Aneros Prostate Massager: The Most Popular

Aneros Prostate Massager: The Most Popular

Aneros Prostate Massager

Why Is Aneros The Most Popular Prostate Massager?

aneros Prostate MassagerBuy Helix Prostate Massager NowThe Aneros prostate massager will help any man improve their prostate health. Their prostate massager, vibrators and other variations are scientifically designed for easy prostate orgasms.

Men that have been profoundly interested in prostate orgasm could have used the prostate self-examination method or other false products to achieve stimulation for their pleasure or health benefits without high levels of satisfaction. Aneros is a new type of massager that is easy to use and be able to provide excellent results for any man irrespective of their age, and as you know it is important for older people to maintain a healthy sex life, despite their age.

What makes Aneros massager unique is that one can control it without using their hands; it is done by simply contracting the sphincter muscles. Build your anal muscles to experience more powerful orgasms and shoot further than before.

How Do Aneros Massagers Work?

The interesting thing about Aneros is that you can physically control orgasm. You can achieve multiple prostate orgasms by simply controlling sphincter muscles and regulating body tension. Also unlike any other prostate massager, each of these orgasms proffers different intensity and feeling. Consequently, it will be possible to experience different levels and kinds of orgasm through a single use or session.

Aneros prostate massagers are designed to be manipulated by your body’s movements.. You can “turn off” this device effectively through completely relaxing your sphincter. On the other hand it can be “turned on” through contracting the sphincter. In this way, it is possible to build up and prolong the effect realized by subsequent orgasm. Men that would like to improve their health will benefit greatly through the use of this massager on a regular basis as they continually work out their muscles.

Who Will Benefit From The Aneros Prostate Massager?

The Aneros brand will also be good for beginners who are starting without previous experience in prostate stimulation. The Aneros products come with great designs that have been medically designed and through scientific research have been made to work with the body’s in conjunction with the muscles movements.

The body’s prostate and perineum is stimulated in rhythmic motion which builds up an extraordinary male orgasm. You will find these products easy to use and also fulfilling for both experts and beginners; this is a rewarding exercise experience. With a unique fusion of ancient eroticism and modern engineering, the Aneros expands and enlightens your world of pleasure. Here is a wonderful addition to your sex life as well as that of your lover.

When you purchase the Aneros products, they come in nice boxes that have been enclosed in a magnetic lid. This works superbly for storage, and you can tell that it’s one of the more luxurious toys for men– especially when you’re comparing to other luxury sex toys for women such as Jimmy Jane and Lelo. The products have been made in a variety of materials from glass, plastic and silicone and the material that it’s made with is dependent on the style of Aneros that you’re interested in.

Are Aneros Prostate Toys High Quality?

All Aneros surfaces are smooth and you will not be able to find any particular seams in the product. An instruction manual is also provided with all Aneros products, doesn’t matter if you’re new to prostate stimulation, or an expert we are recommending that you give it a thorough read through to ensure that you understand the product. Especially if you’ve never used an Aneros product before.

Aneros products come in different models but they essentially have the same purpose. You will find one of the models quite aggressive in the way that contacts the prostates and the other less aggressive. They are therefore made to fit the needs of any adult male perfectly, depending on the level of difficulty you’re after as well as the level of stimulation that you’re seeking.

When starting out with the devices, one thing you may have to note is that it takes time to become an expert and get used to the device. If you are patient and give them time, they will open up a world with a new feeling. Being American products made in the USA you can hardly doubt on their quality, you will find most of Aneros products at good prices online.

How To Use A Hands Free Prostate Toy?

Before using this toy, it is important to note that to achieve the magical o orgasm that everyone raves about, that you will need time, patience and to be in a relaxed state of mind. Now, let’s follow through with some simple instructions.

Lube Up The Toy.

  • It sounds obvious, but people still forget to do this for whatever reason. Pay note to the material that is used in your Aneros style, if it’s silicone then make sure that you’re sticking to water based lubricant.

Lay Down On A Comfortable Surface.

  • Position yourself on your side and from there pull the knee of the leg that’s on top towards your chest.

Gently Insert.

  • Once you have lubed up the toy, and your ass, then its time to insert the toy. Push gently, and once it’s about a third of the way in the muscles should pull it in automatically.

Contract Your PC Muscles, Then Relax Them.

  • If you’re not sure what muscles these are – then next time you’re urinating stop the stream with your muscles. The muscles that you’re using to stop the stream are the muscles that you need to be exercising in this session. Continue the contraction and the relaxation. This is the action that will make the prostate massager slowly, but surely, massage your prostate. Continue with this action until your overcome with orgasms. It might take a couple of minutes, or it might even take longer. The more practice you get at this, the quicker you might be able to achieve it, though remembering that speed is not the concern here.

Aneros Helix prostate vibrator

The word awesome should be only used with the Aneros prostate massagers. Insertion will be easy once you have had enough lubricant applied to it. Within a few minutes you will experience a whole new world of pleasure, which could be more close to a dream. You may never know what you miss until you set your hands on these products. Remembering though, that these products are completely hands free and require no further manipulation from you.

Discussing Aneros prostate massagers could be quite an embarrassing subject; however every adult male out there with a prostate should acquire one of Aneros products. Your prostate, and your orgasms, will thank you for it.

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