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Everything You Need to Know About Penis Plugs

What are penis plugs? Well lets try and provide Everything You Need to Know About Penis Plugs.

We think of male sex toys we usually think of things that the penis goes into such as masturbators. Or mayber something that is attached on to the penis, such as a cock ring, sleeve or other such attachment. Alternatively, we might think of anal stimulation, consider prostate massage and other anal vibrators.

What we will rarely consider is stimulating inside the penis. That’s right, cock stuffing involves the use of a penis wand or plug to stimulate the inside of the penis through the urethra via the eye of the penis. It’s not something that’s new either. Yet, despite being used in Ancient Chinese civilisation, ancient Greece and a variety of other cultures, people are still continually asking as to what is a penis plug?

Know About Penis Plugs

Cock Stuffing is actually a pretty common fetish. For decades now, male sexual fragility has been the main cause of cheating and early breakage of relationships. It is for this reason that people have utilised old style sexual devices and have reinvented them and come up with penis plugs. Penis plugs are a device that are infused to a man’s sexual organ, specifically the urethral opening to help boost their sexual performance and experience.

Cock plugs have also being used for other purposes such as medical games, fetish and bondage scenes, role-playing, and masturbation. These sex toys are available in a wide range of designs, shapes, brands and type. All of them improve the sexual experience for a male.

Your success in using them depends on whether you use them correctly or not. Safety with the use of penis plugs, and sex toys, is very important While many people get the most out of buying penisplugs, some do not due to lack of adequate info about using the toys. To help make your experience more comfy and pleasurable, it is important to know how they are used.

Fun With Cock Stuffing

How to Use A Penis Plug

The first step in using these toys is to lubricate them with a sterilized and excellent lube. You should as well lubricate your penis opening before you start the insertion process with the use of a sterile lubricant such as surgilube.  To make the insertion process easier and more comfortable, it is advisable to ensure your penis is not erect but soft. This also depends on your experience level.

It’s sometimes counterintuitive. One finds the stimulation arousing, yet is not allowed to get an erection when using it. When inserting, it is recommended to touch the penis with one hand and use the other one to slowly insert the plug.

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Remember to Relax

For a better experience when inserting the plug, you should remain relaxed and avoid fighting against it. This is to avoid cases in which your urethral muscles will push it out as they try to react to your fight. Even though you cannot avoid the urge, resisting it is the best solution to avoid any damage. If there is any resistance to the plug – you need to immediately stop.

Never force it in – like a vagina or anus there will be times when the muscles just aren’t in a cooperative mood. You can cause severe tissue damage if you force an object in. Ensure your penis remains upright as some useful forces like gravity and the weight of the plug works well on upright objects.

After your penis is comfortably settled in the plug, it will be crucial to test your comfort before you start the stimulation process. Once you are comfortable with the plug, you should then start stimulating it with some soft and gentle strokes to start enjoying the stimulation.

What does using a penis plug feel like?

Despite that the main reason for using these male sex toys is to improve the sexual performance and enjoyment, all people do not have the same feeling when wearing urethral plugs.  As the wearer, you will enjoy different feelings some of which will include making your penis more reactive and sensitive. Remember, you are stimulating a part of the dick which is not usually stimulated – the idea of that alone can be arousing and enticing.

The wearer can enjoy a period of stronger and better performing erections in addition to more intensified orgasms. Regardless of whether you are using it for masturbation purposes, during sexual intercourse, or throughout the day you will be assured of improved sexual enjoyment. Just remember, when using it during sex, there are particular plugs that can be attached to a Prince Albert piercing.

Types of penis plugs that can be used with PA piercings

Ensure that you take it slow for fear of losing the penile attachment either further down the urethra or within your partners body.

As for your sexual parnter, he or she will be assured of an improved and better sexual experience. The extra piece of metal on your dick can be great for reaching G or P spots and providing stimulation. It can add some texture and provide further stimulation to the friction of sex. The plug makes your sexual erection last longer, which is something that ends up improving the entire sexual experience.

Safety Tips In Using Penis Plugs

When buying penis plugs online or in store, you want to get the most out of your new purchase. If you do not follow the appropriate tips in using them, the end results may not be very fun at all. For your successful enjoyment and safe experience in using these toys, you will need to consider various safety factors.

One of the main tips to help ensure safety and better experiences when using these toys is to pick the most appropriate size and consider piercings, and glans size; With the glans being the actual head of the penis. Inserting a random or the wrong type or size of plugs can end up can end up contaminating or even injuring your urethra. A circumstance that can lead to more dangerous complications in the future. To ensure the safety of your urethra, picking the precise toys designed for your urethra will be the best decision.

As a newbie in using plugs, it is advisable to opt for the thinnest and easiest options available in the market. You should as well consider the ones with tapered and rounded tips – this excludes hollow plugs to begin with until you’ve built up some experience with them. By considering plugs with such tips and designs, you will have a more enjoyable first experience.

You might not completely enjoy it the first time, as your mind deals with new and interesting sensations. By following instructions and doing everything correctly you will ultimately find something that will boost your future experiences with other designs. You may also choose to start with a silicone urethral stimulator instead, which is softer and more flexible than steel.

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Make Sure Everything Is Sterilized

It will as well be crucial to sanitize your penis before you start using the plug. The main reason for manufacturers to use metals in making plugs is due to the fact that they can be sanitized easily. In order to sanitize your plug, you will need to heat it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then wipe it with alcohol or any other suitable solvent.

When doing this, you need to clean your hands and body as this will help increase the safety standards.

To improve your experience with such products, you will also need to stay calm and relaxed when trying to insert the penis. To achieve success in this, you will need to take your time to familiarize with the stimulation and urethra broadening.

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Lubricate With A Top Shelf Lube

Another safety tip in using these toys is to make sure that you use a quality lubricant. Besides the lubricant being sterile, you will need to make sure that you use an adequate amount of it. It is advisable not to use saliva as this is not safe.

For your safety, you should never try to force the plug into your penis. Despite the lubrication provided by the lube to ease the insertion process, if you force the plug into your penis, you may end up causing great harm to it. Instead of forcing it. Aallow it to logically slither into your penis. Your urethra is supposed to be carefully and easily stretched for better results.

After using the penis plug – it is imperative that you pee to remove any excess lubricant, dust and particles from the urethral walls.

With the wide number of options available in the market each of which fits for different needs and specifications, be careful when determining which penis plugs to pick. You need to compare different shapes, sizes and specs to find your desired plug type.

The Top 10 Expert Tips Before Using A Penis Plug

Consult a Healthcare Provider:

Before engaging in urethral play, consult with a healthcare provider to ensure it is safe for you, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are unsure about how to proceed safely.

Use the Right Material:

Choose a penis plug made from a safe, non-porous material such as surgical stainless steel, borosilicate glass, or medical-grade silicone. These materials are easier to sterilize and less likely to harbor bacteria.

Ensure Proper Sizing:

Use a plug that fits your urethra properly. It should not be too large, which can cause tearing or damage, or too small, which can slip inside the urethra entirely.

Sterilize Before Use:

Sterilize the plug by boiling it or using a medical-grade disinfectant. This is crucial to prevent infections.

Use Plenty of Lubricant:

Always use a sterile, water-based lubricant specifically designed for urethral play. This reduces friction and minimizes the risk of injury.

Insert Slowly and Carefully:

Take your time during insertion to avoid damage. If you encounter resistance or pain, stop immediately.

Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water before and after engaging in urethral play to help flush the urinary tract and prevent infections.

Listen to Your Body:

If you experience pain, discomfort, or bleeding, stop immediately and seek medical advice. Pain is a sign that something may be wrong.

Clean After Every Use:

Always clean the penis plug thoroughly after each use. Follow up with proper sterilization before storing.

Monitor for Symptoms of Infection:

After engaging in urethral play, be vigilant for signs of urinary tract infection, such as burning during urination, frequent need to urinate, fever, or cloudy urine. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult a healthcare provider.