancer in women when used repeatedly for a long time.

More Tips To Enjoy Masturbators and Strokers

6)  Various companies such as pipedream and fleshlight offer a renew powder with their products. Renew powder can be used to reduce the stickiness of cyber-skin after using the masturbator. It is a simple corn starch mixture.

7)  Considering the fact that cyber-skin can stretch so much, it is advisable not to store the masturbator close to sharp objects. They can pierce and pull the cyber-skin causing it to rip and tear.

8)  Do not share a masturbator that is made of cyber-skin, this material is spongy and as mentioned earlier, it can store up germs and can lead to passing on infections.

9)  The porous material might prove a little hard to clean out all the mess after using. It is recommended that you put on a condom before using it. Condoms will easily help you to keep your masturbator clean. This is especially true if you like to share your masturbator with other people.

10)  Sometimes men find the level of care required to be hectic. A lot of time and patience is required to follow the routine care for the Masturbator. If that is the same case with you, then it will be necessary to stick to disposable masturbators. They are also very useful for those who travel regularly.

11)  If you really need male masturbators and men’s strokers with longer lifespan, then choose the ones with firmer textures. They will still provide the ultimate pleasure but you will surely use them for a long time.

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