Lubrication Matters: How to Find the Right Lube for You

Lubrication Matters: How to Find the Right Lube for You

Lubrication Matters

When it concerns sex, the vast majority would concur that wetter feels better. This is where lubrication matters as it can provide pleasure and a pain-free experience. Sex isn’t always like that though and every now and again you and your partner may require a little slide in the right direction.

You might have a luxury boat or an exotic car but when the surface isn’t smooth and slick you’re going to be in for a rough ride and the performance is going to suffer. A woman may not always be in a position to successfully produce a natural lubricant, regardless of her arousal levels and ability of her partner. Further, as we know when it comes to anal sex, the anal cavity doesn’t produce its own lubrication and it’s necessary to add your own. Therefore, whether it’s playing with a partner, or even just jerking yourself off – there are some lubricants up to the task, wet is the best kind of sexual activity.

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Lubrication Matters – The Statistics

Despite knowing that you need to use lubricant for a smooth sexual experience, studies show that we just aren’t using it enough. Indeed, in an article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine the statistics show that over 70% of men and women have used lubrication during sex, only a quarter of them have used it during sex in the recent month.

Further, when it comes to the act of masturbation there’s still of lot of boys that still like to dry masturbate, not realising the pleasure that that they can achieve when it comes to lubricated masturbation. There’s no harm in dry masturbation with all things considered, it is not going to make a man go visually impaired or anything like the old wives tales, however it could absolutely prompt a sore and upset penis.

Dry Masturbation Proves Lubrication Matters

Men who engage in long masturbation sessions and have a tendency to take part in dry masturbation may discover the skin of the penis gets to be red and irritated. This happens in light of the fact that without lubrication, the hand makes a considerable levels of friction which can bring about minuscule scraped spots and tears.

Dry masturbators might likewise discover they are inclined to dry patches of skin on their penis, which may flake or tingle. Dry skin can positively be irritating – and unattractive – yet a greater concern to the dry degenerate is the chance of harming the tissue of the penis.

This unnecessary grinding may blast the little veins under the skin and harm the tissue. Additionally, this tissue harm prompts the development of scar tissue, which step by step abbreviates the penis on the areas where it develops, as scar tissue and is not as flexible as solid skin. Sadly, this scar tissue additionally causes the penis to bend toward the scar, so now the penis is shorter than it used to be and curved. Keep in mind that this is only in extreme cases – but really, do you want to take chances with your dick?

What Are The Benefits Of Using Lubrication?

Why would it be advisable for you to slather lubricant on with more regularity? For one thing, it quite often makes sex more fun, particularly for women and decreases the chances of pain and inflammation during sex. What’s more, lube may really up the delight and fun factor of your sexual activity: Nearly 50 percent of men and ladies who have lubed up say lube makes it less demanding to achieve climax, as per a recent report from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

Wait, what? Lubricant makes it easier to orgasm? Why are we not slathering ourselves in lubricant! The scientists found that boys who used a lubed up condom turned out to be generally as stimulated as men who didn’t use a condom at all! There’s actually been several recent studies showcasing that there is actually very little loss of sensation through condom use – and that the excuse of it makes my penis soft isn’t necessarily representative of the condom, but potentially some other form of psychological erectile dysfunction.

What’s more, it’s not only for lovemaking: A little lube can smooth out a stellar solo session or add some fun to any bedroom toy. Let’s face it, do you really want to be dry pumping into a toy? With some toys, such as penis plugs, Fleshlight’s and prostate massagers it is essential to use lubrication. So why are we happy to use lubricant with toys, but not so much with other sexual activities?

In any case, while lubricants will make any sexual experience somewhat more fun, they aren’t a one size fits all model. Here’s all that you have to think about how to pick the ideal lube.

Lube 101: The Basics

Your local adult store racks are loaded with three sorts of lube: water, silicone, and oil based. Water-based is the most all around friendly mixed bag, however it dries out the fastest—so don’t toss out all of the others just yet. What’s more a few women are more vulnerable to infections and irritation with some of the ingredients that are used in water based lubricants which include Glycerin, parabens and chemicals used to help it stay slick.

Whilst some of the sensation and flavoured lubes sound like a lot of fun – make sure to read the chemical list to ensure you’re not ingesting anything nasty. A lot of companies have recently changed their formulas in 2015 due to some changes in the FDA and EFSA regulations and the requirement of certain documentations, research and clearance papers. So it might be a nice idea to revisit some of the brands you’ve had before.

Also keep in mind the two-in-one massage oil and lube pack may appear like an awesome thought and super convenient, but we strongly advocate for getting two separate products, one that is specifically for massages, and another specifically for sexual activity. Some of these gels can make a wreck of sex, so skip them and buy separate bottles.

You might likewise think the more glide, the better, yet make certain not to over-lube when you’re between the sheets. You don’t need so much slipperiness that the condom will slide off. A coin sized squirt is usually plenty. Attempt this: Put the condom on and add a nickel-size squirt to your palm. Put your hand around your pole and spread it everywhere on your penis. You can likewise put some lube on your fingers and wipe it on the opening of the vagina, toy or anus.

The Best Lube For: Condoms

Nobody needs to have intercourse with a dry condom – it simply doesn’t feel great for the person being penetrated and the absence of lubricant greatly increases the risk of the condom splitting. Yes, lubricants have a small amount of lubricant on them, but it is strongly advised that you add more lubricant onto the condom.

Never use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms- the oil causes latex to weaken and can deteriorate the condom rapidly. While you can use oil-based for non-latex condoms, keep it safe by adhering to water-or silicone-based lubes, which are ok for all condom sorts. Better safer than being sorry!

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The Best Lube For: No Condom

In case you’re avoiding the protection -and you’re in a monogamous relationship and have affirmed you’re both STI free – the lube world is your oyster! Settle on something body friendly and ideally natural. People can get flaky skin and all sorts of irritations effortlessly from lubes with chemicals like glycerine.

I really love silicone lubricant, it’s an absolute breeze however it can be a little tricky to clean up. If you’re careful, keep sex towels by the bed for your hands then you’re never really going to have a problem unless you over lubricate. Be warned!

The Best Lube For: Toys

Spreading on the wrong stuff can drastically shorten the life of your favourite sex toys especially for your masturbators and strokers.Silicone-based lubes will cause silicone toys to separate and break down. Water-based is best for the toy world. Plain and simple.

The Best Lube For: Masturbation

On the off chance that it’s really a performance session and you don’t need to stress over disintegrating condoms or sensitive skin, you can get audacious and experimental! Boy Butter, which isn’t totally substance free yet is produced using coconut oil and a natural silicone. Not just does it feel like you’re rubbing with, well, spread, however this lube will keep going for quite a while and wash off skin and fabric effectively with water.

Superslyde lubricant, a very thin silicone lubricant is also extremely effective for solo play, just the smallest of squirts of this stuff will have you slick and ready for ages. This will require soap and water to get off the skin, but if you’re after long hard and solo sessions, this will be the lubricant for you.

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