Exploring the Hot Octopuss Guybrator: An Expert Review

Exploring the Hot Octopuss Guybrator: An Expert Review

Hot Octopuss Guybrator

Accustom yourself to the world of innovative pleasure technology with our deep dive into the Hot Octopuss Guybrator. This revolutionary device is designed to elevate the experience of solo and partner play alike, combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. In this article, we’ll explore the unique aspects of the Pulse, from its dynamic oscillation technology to its ergonomic design, and reveal why it’s quickly becoming a must-have in the realm of adult toys. Join us as we uncover the full capabilities and benefits of the Hot Octopuss Pulse.

What Is PULSE?

Above all else PULSE is a brand new one of a kind male stimulator that uses motions to create excitement for the man. It does tis through a unique oscillating technology that surpasses all kinds of vibrators. This is not a vibrator – this is a Guybrator with oscillating technology. This is PULSE’s essential capacity and what separates it from all toys that have preceded it.

As well as being also being on the cutting edge of male sex toys as a solo piece, PULSE is an excellent addition to any couples toy collection as well! This Guybrator is astoundingly diverse and adaptable, as the PULSE can be utilized as a massager or even as an incredible hands free expansion to foreplay.

Part of the design of the PULSE configuration is that the man does not have to have an erection in order to be stimulated by it. The advantage of this is that if one suffers from erectile dysfunction or (ED) they can still be fully stimulated and experience the joys of this amazing Guybrator. And if it helps you develop an erection and overcome some of the things behind what’s causing the ED, then even better!

Hot Octopuss Guybrator

male toy vibrating pulsator


Pulse: The Solo toy:

There has always been a distinct lack of toys for males on the market – and after years of research and development and drawings and planning they have finally come up with the PULSE. The vibrations on the frenulum have been designed and researched in order to cause the most intense pleasure in the male and through the oscillating pulse plate this toy has been designed to create some very powerful orgasms in ways that you’ve never experienced before.

The Pulse can be used in two ways – you can put some lubricant on the pulse and your own cock and then use it as a stroker  – the likes of which you’ve never felt before.  This next generation stroker eclipses anything else on the market. There’s NOTHING like it.

The second way the Hot Octopuss Guybrator can be used is as a hands free stimulator. As it’s providing direct stimulation to the frenulum the PULSE can be used completely hands free – just insert the penis into the little wings which will hold it in place, lean back and enjoy the ride! There have been many reviewers which has stated that they have never felt such a more powerful and lengthy orgasm since using this machine.

You’ll need to learn just how to jerk yourself off in new ways to fully experience everything that this toy has to offer. The great benefit of this is that if you suffer from arthritis, or some form of illness which sees your hand movement limited or deteriorated you can use this toy without compromising your hands or movement!


How Do I Use The Hot Octopuss Guybrator?:

  • Charge the Device: Before using the Pulse, ensure it is fully charged. Connect it to the included charger and wait until the charging indicator shows it’s ready for use.
  • Apply Lubricant: Use a generous amount of water-based lubricant on the device and yourself. This enhances comfort and the overall experience.
  • Position The Device: Place your penis into the Pulse, resting it comfortably within the vibrating area. You can use it while flaccid or erect, making it versatile for different situations.
  • Choose Your Settings: Power on the Pulse and explore the different vibration modes and settings. Adjust the intensity according to your preference using the control buttons.
  • Clean After Use: After use, clean the Pulse with warm water and mild soap or a toy cleaner. Dry it thoroughly before storing it safely until next use.

Get ready to enjoy your experience with the Hot Octopuss Guybrator, designed for both solo and partner play.

Pulse for Couples:

Worn by him, delighted in by both, PULSE is a surprising addition in couples’ sex toys. The extraordinary hands free experience allows you to enjoy a wild ride. It’s not really comparable to the we-vibe as the we-vibe is primarily focused on her with you as a secondary, the same goes for the pulse. It’s primarily focused on you with her as a secondary.

You’ll both , however, appreciate the vibrations that the Hot Octopuss Guybrator emits and will transport foreplay into the main arena. It’s fun, one of a kind and beautifully sexy the pulse can be used on either a flaccid or erect cock and your partner can use it to stimulate you until climax for a unique hand job experience, or they can use it to get your heart racing before you both plunge deep into the depths of sexual pleasure. But don’t take our word on it – here ‘s Matt’s review.


‘When I at last do climax? I cum like a fucking cargo train tearing down the track attempting to make it to the home station. I shimmy, shake and shiver like the insane and for the most part wind up laying there having stomach fits that make me seem as though I’m having a seizure’ (Matt)


‘It shakes. I cherish it a great deal, and I’m really happy that I can take it into shower as well with its new waterproofing … and I usually have a hard time getting off in the shower by hand (or with a Fleshlight or other kind of device)’ (Ricky)


‘the first non-human experience to give me ‘sex legs’ (you realize that post-coital walk where you can’t feel your legs and they’re numb and tingly and you strut about like a tipsy flamingo?’ (Ethan)

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