Male Delay Spray Indian God Lotion

Male Delay Spray Indian God Lotion

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Do you have any idea about Indian God Lotion? Well if not here are some few things that you should know about it, this is a product that is used in desensitizing the male penis so as to produce power and to allow sex for a longer time and also to prevent ejaculating prematurely. This will help you in building your confidence and avoiding embarrassments in bed.

Indian God Lotion is made to sustain your erection, if you have been having embarrassing moments in bed any time you engage in sexual acts, then Indian Gold Lotion is there to solve your problem, this product is very efficient for individuals who don’t have the power to stay for longer durations of sexual activity, this is a successful, proven and also safe method of controlling your erection and ejaculation. The main cause of premature ejaculation is a lot of sensitivity in the head of the penis that is more than normal, this kind of over sensitivity will make you to ejaculate faster and you will not get the best out of the act what you wanted. This will lead to dissatisfaction and also embarrassment.

Indian Lotion also gives a less degree of numbness than other desensitizers, it is made up of few ingredients and they are the following; perfumes, water, the isopropyl alcohol and the Radic Asari which is the most active desensitizing agent in this product, this ingredient also has the ability of providing numb sensations, one spray from the handy can is generally enough for most users.

There are a number of advantages of the Indian God Lotion and they are as follows, this product is affordable and this will ease the hustle for you. More so as compared to premature ejaculation creams this product will make you feel the best, the product also has gotten a number of positive reviews in the websites and also in the local consumer outlets. The main reason for this product is to stop the premature ejaculation, to improve the stamina during the act and also improving sexual performance by giving maximum erection for maximum satisfaction.

Once you apply the Indian God Lotion to the head of the penis, the problem of premature erection will be solved and in order to achieve the desired results there are some simple and easy steps and they are as follows, first you spray a thin lining to the head of the penis, then you wait for up to 30 minutes, after the 30 minutes have elapsed you will have to rinse you penis gently and you are ready to engage in a more appealing sexual experience, for you to get a maximum effect you will have to spray it once and wait for another 30 minutes so as to spray again, this product has proven the ability of lasting up to a maximum of 12times your usual length of sex before ejaculation. It will be effective even if you take a shower.

The effectiveness of this product has brought success to many users worldwide and also has made those that have tried it leave positive reviews citing the areas of improvement by the use of this product. Using Indian God Lotion will allow you to forget all the embarrassments and achieve the best out of the sex act, which may not be achieved by using other creams; this product also does not contain desensitizing creams in that it is only sprayed directly. This is very effective in that it will take the shortest time possible to show its effect and also an average of 1 spray will last you for up to 12 hours without necessarily having to apply it again.

Everything good has its negative side however in this case there are no negative effects that have been highlighted about the product, by using the Indian God Lotion you will have an outstanding and awesome sexual experience as you go about intercourse, there will be no more premature ejaculation and embarrassment in bed.

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