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Penis Enlargement Vs Penilie Extenders – Whats The Difference?

Whats the difference? Penis Enlargement Vs Penilie Extenders.

The most common penis enlargement method are Vacuum Devices-

Vacuum Devices

How They Work:

  • Vacuum devices, also known as penis pumps, consist of a tube that fits over the penis. A pump, which can be either manual or motorized, creates a vacuum around the penis. This vacuum pressure causes blood to flow into the penis, making it swollen and erect.
  • The primary purpose of a vacuum device is to aid in achieving and maintaining erections, particularly for individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED).

Key Features:

  • Immediate Effects: The erection occurs shortly after using the device, suitable for sexual intercourse.
  • Temporary Results: The effects are temporary; the erection typically lasts long enough for a sexual encounter.
  • Safety Measures: It often comes with a band or ring that is placed at the base of the penis to maintain the erection by preventing blood from flowing back out.
The Most Common Penile Extenders are Traction Devices –

Penile Extenders

How They Work:

  • Penile extenders are mechanical traction devices that are worn on the penis for several hours a day over an extended period. They gradually stretch the penis, promoting tissue growth through the process of mitosis and cytokinesis.
  • Their main goal is to permanently increase the length and, to a lesser extent, the girth of the penis.

Key Features:

  • Long-Term Use: Effective use of extenders requires consistent application over several months.
  • Permanent Changes: Unlike vacuum devices, extenders aim to produce permanent increases in size.
  • Gradual Effect: The results develop gradually, and significant changes can take several months of consistent use.

What Are The Main Differences?

Penis Enlargement Vs Penilie Extenders

  • Purpose: Vacuum devices are primarily used for immediate erection enhancement, mainly addressing ED issues, while extenders are used for gradually increasing penis size permanently.
  • Usage Duration: Vacuum pumps are used briefly and specifically when an erection is desired. Extenders are worn for several hours each day and require a commitment over months.
  • Result Duration: The effects of vacuum devices are temporary, intended for immediate use. In contrast, extenders offer potentially permanent size increases.

Small Penis Syndrome


is a term often used to describe a situation where a man believes his penis is too small, but his perception does not match objective measures; in other words, his anxieties and concerns about penis size are not necessarily based on any physical reality. This syndrome is not a medical condition but rather a psychological issue that can significantly impact a person’s self-esteem and sexual confidence.

Key Aspects of Small Penis Syndrome:

  • Perceptual Distortion: Men with this syndrome typically perceive their penis size as inadequate despite it falling within the normal range when objectively measured.
  • Psychological Impact: The syndrome can lead to significant distress, anxiety, and preoccupation with penis size, which can affect sexual relationships and overall quality of life.
  • Lack of Medical Basis: Unlike conditions like micropenis, which is a medically recognized condition where the penis is well below the average size due to hormonal or genetic issues, small penis syndrome involves a normal-sized penis.

Men with small penis syndrome may seek various enlargement treatments, ranging from pills and creams to devices and surgery, despite the often unnecessary nature of these measures.

The Mental Anguish Of Suffering With Small Penis Syndrome

The mental agony of males with a smaller penis is understandable. The thought of having a small penis can cause feelings of insecurity when it comes to male sexuality. It can cause severe psychological problems which range from depression, feelings of sexual inadequacy, agitation and frustration. Especially in a world where larger penises are revered, and often celebrated.

There are cases online where ex-partners have publicly shamed their ex’s failings in the bedroom. Body shaming is not just limited to women, but it encompasses all genders.

Despite being sexually active, these males feel that they may fail to satisfy their partners. This results in broken relationships – as the male becomes aggressive, moody and is unable to articulate exactly what it is that they are feeling. Arguments are usually caused by two things: resentment or irritation. Pressure might be added due to feelings of mistrust and or fidelity issues.

There are usually multiple factors in an argument and surprisingly, it may not even be the actual point of the argument which has caused the disruption. For example, irritation about having to take the garbage out might not be related to the garbage at all, but from stresses at work.

Don’t Let This Happen To You

. If you are not blessed with a naturally large penis you need not worry. With the help of male sex toy penis enlargement devices, you can get the desired length and you will be able to satisfy your sex partners. Having a larger penis isn’t necessarily the best of things – you still need to know how to use it.

There are other ways also to get your penis enlarged, like surgery and pills. But, penis enlargement pills have proven to be largely ineffective. Surgery is both costly, invasive and has high rates of dissatisfaction associated with it.

Owing to these reasons alone, most people will choose the enlargement device over other methods. Let us have a quick look at the different types of these devices, how they are used and what their advantages are.

Penis Enlargement Vs Penilie Extenders
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Penile Pumps: Vacuum Enlargement Devices

These are one of the most common and popular of penis enlargement devices. The user inserts his penis inside the container (tube-like) and then uses the pump to create a vacuum. This results in enhanced blood flow in the penis and it gets bigger. It works in a very similar way to vaginal pumping, in the sense that the increased blood flow will help with arousal, and sensitivity of the genitals.

This type of enlargement device is known as a vacuum device.

The vacuum creates pressure which in turn will stretch the penis. Keep in mind that only one session is not sufficient and you need multiple sessions. It will take several weeks for your penis to grow. Think of it like going to the gym, you don’t go to the gym just once and expect results.

There is no doubt that penis pumps are a popularly used device, but you have to be careful while using them. There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain. Some pumping enthusiasts will use them for bondage and for edging scenes on men that involve electro stimulation and medical sex toys as well. Do not be desperate to get faster results. Pumping too hard will injure your penis.

Common side effects of misusing a penis pump include:

  • Red dots visible on the shaft as a result of over pumping and bleeding underneath the skin
  • Numbness, coldness and darkened skin. Caused by leaving the penis in the vacuum for too long and not allowing for sufficient blood flow from using a constriction band.

There are many males who stop using these pumps only after a couple of sessions because they are fearful. Most use these devices successfully and are able to get the desired results. Stick with what you are most comfortable with. Although most vacuum enlargement devices will guarantee results,one must note that these results are temporary.

When you stop using them your penis will go back to its original size – very similar to going to the gym.

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Penis Extenders And Traction Devices:

A penis traction device, often called a penile extender, operates based on the principle of mechanical traction. Here’s how it works and a brief look into its origin relating to similar principles used in various cultural practices:

How Penis Traction Devices Work:

  • Application: The device consists of a ring that fits around the base of the penis and a glans support that fits just below the head of the penis. Between these two points, adjustable rods exert a constant, gentle stretch.
  • Mechanism: When the penis is stretched consistently, the mechanical force applied to the penile tissue causes micro-tears in the skin and muscle fibers. This is followed by a natural healing process, which involves the creation of new cells to repair the damage.
  • Result: Over time, this process leads to the elongation of the penile tissue and an increase in length. Some devices also claim to increase girth by expanding the tissue in all directions.

Historical and Cultural Analogues:

The theoretical underpinnings of penis traction devices are similar to several traditional practices seen in different cultures, where gradual stretching leads to permanent changes in body structure.

  • Ndebele Neck Rings: The Ndebele tribe of South Africa is known for the use of metal rings around women’s necks to elongate them. The neck isn’t actually made longer; instead, the weight of the rings gradually deforms the clavicle and other upper ribs, creating the appearance of a longer neck.
  • Earlobe Stretching: Seen in many indigenous cultures, this involves inserting increasingly larger discs into ear piercings, gradually stretching the skin to create large loops or elongations of the earlobes.

Theoretical Connection:

The core concept behind both the cultural practices and the penis traction device is “tissue expansion.” This biological principle states that skin and other bodily tissues will grow to accommodate slow and steady stretching. In medical contexts, similar methods are used for skin grafting procedures and in creating extra skin for reconstructive surgery after burns.

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A Word Of Caution Before Using These Devices:

Although both the penis pumps and extenders are easily and readibly available, you should consult a physician prior to using any penis enlargement device. Also, do not to overuse these devices as overuse is likely to damage your penis. Recommended use is very similar to the gym; three times a week with half hour sessions and rest days and as the manufacturer recommends.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Penis Enlargement Devices?

First of all, you should know that these devices are not magical and you should not expect overnight results. All these devices work on the same logic. These devices aim to enhance the flow of blood to your penis and cause the desired erections which your lady will love to see. There are some which are exercise contraptions and help your penis grow gradually.

You need not change your life style in order to enjoy the benefit of penis enlargement devices. You can wear them to the offices and places you go.  These devices come with detailed instructional material and if you want to get the maximum advantage you should go through the instructions properly. Also, it is safer to be aware of the device functioning beforehand.

Apart from making your penis bigger, these devices have other benefits also. These increase your sex drive and your ability to hold longer during the sexual intercourse which results in better orgasms.

It is always better than surgery and pills because the former cannot be afforded by all and the latter is far less effective. These devices are safer than pills if they are used properly. These do not have any side effects, but you should be careful enough to not use overuse them.

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What You Need To Remember

These devices are useful and effective when you use them carefully and regularly. Make sure you consult the doctor before using them. Read the instructions meticulously prior to using them.

Despite being backed by medical science, there is nothing to prove that these penis enlargement devices will definitely work for you. However, if you are determined and have decided to work towards it, you will get the desired results in the long run.

Do not expect overnight results. Overusing these devices can injure your penis. Try to be consistent and patient. After a couple of sessions, you will see the difference yourself. The devices used to enhance your manliness can extend your penis by 3 inches and even more.

Regardless of the results anything is better than nothing – you’re going to have a load of fun.