The best place to read erotic literature online

The best place to read erotic literature online

It’s Friday evening. The kids are away on a sleepover. Hubby is traveling. And you’re sprawled on the sofa, after a languorous shower, and trying to decide what to watch on Netflix or enjoy erotic literature online. After 5 minutes, it is a case of too many choices, and the 42-inch monster on the living room wall goes into pause mode. Back to the Facebook feed. That’s when you see your old high school crush. Oh wow!

You hurry over to his profile and begin your voyeuristic, nostalgic journey and discover that he is married to a sex doll and has three kids. Hmmmph…Curiosity satiated, but the brush with the past triggers a lustful thought… You ease yourself deeper into the sofa and think of browsing some porn. Wait a minute? Why porn? You are feeling erotic, not sexed up.


You want a story, not wham-bam.


Finding erotic literature online can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Wading through badly written stuff can be a sure turn-off. Not what you were wishing for in the first place. There’s plenty of erotic writing online, most of it, surprise surprise, completely free!

When you get in the mood, you need to find what you want pretty fast, don’t you?

So, we did all that trawling and came up with a list and some helpful pointers that can help you put the finger (pun unintended) on what strikes your fancy.



Literotica pops up in almost every search for erotic reading, and it scores high on content quality, even though the site layout could be drastically improved. This site is also huge, with over 5,000 stories about anal, 15,000 stories about different fetishes, and 12,000 stories about gender play and cross-dressing. That’s enough for six lifetimes of pleasure.


Remittance Girl

Remittance Girl is supposedly a single author site, but you can browse through many genres ranging from rough sex to soft kink. A definite search results if you type in ‘erotic content online.



If you are into BDSM, then BDSM Cafe should be your destination. From adult novels to safety tips, this is a must-visit for fetishists who go erotica hunting. Your lookoutfor erotic literature online with a sub-link called fetish can very well end here.


Sugar Butch Chronicles

Sugar Butch Chronicles is the best destination for kinky queer sex stories on the internet. Managed by a single-author award-winning sex blog from Sinclair Sexsmith, a queer butch dominant writer and editor of Best Lesbian Erotic, this has all that you seek in an LGBTQ environment.


Girl On the Net

Girl On the Net is also a one-person effort and quite successful with real-life stories, how-to articles, and dirty fantasies. For pure erotica, the tabs ‘Girls I’ve Had’ and ‘Boys I’ve Had’can be a real treasure trove.



Bellesa satisfies your search if you love pictures and if feminist erotica is your thing. With sections like ‘Non-Binary’ and ‘Bisexual,’ this is one site that is as inclusive as it can get. It is also very user-friendly.



Solotouch is essentially what the name suggests, with crowd-sourced content, which is essentially reader experiences, some made-up maybe, but entertaining. If you’re willing to trawl through many many pages to hit pay-dirt, this collection of erotic literature online is worth a look.


Novel Trove

Novel Trove is well laid out, clean and neat. It has stories under many genres, from Trans to Fetish to First Time. Many of them are well-written by curated authors. If you love slow-burn erotica, this could be your go-to URL.


Singapore Stories

When you want the finest in Asian fictional erotica free visit this amazing site with more bang without spending a buck!!!


Well, that’s a cherry-picked list for sure, but you can rest assured that there are tons of sites out there waiting for your fingers to scroll through. While searching for erotic literature online, some safety tips are pretty self-explanatory but don’t hurt to be mentioned. For starters, always use the incognito mode while surfing. Never click on links that look scampish and promise enhanced sexual performances, penis elongation, etc… they can deposit cookies that can show up when you’re searching for something else in front of your boss or your spouse.


Speaking of a spouse, erotic literature can be an excellent alternative to mainstream porn and a relationship booster. Read aloud with them, snuggled in your favorite couch or bed, and work up that mood from where you left off…maybe six months ago? Words have a unique charm, and they help the imagination along, especially for women. If you’re a man, softly reading out erotic literature can turn her on as no porn can, take our word for it.


Like most people say, porn can be repetitive and boring, while readable content allows you to put yourself amid the action, simply using your mind and its capacity to be dirty. Who says people don’t read? You need to put the right content out there.

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