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Male Insecurity And Penis Size

Do I Have An Average Sized Dick | Penis Insecurity In Men

I’ve worked in an adult store for many years and on one particular wall we have a bunch of dicks moulded from porn stars. These dicks are unusually thick and you’ll be hard pressed to find one less than seven inches. It’s amazing to watch young men come into the store and stare at this wall – concern etched on the faces as they contemplate the wall. The relief is visibly noticeable on their faces when you tell them that these are well above average sized dicks. Indeed – the average size dick (in Australia at least) Is 5.5 inches.  Dick insecurity is one of the leading causes of temporary impotence in young men. In a world where average sized dicks don’t really exist in porn – and 93% of teenage boys accessing porn and buying pornographic DVDs and material – boys develop unrealistic expectations of the mechanics of sex as well as develop body issues, dick insecurity and psychological issues relating to sexual performance.

Ladies aren’t the only ones who can experience the ill effects of a negative self-perception. Boys are becoming increasingly concerned about their own body image and dick size.What’s surprising about this is that new research indicates that the level of penis anxiety isn’t necessarily fixated on their size.

For the study, specialists from Kings College London gave 173 men a poll garnered some information about their opinions around their cock size (nearly a quarter of the men consented to have their penis size measured by an urologist). Turns out, 30 percent of the men were disappointed with their penis size—contrasted with the 35.2 percent who were satisfied. Interestingly, men’s cock sizes didn’t relate to how they felt. “There are men with a bigger penis than normal who are embarrassed about their size, and there are men with a smaller than normal size in whom size is not an issue,” analysts wrote in the study.

Researchers found that men’s penis anxiety corresponded with other psychological wellness measures like depression and anxiety – albeit further research is expected to figure out if different elements, such as bedroom performance or his lover’s sex drive, could be correlated with his opinions about his dick.

What’s important to note about this particular study is that size wasn’t the primary reason for anxiety. Dicks come in all shapes and sizes – the issue comes from psychological factors such as confidence, histories of depression and anxiety and general mental health. These types of things can be debilitating – especially since the cock is considered the active part of sex. The vagina, or anus, is considered passive – it needs to be penetrated by something. The phallus, is considered active, in normal circumstances surrounding sex, it is the penetrator. However, since it’s considered the ‘active’ component of sex, there are a multitude of factors to consider. It’s under an enormous amount of pressure to perform and if the mind isn’t functioning like it’s supposed to do – no amount of prodding or stimulation is going to make it all work. In this regard, it’s about building up confidence. This lack of confidence can also arise from premature ejaculation as well.

The primary thing to remember with erectile dysfunction is to not make the dick the primary thing in the bedroom. There’s a multitude of other ways to reach climax and the focus needs to be taken off the cock. More often than not, cock insecurity can be resolved by rebuilding confidence, putting renewed focus and admiration onto the cock and dealing primarily with the insecurity behind that. Sometimes this can be dealt with in a conversation, maybe someone made fun of him previously, other times more prolonged and dedicated measures will need to be taken.

What Adult Toys Can Assist In Building Male Sexual Confidence?

Penis Sleeve

A penis sleeve is an extender available in good adult stores that relies on an erect cock to keep it in place. As such, if there are issues with maintaining an erection that can’t be solved through the use of a cock ring then this product is not right for you. The majority of sleeves focus on increasing girth, but there is a few which also the length as well. The use of a sleeve can be psychologically beneficial – there are few things more empowering than looking down and your dick and seeing its new size. It’s hot, it builds confidence and they feel super comfortable. Indeed a lot of the penis sleeves in this category can double as masturbators as well. There are a variety of cock sleeves on the market, but one of my favourites was the fat boy by perfect fit. These sleeves also have a slot for your balls so that when you’re masturbating or fucking it doesn’t slip off. Sleeves are generally textured on the inside so that the male still feels stimulation. The majority of sleeves are also super soft, squishy material which moulds itself to the skin and has an amazing sensation. Sleeves like this can be used as masturbators, or as penis extensions.

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Hollow Strap On for Men

Strap-ons are not just for women – they can also be used for men with erectile dysfunction. The penis case sits over the flaccid penis and it acts like a natural penis. It’s also fantastic for men who are a little quick off the mark as well.  The sleeve can be put on after ejaculation to still provide stimulation to their partner until they themselves reach a climax. Alternatively, the strap on can be applied before orgasm so that you and your partner can orgasm together. There are also strap ons which can be made to have both the penis and the dildo out at the same time so that you can alternate between which tool that you are using – in case you have a tendancy to come quite quickly, or you have inconsistent erections. The only downside to hollow strap ons is their texture. They can be quite firm (they have a plastic casing for a flaccid penis) and they don’t provide much physical stimulation for the wearer – only the mental joy of pleasing your partner.