Anal Toys For Men

Anal Toys For Men

Anal Sex Toys For Men | Male Anal Sex toys

Mens Anal Sex Toys | Anal Sex Toys For Males

Types of Anal Toys For Men

Fun Factory Booty

Fun Factory Booty

The Fun Factory booty is a tiny prostate toy useful for sensational fucking. The toy is designed to be worn during sex and actively hits the prostate with each thrust. Pure silicone, soft and squishy this is one of the best intro to prostate toys anywhere. I’m also a fan of the Aneros range, but the booty plug as I mentioned earlier, is a very soft velvety silicone that actually moves with you in ways I can’t really describe. Just know that it moves with you, it’s also discreet enough that you can wear it and with some careful ‘editing’ you partner won’t even know you have it on. The lips on this plug are very thin and designed to ride up your butt crack to provide an invisible and seamless edge. This toy, whether it’s for fucking or for walking, will have you dripping with excitement in no time!

Fun Factory Semilino

Fun Factory Semilino

Another great fun factory toy is the semilino – it’s a powerful German made vibrator that I kid you not will vibrate your rib cage. This seemingly innocent toy is not for beginners though or as an introductory slash warm up toy. Those ridges can hurt and if you’re riding this toy and haven’t quite opened p yet then you’re going to be causing some shock to the sphincter muscles. This toy is quite small and fantastic for those getting used to anal play – just remember to adequately warm up the muscles first before hitting this bad boy.

Super Slyde


fun silicone lubricantsFor anal lubricant this is simply one of the slickest, easiest and most fun silicone lubricants you can have. It’ll stay slick, stay where you put it and comes off with soap and water. You won’t ever need to reapply lubricant when using this bad boy and you won’t have to worry about drying out or disrupting the rhythm or whatever fun you’re having. As an added benefit since silicone lubricant isn’t water soluble, you can use this for some hot shower action! This particular lubricant can be safely used with most toys – including glass, steel and silicone.

Colt Anal Douchecolt anal douche

I like the colt anal douche because it has two nozzles. Therefore, you can also use this as a sex toy and warm up toy whilst cleaning yourself out. It’s a two for one deal! Colt toys are also made by boys, for boys, they generally understand that boys toys need to be a little more solid vs petite and they’re designed to last, pack a punch and handle a punch. Don’t forget to clean the inside and outside of the douche when maintaining this unit and it’s small and compact and will easily fit into an overnight bag to take with you on naughty nights out!

Ouch Inflatable Dildo

Ouch Inflatable DildoWhen exploring the anal world and getting used to different things and sensations – some boys like to practice stretching their asses. This can be done, relatively easy at home and if you happen to come across a slightly larger than normal toy (or cock) then you’ve kind of prepared for it. That’s where this inflatable dildo comes in handy! It not only gives the sensation of being full (a sensation that some anal enthusiasts quite enjoy) but you can also use it to expand your anal strength at your own pace! I particularly like this one because it is a silicone material – however you can also get them in vibrating editions as well as butt plug shaped ones and all sorts of different shapes. This one is a little more of a personal opinion item for me, but if you’re interested in anal stretching this might be the toy for you.

Anal Beads


Anal beadsAnal beads are designed to be worn during sex, and during orgasm they are to be removed. What a lot of people don’t realise is that the sphincter muscles (much like vaginal muscles) will contract during orgasm. By that I mean they’ll clench and release multiple times in rapid succession – it’s simply the muscles way of dealing with an orgasm. The purpose of the beads is to rip them out as these contractions are occurring in order to accentuate the contractions or double the contractions for unbelievably increased pleasure and stimulation. Anal beads come in all sorts of lengths, materials, differently sized balls. One thing you will need to ensure is that the string of the beads is of a hygienic material. Unless you’re going to throw them away after one use – you should never ever buy a fabric corded anal beads made from string. This material will absorb bacteria like the plague and can cause some nasty issues. Save yourself the trouble, go a silicone, metal, plastic or glass connectors. In the long run, you’ll thank me for it.

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