Popular Male Anal Toys: A Review Of The Best

Popular Male Anal Toys: A Review Of The Best

Popular Male Anal Toys

This article offers a comprehensive review of the most popular male anal toys available on the market. We assess top-rated products that combine safety, pleasure, and innovative design. Learn which popular male anal toys receive the highest marks for functionality and user satisfaction to make the most informed choice for your intimate needs.

Fun Factory Booty: Non Vibrating Prostate

Have you ever noticed that when you’re fucking or when you’re jerking off that just before, and/or during ejaculation most boys will thrust forward? What that is doing is placing pressure on the prostate. The anal cavity is being twisted and there’s an increase on pressure on the prostate – thereby increasing the intensity of the orgasm.

What if you could do that constantly? That’s what the fun factory booty can do. This is a small thing – don’t freak out about the photo. It’s about the same length of your pinkie finger and no wider than your thumb. It’s incredibly soft and flexible and is designed to move within your body in such a way that after a while, you won’t even notice it.

This is the perfect beginner prostate tool. As with most prostate toys – this isn’t designed to be pulled in and out. This toy is designed to be inserted and then left there. It’ll work its magic throughout the day, or during sex. It can be worn anytime, during work, during exercise and pretty much at any stage of the day.

Its versatility and function is the key to happiness with this one. Now this one doesn’t have any vibrations on it, but just remember that you can get vibrating prostate toys. Depends on whether you can handle the vibrations – the idea of prostate toys is that it contracts the sphincter muscles and builds up your pelvic floor for stronger ejaculations and shooting power.

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Sometimes smaller is better and whilst I wouldn’t generally recommend something so pricey as a first timer kind of toy. I absolutely believe in this product.

Lelo Billy: Prostate Vibrating

Lelo Billy is the male version of the female Gigi Lelo Vibrator and Billy is described as “The Most Sophisticated Gentlemen’s G-Spot Massager”. This comes down to it being one of numerous prostate massagers that can likewise be used for pretty much any  spot one may need vibrating delights. Lelo is an exclusive brand and generally can only be found it boutique style adult stores and high end Adult Liftestyle Centres.

It includes a 100 percent silicone insertable arm (complete with an anal safety ring) and an ABS plastic handle and control dial. Billy likewise has a lithium ion battery that charges in 2 hours and will run for 4. It’s really great to have the capacity to hurl it on the charger in the morning and know it is prepared to go for a couple of sessions before I even get completely through my morning schedule!

Lelo Billy

It is a little on the small side though, being only a finger and a half wide. I research toys fairly frequently however I usually neglect to take a gander at the sizes, and this is no exception. I hear “luxury prostate massager” and prepare to stun the world with thoughts of a big, sturdy, wonderful vibrator. Lelo Billy is little, yet it isn’t a terrible thing.

How It Controls – Popular Male Anal Toys

The control cushion is really superb  having the capacity to feel it click between my hands, and having the capacity to feel a texture distinction for every button (It’s really one giant button very much like the direction pad on an X-Box 360 controller) It makes life so much simpler when I can’t see a toy (I’m not an owl. I can’t turn my head back and look). I think generally, Lelo Billy is wonderful and flawlessly set up toy. Now and again the control cushion can feel a bit delicate but that’s only because you feel the toy is delicate due to the size, however I’m not a beast with my toys anyway.

The Lelo Billy is a handsome boy, yet when I opened it I was not exactly excited on the grounds that it didn’t outwardly mirror the thought I had in my mind for size. After I had an opportunity to kick back with Billy however, my sentiment changed totally. Billy may be somewhat little, yet it really lives up to its tags of luxury and sophisticated.

Is It Accessible For Beginners?

I don’t predict a period when Lelo Billy will be too much for me, and it takes for all intents and purposes no preparation whatsoever for me – I do have a fair amount of anal play though. Despite this, I don’t foresee any amount of difficulty for anyone regardless of anal play experience. Add to that the way that it is small and quite smooth and that my body can’t push it out just to be silly (an issue I have had with a ton of small anal toys for men) and it stays put, comfortable to the last minute until I at last cum.

I foresee that Billy will absolutely be a toy that sees use frequently. I’ve been searching for a toy small enough that I can bring with me when I am making a trip as I’d prefer not to take all my collection and I firmly believe that the Lelo Billy possesses all the necessary qualities of an excellent, and travel friendly, vibrating prostate toy.

Vibro UR3 8Inch Dick: Anal Dildo – Vibrating

Anal vibrators will generally come in two types. Cock shaped, or not cock shaped. It really comes down to personal preference as there’s no substantial difference between them other than the fact that one looks like a dick and one doesn’t. Dildos can used several ways – they can be held and thrusted in with the hand by you or by a partner, they may have suction cups so they can be stuck to tables, mirrors, tiles and you can lower yourself onto them and ride them hard. Either way, dildos are meant to be thrusted in and out. From there, it’s entirely up to you.

Dildos come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures that it’s almost impossible to recommend one with such a degree of accuracy that you’re going to love it. What I can instead do, is give some recommendations and then state why they are being recommended.

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Let’s break it down into why this is being recommended; UR3 is soft. It is one of the softest materials. As a dildo, if you like soft, you’ll love this. It also vibrates. The only bad thing about this is that sometimes it can be too soft – it does bend a lot. Secondly, as it is a porous material, you will need to put a condom over it when you’re using it. However, the incredible softness of this toy – very much like a Fleshlight like material, will have you oohing and aahing.

It Is Very Life-Like – Popular Male Anal Toys

They’re incredibly realistic and I dare say with a shot or two and a dark room you’ll be hard pressed to find a difference – excepting in the warmth and vibrations. Once you start riding the UR3 though, it’ll warm up fairly quickly.

The only down side to this kind of material is that it’s very difficult to ensure that it is completely clean. Cleaning a toy made from a UR3 material is going to be quite difficult, and time consuming and you will not only need a good quality cleaner, but you’re also going to need some corn starch as well. Corn starch is an essential part of the drying process when it comes to UR3. Sprinkle corn starch on the toy after it has tried and before being placed into storage is going to keep this toy super soft, without going tacky.

Tantus Dual Core: Anal Dildo Non Vibrating

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The Tantus dual core dildos are made of two types of silicone. A soft silicone on the outside, and a reinforced silicone on the inside. The dual core gives some lifelike sensation. Although not as soft as the UR3 materials, this has the benefit of being silicone. Meaning, so long as you look after the material and don’t over expose it to sun, or clean it with nasty chemicals or alcohol, this will last you a very long time.

Benefits Of Silicone – Popular Male Anal Toys

Silicone doesn’t deteriorate, it’s hypoallergenic and its body safe. You’ll also need to ensure that you use a water based silicone with this one, as a silicone lubricant will melt the toy – silicone and silicone lubricants do not mix. Tantus dual core silicone dildos are probably some of the best quality dildos on the market. They’re durable and exceptionally strong – I’ve loved the tantus toy range ever since I saw them on the shelves, and some of mine have lasted several years and numerous relationships.

Tantus is my go to brand when it comes to anal dildos. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Tantus also make a bunch of strapless strap on on toys that can be used in particular for pegging, and even anal play. Alternatively, you could also use any of the Tantus dildos as a strap on.

Colt Inflatable Butt Plug

For those that are a little unsure of what size they want – why don’t you try a blow up/expandable anal vibrator? Expandable vibrators are precisely that, they expand through a pumping mechanism. Why would you be interested in an inflatable dildo, well they contain a surprising number of benefits when it comes to sexual activity. The inflatable toys will provide a sensation of being full – a sensation that you’ll only understand and perhaps appreciate if you engage in anal sex.

The second benefit is that you may enjoy a large toy, but your sphincter muscles will simply not stretch for that particular day, or you don’t necessarily want to go to the effort of warming up the muscles. That’s where the expandable plug or vibrators come in handy. They come in various shapes and sizes and they’ll come in a dildo style or a butt plug style. The butt plug style will be for sensations of feeling full, whilst the dildo style is fantastic for anal stretching and sphincter muscle play.

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