When Size Matters – Discover The Value Of Proportions

When Size Matters – Discover The Value Of Proportions

When Size Matters

When size matters, there are three ways to help with cock size. The way to differentiate between them is to determine whether or not you have issues with erections. If you have erectile dysfunction, or are unable to maintain a firm erection for a period of time then you need to discount cock sleeves and stick to pumps and hollow strap-ons. If you do not have any issues with erections – then one of the most effective and fun ways to increase size is to use a cock sleeve. Below you’ll find the three different boys toys to increase cock size and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

when size matters

How To Increase Penis Size | Penis Extension Methods

1. Vacuum Pumps

A vacuum constriction device (VCD) is an outer pump with a band on it that a man with erectile dysfunction can use to obtain and keep up an erection.

The VCD comprises of an acrylic barrel with a pump that may be joined specifically to the end of the penis. A narrowing ring, band, cock ring is set on the chamber at the end closest to the body where it is easy to put on with the removal of the cylinder. The barrel and pump are utilized to make a vacuum to help the penis get to be erect; the band, cock ring is used to help keep up the erection.

When Size Matters – How To Use a Pump

Using a pump is fairly easy. You place the pump, which can be pumped by hand or batteries over the penis. You pump slowly to let some circulation into of the chamber so a vacuum is made. The vacuum draws blood into the shaft of the penis and makes it swell and get to be erect. Once the penis is erect, with the assistance of lubricant, slide the cock ring down onto the lower end of the penis. Remove the pump after releasing the vacuum seal with the pressure release valve.

Intercourse can then be attempted. The cock ring can be left on for up to thirty minutes allowing sufficient time for successful intercourse. You need to make sure that the device has an emergency release valve to ensure that it doesn’t unnecessarily cause damage. Reports have indicated that devices with no valve, or a slow to release valve has caused damage.

Listen To Your Body

The main thing to remember with the pump is that if it hurts, stop. It’s very similar to going to the gym– you will be required to attend regularly and ensure that you’re continually working out. The device needs to be used 3-4 times a week with 20 minute sessions. These sessions will include a warm up, pumping, and relaxation. The warm up and relaxation is simply a matter of massaging the penis and ensuring there are no blockages. The pumping stage comprises of slowly pumping and releasing to achieve the desired level of vacuum. This will enable the user to eventually have a big penis compared to before using the product.

Vacuum constriction devices should not be used by men who may have a noteworthy intrinsic draining issue or an issue that could lead them to a condition called priapism (a drawn out, often difficult erection enduring more than a few hours). Illustrations incorporate sickle cell pallor, a few types of leukaemia, and other blood conditions.

2. Cock Sleeves

A penis sleeve is a condom-like sex toy that slips on over the penis to give more delight to both the individual being penetrated and the wearer. Penis sleeves are intended to be used as an upgrade of sorts for the wearer with additional length or girth being applied to upgrade sexual action and take into account deeper penetration. A penis sleeve might also be known as a cock sleeve, cock sheath or penis extender.

What Are They Made Of?

Penis sleeves are made chiefly of silicone/rubber materials and come in diverse shapes, hues, sizes. Some might even incorporate the use of vibrations! These sex toys may be useful for men who experience difficulty keeping up an erection, but only if the specific penis sleeve that they’re using has an in-built cock ring.

Unfortunately, penis sleeves rely on an erection in order for them to work, and an inability to maintain an erection during sexual activity might mean that the sleeve will fall off, become tangled or otherwise useless. If you’re looking to increase your penis size with a toy, and do have trouble with erections then you might want to check out our earlier article of the penis strap-ons for men, which are especially useful for men with erectile dysfunction.

As mentioned some sleeves will incorporate the built in cock ring, so it’s something that you will need to consider and to check out. Nonetheless, as with most sex toys, they are not intended to make men feel embarrassed about their size and shape. Penis sleeves serve to upgrade the sexual experience both for them and their partner.

Cock Sleeves

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Different Builds For Many Uses

Penis sleeves might be plain, or they might have small ticklers on them, ribbing, or a variety of other textures to promote stimulation. Some will be made of a firm rubber material, and other will be so soft and delicate that if you close our eyes you’ll be unable to differentiate between the toy and the real thing, these ones have been created for the express purpose of providing an unmistakable and out of this world experience.

Cock sleeves work fantastic if you don’t have any issues with erections. For the most part Cock sleeves are super soft, stretchy and most will not only have external pleasures as well, but will also have beads or textured insides so that you don’t lose any sensitivity. The Fat boys by perfect fit are probably some of my favourites in this type of toy. Not only can you use them as a masturbator, but they also include a ball sling as well, this means you can still fuck as hard, fast or rough as you like without any risk of it slipping off!

Did I mention how super soft these things are? There’s few things more alluring than putting this bad boy on, not only does your cock feel heavier, but it looks a hell of a lot bigger – putting some renowned confidence into you. Now don’t get me wrong, you may be completely satisfied with your dick size, but if you’ve ever wanted something even just a smidgeon bigger, or to play with something bigger than a cock sleeve is the way to go.

3. Hollow Cock Strap-Ons

Hollow cock strap-ons are for boys that struggle with erections. The majority of these toys are quite firm, they have a plastic casing to hold either a flaccid or firm dick, and they have a soft outer shell which is the bit that’s inserted into your partner. The reason why it needs a plastic inner shell, is to maintain the shape. This particular toy, as mentioned, is for those that either finish a touch too quick or have erection difficulty. Therefore the penis doesn’t necessarily need to be erect to utilise this toy. The hollow strap-ons are simple and easy to use. Just ensure that you get a waist band, or belt, big enough for your needs.

How Do I Use This?

Also, remember, just because you’re wearing a strap isn’t the same as wearing a chastity cage. You’re not denying yourself all pleasure, nor does it mean you have to wear it for the entire session. A lot of boys might only use it to start off with, to get their partner in the mood and then switch and finish with the real thing; others might reverse that and finish off their partner with a strong hollow cock strap on. However you want to work it, just ensure that you’re having fun.

Any of the above toys are going to either give you a bigger cock, or make you look and feel like you’ve got a bigger cock. It might not even be about an unhappiness with the size of your penis – it could simply be about spicing things up. The cock sleeve for example works great for those experiencing a reduction of sensitivity in the penis tissue, once you lube some of these things up, the internal stimulating textures will start their thing and begin to stimulate.

Further, you can even get some models in vibrating variants!  Not only will a bigger looking penis both mentally please both you and your partner, but it’s also a lot of fun to play with, ether by yourself in the case of a cock sleeve/masturbator but also fun for partners.

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