Tenga And Fleshlight: Which One Is Better?

Tenga And Fleshlight: Which One Is Better?

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Tenga And Fleshlight


Let’s compare the Tenga and Fleshlight by going through three categories that are typical questions most people would like to consider when purchasing a sex toy product, and since there are so many on the market we’ve picked two of the most popular ones and broken it down for you. Just keep in mind that this is only two products on the masturbator market and it doesn’t take into account the huge amount of other masturbators on the market.

Fleshlight Girls1. Which Feels Better?


The most important question anyone is going to ask when it comes to choosing between two masturbators is – how is it going to feel? Whilst we can answer this question to the best of our ability the only true way you’re going to understand how it feels is by shoving your cock in it and going to town. Whilst we examine these two powerhouses of male masturbators we are going to look at the Stoya Destroya and the Tenga Black Flip hole. Both of these wonderful devices showcase the very best of what each company has to offer.

Stoya’s “Destroya” catches your attention upon first entering, past the plush delicate mould of Stoya’s vaginal passage with columns of little, rectangular nodules, trailed by a tight ring which just hugs your cock tightly.  You can feel them turn over and take after the forms of your cock as you proceed down into the narrowing, ribbed end of the sleeve.

The wide to thin last chamber that opens up to the sleeve’s way out gap creates a beautiful natural suction that makes a heavenly milking sensation. Unfortunately, there’s a few suction issues with the Fleshlight screw caps and if you’re not controlling the cap correctly you’ll undoubtedly lose out on a lot of good pleasure. Stoya will make you work for her joys by soaking her in warm water for a good 15 minutes and respectfully lubing her up. Failure to do so and those cute little nodules that seem like divine pleasure will now seem like hell. So lube her up – for your own sake!

Tenga's Black Hole


Tenga’s Black Hole, when opened, looks straight out of a sci-fi novel with mysterious nooks, crannies and little nodules and all sorts of things. Don’t stare at it too long trying to imagine what it will do to your cock – just lube it up and pump it in! Most masturbators available today do their hardest to reproduce the sensation of real vaginal or anal intercourse, yet Tenga tosses out the book on starts again focusing not on realism but on intensity and climax and feelings.

With the aim of giving you sensations you didn’t think conceivable or never knew existed. Both sides of Tenga Flip hole Black are textured in an unexpected way, so a basic thrust and a rotation gives a totally distinctive arrangement of sensations. On the rarity that you still need more intensity – along both sides of the smooth, dark outside are sets of three ‘buttons’, used to give extra weight and suction along your tip, shaft and base.

Essentially by casually squeezing the top button while pumping, you pick up suction to equal your blow job you’ve ever received. One small, minute downside to the Tenga is that it’s a noisy little machine and will emit several (un)savoury noises (depending on your mood) that can be heard by anybody close-by. This can be distracting, but since I live alone I don’t feel it should detract from the amazing sensations this unit offers.

2. Product Range


Fleshlight has obtained a lifetime of experience already and has truly come to comprehend her client base. At present there are 54 diverse textured sleeves, at my last check, each with its own particular features and unique qualities. There truly is something for everybody with Fleshlight, pleasing all from the gay market, with the Fleshjack arrangement, to any kind of undead and alien fetishist with the Fleshlight Freaks arrangement.

Smaller renditions are available of most loved sleeves, similar to the “Sex in a Can” line or the travel agreeable Flight version. There are likewise a large group of both male and female porn stars who have presented their quite wanted holes to the salivating masses so as to create the Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys arrangement, each with their own individual Fleshlight sleeve composition. Whether you need to mimic oral, vaginal or anal sex, Fleshlight has you covered.

flight fleshlight


Tenga has very much a noteworthy stock line of toys and a greater price point to satisfy even the most frugal of consumers with the Tenga egg range. Their overwhelming star; is the Tenga Flip Hole line and it comes in four unique hues: red, white, silver and black. Each of these has its own particular individual textured inside with a variety of different sensations.

Smaller than this unit comes the Tenga Flip Air with a smoother outline and tighter inside, furnished with a more streamlined single external button. The smallest of the range, and the most travel friendly are the Flip Lite, coming in Solid Black and white varieties, which are pretty much the same as their greater sister’s Flip Air interiors.

tenga cup line

When we dive into the deal container, we locate the very popular range of Tenga eggs. As of now there are 14 varieties of their Tenga Cup line; a single use masturbator with lube included!! You should simply pop the top and have fun! A lot of thought went into the textures and whilst some may not be for everyone with them as cheap as they are – you can certainly afford to search around for the perfect one. Tenga’s comprehensive value range fluctuates from $15-140, is really a great deal, never neglecting quality at any cost.

3. Cleaning, Care And Durability.

Fleshlight’s models are fairly easy to clean, you open them up rip out the sleeve and off you go. Put the sleeve under some warm water and once in a wash it down with some mild soap and that’s pretty much everything you’ll need. The materials in these are fairly porous so I don’t advise sharing them between people but other than that – the only other bit of maintenance you will need to adhere to is applying a small amount of corn starch to the sleeve to keep it slick and smooth in between uses.

Tenga made drying their higher-finished items a snap with an included drying rack. Since the item opens up totally, dry time is significantly shorter than the Fleshlight. Another highlighted point is like the flesh light, is the TPR Silicone that the Tenga Flip holes insides are outlined in cannot be completely disinfected to again, if you intend to share you’ll need to do so safely.

Shockingly, Tenga suggests that their item is useful for around fifty uses, so this starts to cut into the wallet a little bit especially if you’re searching for something durable. Whilst Fleshlight don’t state it outright, if you don’t pay careful attention to maintenance of their toy – you’ll be in a very sticky situation.


The Verdict!

It’s a really close call and they both have their pros and cons – but I simply like the suction of the Tenga unit more and it comes down to that final simple suck. Yeah it’s a little noisier and pricier but it shouldn’t make that big a difference to the final thoughts. If it does for you, you’ll be held tightly in favour by the mighty flesh light. The difference between them is marginal, so have fun and enjoy a tenga or fleshlight.

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