Men Always Want to have A Big Penis – The truth uncovered

Men Always Want to have A Big Penis – The truth uncovered

It is common for most guys to want to have a big penis down there. Some men are so fixated with the size of their penis that you can’t help but wonder why. Like women, men are just as obsessed with their bodies. Women, for example, tend to obsess about the size and shape of their breasts, often due to jealousy and personal insecurities.

It turns out that most men are the same when it comes to their penises. A good number of guys say that they are not happy with how big they are packing. You might think that most men must have small penises for them to feel this way. However, even men with average-sized penises think theirs don’t measure up when it comes to a large size.

The Truth About the Penis Shame

The obsession and fascination over penis size have something to do with what’s called the “penis shame.” Most men feel this shame when they think that their penis is too small, even when theirs can be considered average.

They have all kinds of penis worry

It’s not just the size that they are so fixated on, but other aspects such as whether the foreskin is peeled or not. They fret about whether their penis is girthy, hairy, cut or uncut, veiny, smelly, and all other kinds of things. Sometimes, they even worry when their pubic hair is too thin or thick.

Does the size of the penis really matter?

When you hear about men or women talking about big penises, it is best not to mind it too much. Studies say that women don’t care much about the size or how long the penis is. They prefer girth over length, which is why when it comes to being in a relationship, the whole idea of size disappears, and sex becomes about pleasure for both individuals.

Reasons Men Fret Over Penis Size

People all have desires and for most men, having a larger penis is one of their biggest desires. There are quite a few reasons why men obsess over the size of their penis. Finding out those reasons will make you understand why they have a false notion that a bigger penis means better sex and relationship.

Their Confidence

It has to do with their confidence, believing the man with the biggest penis is the strongest and the better. Your man wants you to have the best sex, which they falsely believe only happens when you have a bigger penis. Ultimately, the sex should maintain their confidence and their ability to satisfy their partner.

The opposite is also true – those with smaller size penises feel frustrated about their credibility as a man. Men with micropenis say that they have a lot of disadvantages, such as not ever being able to give G-spot orgasms. But even so, they can make up for it with their cunnilingus skill and the use of sex toys.

The Society’s Judgments

Society itself, especially the media, propagates the belief that men have to have a bigger penis. All these magical cures can turn small or average-sized penises into monstrous in size. There is real pressure to have “perfect bodies,” whether you are a woman or a man.

Some women indeed prefer a bigger penis, but most of them, in reality, don’t. There are all kinds of penises out there, and they all have a lover. Whether it is a big penis, average-size, micro, the unicorn, or the one with a smaller penis than the ex, they don’t really matter much when it comes to technique.

Penis Insecurities

Generally, if a man asks their partner the size of their ex’s penis, including their sexual performance, then it likely has to do with jealousy. They may have personal insecurities, which may stem from their past relationships or childhood memories. A smaller penis is a major frustration to men, especially if it’s a micropenis.

The problem may not be the actual size of the penis but rather the hurtful memories in the past. Words hurt, and a man who was ridiculed for the length of his penis his whole life is going to have a skewed view of himself. Many men end up using effective methods to increase their penis length such as pumps or extenders like the andro penis.

The Pleasure

Men always worry about how their partners would think about their penis. After all, there is this assumption that women only like big penises. The penis has to be eight inches and up, or women won’t be satisfied. Of course, the girth also has to be wide. This, however, is nothing more than false information.

Although some women experience orgasms without clit action, many studies have confirmed that most women receive orgasms through clitoral pleasure. And to achieve this kind of sexual satisfaction does not require a large penis. This is why, in truth, most women prefer average-sized penises that won’t lead to intimidating or painful sex.

The Porn Delusion

If your man often watches porn, then he might have porn delusion. Porn often likes to show the actors in perfect bodies with large boobs, big, bleached butts, shaved genitals, and of course, massive penises. Anyone who constantly consumes porn would have the illusion that you can only have amazing sex with a giant package.

According to porn, a larger penis will sure make a woman scream. So it is not surprising how men can think that they must have a big penis to please women. However, it is time for men to realize that whatever they see in porn is usually far from reality.

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Men who want to have a big penis are primarily the result of false beliefs. The truth is that men with really huge penises actually have a hard time finding a partner since women are reluctant to try it out. Furthermore, you can now find a wide assortment of sex toys from online stores like Sohimi, where they have the perfect solution for any kind of sexual pleasure. So with the addition of sex toys, the size of your penis won’t matter so much if your goal is to please your women.


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