Male Masturbators: An Exclusive List Of The Best

Male Masturbators: An Exclusive List Of The Best

Male Masturbators

One of the most common forms of male sex toys are the male masturbators. Ranging from full scale blow ups with realistic features, silicone, warming devices and moveable arms, to your standard blow up devices, to your palmers and jerk off assistance toys. The Japanese are probably the most innovative when it comes to sex toys – and their Tenga range is one of the best masturbators on the planet. It’s interesting watching the rise of sex toys in such a conservative country that places great emphasises on working and family life. Indeed, the amount of places that specialise in ‘intimacy’ in japan is astounding.

These places range from cuddle bars, to dress up bars to hard core sex venues run by the Yakuza – there have been several interesting documentaries on them. Unfortunately, there are a large amount of single Japanese men due to the gender disparity of the nation and so the sexual culture has been slowly shifting. Japan is where the life size silicone dolls originated from in order for men to deal with being single for prolonged lengths of time.

Masturbators don’t necessarily replace human contact but they do provide an alternative sexual relationship that doesn’t necessarily involve ones hands – and when you look at the inside textures of a Tenga flip hole, it’s easy to see why masturbators are such a popular sex toy not just for single men but also for couples as well.


male masturbators

What Types Of Male Masturbators Are There?

Tenga Flip Hole And Tenga Eggs


Tenga Flip hole and Tenga Eggs
In the event that you need an all-out 21st century masturbation experience, attempt the Tenga Flip hole. This masturbation sleeve is super easy to clean, resembles a science fiction nerd device and most people say it feels AMAZING. The Tenga flip holes are one of the most popular male masturbators on the planet they are incredibly intense, utilise a lot of research on what feels good for the dick and they are a breeze to clean.

The Tenga masturbators come in a variety of colours ranging from red, grey, silver, black and white. My two favourite ones are the black and white which are exactly the same internally just a much softer (white) and firmer (black) texture which separates the two masturbators. The three little buttons on the side are there to create the level of intensity on the cock. For example, if you want more pressure at the base, middle or head of the dick, you’d just press the corresponding button which would squeeze down on the unit. Once you’re finished you just open up the unit (it splits neatly in half) flush it out, dry it out and boom! You’re done.

Tenga’s Ease Of Use

The small and easy to use Tenga Egg is ideal for that wants to get some extra action without forking out a load of cash for it. Tenga Eggs are discretely-bundled, helpful and fun. They additionally arrive in a choice of textures so you can practice with all of them to find your favourite.

You crack open an egg, open up the included lubricant and put it into the eggs, place it over your cock grab firmly and pull it down and stroke. It’s pretty self-explanatory – they’ll stretch over virtually anything and you’ll be a very happy guy. They were initially developed in Japan as a kind of disposable masturbator – and whilst I don’t advise keeping them around forever, you can use them a couple of times before you have to throw them out.



The Fleshlight girls
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The term masturbator has almost been synonymous with the term Fleshlight since they first started gracing the market back in 1998. They have since risen in popularity growing from strength to strength and adding to their range on an almost yearly basis. The Fleshlight generally come in four different ranges; original, Fleshlight girls, Fleshjack boys and the Fleshlight freaks. All of which have done extremely well. It is clear why fleshlight is a known brand in the male masturbators industry.
The Fleshlight girls will come in three textures; swallow, lotus and forbidden with each texture having different and unique features. The swallow will have a very tight canal halfway through the casing which is designed to feel as similar to a mouth as possible, the forbidden is one of the tightest Fleshlight’s available and each little bump has the sole purpose of attempting the squeeze the hell out of your cock. A thing it does very very well.

Love Dolls


Love doll masturbatorsThe love dolls can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. They can quarter moulds (just of the pelvic region), half moulds (toes to waist), three quarter moulds (toes to shoulder) or even full moulds. Love dolls may not come with the textual advantages of the smaller masturbators but what they do excel in is realism. Rather than fucking a Fleshlight which comes in at about half a kilo, you can have sex with a half mould which comes in at 6 kilos.

It can actually feel like you’re holding a girl (or boy – some dolls come in the boy version), against the wall and going to town. The full body moulds can be so ultra-realistic that it’s actually hard to determine what’s real and what’s not. These Japanese sex dolls come at a price though – the Australian companies will charge into the tens of thousands depending on the model, extra features and realistic aspects that you’re after. Love dolls are generally made soft cyber skin materials which can be blends of silicone, rubber and elastic gels. Some dolls are made of cheaper TPE materials which will deteriorate over time.



Palmer masturbators

Palmer masturbators are the smallest and cheapest male masturbators. These masturbators are generally only a few inches long and will not completely cover the entirety of average to above average sized cocks. These types are great gag presents, or simple fantastic models for naughty weekends away, or for the girlfriend’s weekend away. These masturbators can be used by single males, or couples whereby the partner will use the masturbator to stroke a guy off rather than using their hand.

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