Sexual Confidence – Eye Of Love Pheromone Spray

Sexual Confidence – Eye Of Love Pheromone Spray

Building Confidence With Pheromone Spray | Eye Of Love

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We all like being loved and feeling wanted. Men and women have been constantly trying to attract the opposite sex since existence, and it is a very natural process and unconscious behaviour that has been programmed into us through thousands of years of evolution.  Pheromones are chemical secretions, mainly airborne, by many animals and insects, including human’s that affects the behaviour or mood of the other person. Luckily, Eye Of Love have released their line of infused fragrances that are bound to get you turning heads.

What Is the Sex Pheromone?

One such is the sex pheromone that plays an important role in attracting the opposite sex, eventually to ‘mate’, the sole purpose of ones being. These pheromones cannot be controlled in humans and are naturally secreted by the skin and is the cause of an evolutionary change.

Today in this modern world, with great scientific research and technology we have been able to create the sex pheromone either artificially or naturally. Artificially created sex pheromones are a combination of chemicals such as Androstenone, Androstenol, and Copulins that are identical to the natural source and have the same effect, whereas the natural ones are extracted from natural sources, such as plants, animals, fruits or flowers. These sex pheromones are manufactured and sold in various forms such as gels, sprays, candles or lotions, and hence we call them the Love Pheromone.

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The Love Pheromones market has been growing since the late 1990’s and has drastically increased in the recent years. They are commonly added to colognes, beauty products and other such products to increase the attractiveness of the product. But not all pheromone products were up to expectations. As the industry grew, so did the fake and duplicate products making it difficult to find the right kind of Love Pheromone. It has also been scientifically proven that each individual has a different level of pheromone secretion and the opposite sex too, has different receptive levels.

What Makes A Good Pheromone Spray?

Eye of Love pheromones and scents is one such brand that differs from the rest in such a way that it has many types of pheromones sprays, perfumes, and scented candles to suit different individual needs, as opposed to just releasing a single fragrance. Eye of Love, helps those with weak pheromone levels and awakens the opposite sex’s senses for a potential night of absolute bliss and spiritual awakening through the power of smell.

It has been made for all types of lifestyles, be it at university, work, night outs, or even at home. There is something for everyone at Eye of Love, to help men and women of all ages to attract each other positively and emotionally in any environment. Pheromones are odourless, but Eye of Love has used different scents to enhance the use of the sprays with an added edge.

Eye Of Love For Men

For men, Eye of Love has two lines of sprays, “Confidence” and “Romantic”. The confidence line is especially formulated with Androstenol to be used during the day. Be it at university, to become Mr. Popular, or at work to be more confident and sales efficient or with friends to win their hearts or get more repeat customer.

Whereas, the Romantic line also formulated with Androstenol, is to be worn at night. While at parties to become a center of attraction as compared to other men around and attract more women, or on a date to feel more romantic and warm. These can be sprayed on clothing, skin or flowers.

Eye Of Love For Women

For women, Eye of Love has two variants namely, the “Morning Glow” and the “Evening Delight”. Each of these have been formulated with Estratetraenol, keeping in mind the different time of the day a women spends at different places.

The Morning Glow as the name describes, is a day time spray that could make one most popular at school, or attract more men, also at work to get work done smoothly and satisfy customers or even get more tips or influence people to get work right and to gain more friends.

The Evening Delight is an evening spray which could be used at parties to be more flirtatious, gain attention of more men and light up the fire in men to want you even more.

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Eye Of Love Unisex

For both men and women, Eye of Love has the “After Dark” and “One Love” spray which is formulated with Estratetraenol and is to be used late in the night or for that special moment when having an alone romantic time with your loved one. This After Dark and One Love spray enhances the bedroom play to be more sensual and intimate. Makes that special moment more memorable and romantic and makes you want more of each other and you could wish the night never ends. They can be used on clothing, body, bed linen, gifts, and flowers.

Eye of Love’s diverse range of pheromone-infused products bridges the gap between science and attraction, effectively enhancing interpersonal connections. Whether it’s enhancing confidence, romance, or intimacy, Eye of Love caters to varied needs with scientifically formulated sprays, perfumes, and candles. As the market for love pheromones expands, Eye of Love stands out by offering tailored solutions that help individuals of all lifestyles attract and connect with others, proving that the power of scent is not only about allure but also about fostering meaningful interactions.

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