Andro Penis – A Revolutionary Way to Stretch Your Penis

Andro Penis – A Revolutionary Way to Stretch Your Penis

Andro Penis

The best way of lengthening your penis without undergoing surgical operation, is by using a penis extender. The andro penis is different to vacuum devices in that it utilises traction to lengthen the penis. Whereas the pump can only be used at certain times throughout the day – it’s a little awkward walking around with a pump attached to yourself when at work – the andro penis is something that can be worn throughout the day when doing light activities. The long and short of it is that many men would prefer to have a larger penis if not longer than that still, which explains why penis stretching devices are popular among the men in our society today.

Even though it is evident that very few men have a small penis, and that most sexual partners are not fazed by the length of their love, the truth is that many men are looking into ways to make their manhood longer and stronger. Whether it is associated with penile dysmorphophobia, the need to satisfy their partners or just for self-esteem, the trend is on the rise worldwide as men turn to penis-stretching devices to achieve the size that they want.

One devise that has caught the attention of a lot of men and medical institutions around the world is the Andropenis Extender. The Andropenis Extender is one of the most reliable penis enlargement methods on the market since it has been proven scientifically to lengthen the penis not to mention making it thicker in girth.

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So, What Is The Andro Penis Extender?

AndroPenis Extender is a genuine penis stretching product that is backed with scientific evidence and classified by the FDA as a class one medical device. This penis enlargement device is designed to stretch the penis and is effectively used with a penis enlargement exercise program. This penis extender is relatively painless and therefore safe for use for all men in the world. It features a fastening point and a method of extending the device to provide the much needed stretch.

Since it is a traction device, it is important to note that it stretches the penis by applying force. This penis extension device meets both industry and safety standards such as ISO and CE standards. It is made of a good quality plastic ring connected to two aluminium plated shafts. Plastic support and a silicone band holds the glans in place during the penis enlargement therapy. It has metal shafts that are made of nickel covered with a layer of 24-carat gold.

What Are The Contents Of The Package?

Andropenis Extender comes with Andro comfort bands, Ando ring and 2 silicone units each. The package also contains an instruction CD that supports 27 languages, instruction booklet that supports12 languages and a quick guide. Also in the package, there are different sizes of and shaft or rods that are essential in extending the penis to desired girth and length and custom building the device to fit your needs.

It is suggested that for one to use the penis extension device, ones penis size must be at least 3.2 inches (8 cm) in erection. One must use Andropenis Extender when the penis is in a flaccid state. The device should be used for 4 to 9 hours on a daily basis and it is advised that take a break when deemed necessary. It is worn under clothing as the users goes on with the daily activities. This can be worn during the day or the night and other people rarely notice it.

How Does This Stretcher Actually Make Your Penis Larger?

To understand how Andropenis Extender works it is important to acknowledge the fact that it is a male Urethral stretching device. This means that it employs stretch and traction to lengthen the penile tissue. Once the device is worn on the penis it places a downwards pressure, which causes the penis to stretch. This works similar to the biceps gym and working out where tractions are placed on the penis shaft, which leads to the growth of the penile tissue.

On the other hand, the penis does not grow instant, but rather progressively. The penis is able to experience some growth thanks to traction, which creates micro tears on the tissues. The body’s ability to heal provides new cellular growth that is essential in facilitating healing, as well as adds mass to the tissue. It is painless as a consequence providing penis growth with a lot of ease something that cannot be achieved through surgery. The successful application of traction in this case cytokines is creates a permanent increase in length and girth.

How Effective Is The Andro Penis Extender?

There is no doubt that Andro penis Extender has worked for thousands of patients all over the world. Numerous studies have been conducted on the andropenis and other traction devices and these studies include: ‘Penis enlargement without surgery’ by Andromedical Clinic, Madrid Spain and ‘efficacy of daily penis stretching’ by the University of Milan. Further studies have been done on the andropenis ability to treat Peyronies disease by the University of Toronto, Sillicato Hospital and the University of Florence.

The safety and effectiveness of this penis extender has worked for the top ranking of the device. The device has been scientifically and medically proven that technique is very effective since it provides a permanent penis enlargement. For that reason, it is designated as medical device since dozens of studies conducted by medical institutions around the world has revealed that the patients are able to realize safe and effective results over the period of six or more months. The device helps the user to gain 3 inches ina period of six or more months. It is good to note that these gains are achieved especially when using male enhancement guide.

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Benefits Of Using The Andro Penis Extender

The obvious benefits of using this penile extension devise are the safe and efficient growth that has been record all over the world. The natural increase in penis length of up to eight centimeters comes with no risk. In this case, men can continue with sexual activity unlike in the case of surgery.

Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease and needs to correct curvature of the penis will not have to suffer from a shortened penis, which is common to surgery. The Andro penis Extender is known to correct curvature by a large success margin and will at the same time increase penis length devoid of the vulnerabilities associated with surgery.

However, it is possible for men to experience erectile dysfunction this device helps them to improve the condition by allowing for improved blood circulation. This means that users of this penis extension device are able to accomplish and sustain an erection for improved sexual health.

In this case, there is no need to go for surgery in the name of looking into ways to make the manhood longer and stronger. There is no need to suffer from penile dysmorphophobia, all you need is use Andro penis Extender and gain the length and girth to satisfy your partners as well as helping you gain that much-needed self-esteem.

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