Review Of The Tenga Flip Hole Red – Amazing Ecstasy

Review Of The Tenga Flip Hole Red – Amazing Ecstasy

Tenga Flip Hole Red

This toy review is about the Tenga Flip hole Red. Ill start by saying, no I do not have the manly equipment required for this toy BUT my partner does! And from observing his use of this toy I would say it’s pretty damn good!

I decided to buy this for my partner’s birthday as he had never had any kind of masturbator toy before and well, I wanted him to have a toy as well considering my bed side drawer is full of them. Now of course came the question “what’s the difference between a tenga and fleshlight?”. My response to this is, firstly the Tenga flip hole is a little more discrete in how it looks, it has a ‘lid’ (for lack of a better description) that has grooves up the inside, these slide onto the tracks on the side of the actual toy.

tenga flip red

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How Does Tenga Compare To Fleshlights?

This closes the top of the toy when not in use but also when taken off and put on the other end, holds the fliphole closed allowing for an airtight suction feel while in use. A fleshlight on the other hand is just a sleeve that can be removed from is hard outer shell, fleshlights also can be bought moulded to different pornstars where the Tenga (as seen in the picture) is just a simple hole opening at the top.

Is This Toy Easily Cleaned?

The Tenga also makes for easy cleaning as it FLIPS open in half revealing its intricate inner design. Once the toy has been flipped open to cleaned the lid can also be stood on its end and the toy be placed open and upside down on the two prongs sticking up.

There are also three white circles on the sides of the toy, two are close together and one is a little further to the top, these holes allow the user to apply the desired amount of pressure or tightness while using it, the other circle when squeezed, pushes out any air creating a suction within the toy, this doesn’t stop the air getting in but once the user feels there is air pockets all they have to do is just push the circles and it’s all out again. The circles are all on a panel on both sides of the toy so no matter when the user is gripping, its easy to reach them.

  • Flip Open for Cleaning: The Tenga Flip Hole Red conveniently flips open, allowing for thorough cleaning of its intricate internal textures.
  • Easy Maintenance: After use, simply rinse the Tenga Flip Hole under warm water and use mild soap to ensure it remains hygienic.
  • Air Dry on Stand: Position the Tenga Flip Hole upside down on its lid, which doubles as a drying stand, ensuring it is fully aired out before storage.

Using The Tenga Flip Hole Red – My Partner’s Experience

His first use of the Tenga fliphole, I joined in and helped out a little. He used the Real Hole lotion also made by Tenga. This lube felt nice but was also stringy just like the real thing! We both thought this was pretty cool. He applied the lube on the inside while it was flipped open and then flipped it shut and placed the lip on the back to hold it shut. When he started using it, I don’t think he was ready for it!

He seemed to be amazed by the feeling but of course we didn’t stop there, we wanted to see how it felt on different sides, figure out the workings of the circles and also how durable it is. Needless to say, he enjoyed himself thoroughly and described the texture as very realistic.

It Feels Like The Real Thing

He was extremely impressed and said it almost felt like the real thing. While using the fliphole in a stroking motion, he was able to twist it creating a different sensation but also using it on different sides still in a stroking motion made the feelings different and from what I could see, it didn’t matter what side he used, it all felt great. I felt like is a great feature is its one toy but can have multiple different feelings and stimulations that can be accentuated with products from the adultdvdking.

Only Minor Downsides

The only cons that I noticed with this toy is that getting the prongs on the side to properly slide on the sides and hold it shut was a little bit deceiving. It took a few goes to get in on there properly. Another was that the toy couldn’t be used without the lip on the end as then it would not stay closed and wouldn’t work properly. In saying that, these were the only two downsides that either of us noticed while using the toy.

Personally, I would highly recommend this toy to anyone wanting something that is discrete but still effective. I have to say watching my partner use the Tenga fliphole gave me very bad penis envy and I just wished I could feel it. The silicone used to for the inside felt so soft and smooth, plus the insane patterned design on the inside looks like it would blow anyone’s mind! the added bonus of it flipping open making it easy to clean and look after makes it ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend ages cleaning their toys after using them. The flip design also makes it easy for dispersing lube equally through the toy and reduces wastage of lube.

Overall The Tenga Flip Hole Red Is Fantastic

The Tenga Flip Hole Red emerges as a standout choice for those seeking a discreet yet highly effective masturbatory device. Its innovative flip-open design not only facilitates hassle-free cleaning but also ensures even lubrication distribution, minimizing waste. The unique internal pattern offers varied sensations, making it a versatile addition to one’s intimate experiences. Although the mechanism for securing the toy may require some practice, the overall user satisfaction is high, with the realistic feel and adjustable suction enhancing the experience. Ideal for both solo and partnered play, the Tenga Flip Hole Red is recommended for anyone looking for a durable, easy-to-maintain option that closely mimics real intimate contact.


Kaylah is a consultant at the oh zone adult stores.

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