Japanese Sex Dolls: Why Are They So Popular?

Japanese Sex Dolls: Why Are They So Popular?

Japanese Sex Dolls

Japanese sex dolls have garnered immense popularity for their astonishing realism and meticulous craftsmanship. This article explores the cultural and technological factors driving the global appeal and market growth of these dolls.

An Insightful look into one of the most popular sex toys in Asia

China has one of the biggest populations in the world, and with 118 boys for every 100 girls, there are several excruciatingly horny (and very single) men. It is no wonder then that Chinese men are purchasing silicone models of ladies, to love, hold, fuck and to even simply spend some quality intimate time with. These aren’t your entry level dolls though – these dolls can cost into the tens of thousands of Australian Dollars. There are several brands on the market and some of them have even started venturing into the Western Markets. This movement sweeps the nation as men increasingly struggle to find intimacy with real people.

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Japanese Sex Dolls and International Restrictions

In a nation that supplies 70 percent of the world’s sex toys, and with a rapidly expanding working class with more opportunity and money than any other time in recent memory, it’s not unexpected that individuals are getting their jollies in more exploratory ways and constantly pushing the boundaries of sex and sexuality. Porn is a national offense, and the maker of the country’s biggest porn site is serving life in jail. In spite of this, the sex-toy industry is worth generally $2 billion in China. The questions must be asked though; what’s so exceptional about these dolls specifically? Why spend such an enormous amount of money on something which is basically a lifeless mannequin?

With an interpreter’s help, I spoke directly to a representative from one of China’s many sex doll manufacturers.

“Current clients of these sex dolls do as such for the accompanying three fundamental reasons,” Zu says. “To satisfy a physiological need, many men, lacking access to single women, find visiting a brothel morally objectionable. Second, they want to have photographs with them and spread them onto their social networks. Third, cosplay .”


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A Boom in Popularity For Japanese Sex Dolls

Why, then, has there been a sudden blast in their popularity? It is here that I’ve realised that they have always been enormously popular within the Asian markets but with recent technological advancements it is often quite difficult to discern between a doll and a real human. Not only am I talking about advancements in appearance, facial expressions and body types but also with new ‘warming technology’. Robotic movements, lifelike eyes, and specialized stores cater to personalized doll dressing preferences.

A new line of dolls, reflecting Western rather than Asian features, has been recently launched. “These dolls have an outer appearance much like genuine individuals, and they can move much like genuine individuals,” says Zu Han. “The best sex dolls are a cutting edge show-stopper. Just as a young lady can possess a lovely Western face, so can your new sex doll. She can fulfil every single one of your desires and wishes.’

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Other dolls are even more refined.  These dolls have their own particular temperatures which mimic the standard human temperature at36.6 degrees. These newer dolls also feature a “metal skeleton,” and a “genuine sex voice,” so you know she’s not faking it. Although, it surely would be crushing if you couldn’t satisfy a sex doll, so I’m questioning the authenticity of that pleasure.

Why Are Japanese Sex Dolls Used?

“The truth is that sex dolls are simply a distraction or a hobby, much the same as skateboarding or photography,” Zu lets me know. “There’s really no difference except with these hobbies you can have sexual relations with them and develop feelings and intimacy with.”

This is echoed in an interview with the Japan Times by doll enthusiast Liu. When asked if he would consider the less expensive blow-up alternative, he responded: “No way [he’d] have sex with that kind of cheap plastic.” His disgust was quite palpable at the mere suggestion he’d swing his wang anywhere beside his wife or doll 156, his personalized, lifeless doorway into all his sexual desires. This makes sense: If you’re a beer fan, you’re not going to drink Hamm’s when you can get a Sierra Nevada, are you?

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Does It Work For Relationships

This sentiment is gently reminded by a meeting with a sex doll devotee Liu. When he was asked if he would consider the less lavish japanese sex doll, he responded with by saying that there’s no way he’d put his cock in such shoddy plastic. This married man has a doll simply to fulfil his fantasies which his wife cannot.

This provides him with a safe alternative rather than hurting the woman he loves. It took some time, but his wife now accepts that he has two women in his life. In a country where a doll costs twice the average salary in Shanghai and primarily serves a sexual purpose achievable by hand, what’s the value?In a nation where the expense of one doll is generally double the normal wage in Shanghai and the main point of a doll is sexual, which can be given by your hand, what’s the point?

As Zu had cautioned me, it’s not about sex. Sex is just a piece of it. Online groups discuss doll care, maintenance, dating tips, and upcoming features for new doll generations.

These enthusiasts are dedicated, devoted with the same amount of fervour as IPhone fanatics. These japanese sex dolls are more than just a sex toy, but are an intimate part of the owner’s life. In countries with numerous single men, these dolls provide genuine lifestyle opportunities amid slim partner prospects.

Redefined Intimacy

Japanese sex dolls, revered for their realism, reflect a cultural shift in intimate companionship preferences. As technological advancements blur the lines between human and doll, enthusiasts find solace and fulfillment beyond mere sexual gratification. These dolls symbolize more than toys; they signify intimacy, companionship, and a unique lifestyle choice for individuals globally.

Amidst societal complexities and challenges in finding traditional partners, these dolls offer a tailored solution, fostering communities and providing genuine lifestyle opportunities. As the market expands and evolves, Japanese sex dolls continue to redefine perceptions of intimacy, shaping a new era of human-doll relationships worldwide.

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