ThePornDude Guide To Mens Sex Toys: Obtain The Best

ThePornDude Guide To Mens Sex Toys: Obtain The Best

Guide To Mens Sex Toys

If you are wondering what sex toys are needed in a man’s life then look no further. ThePornDude guide to mens sex toys will not only assist you in choosing the best quality toys, but also direct you to the best deals as well. There’re plenty of explanations why men wouldn’t prefer using sex toys alone or even with their partners: the trouble they have to go through cleaning, shyness, and perhaps the fact that mots sex toys for men tend to look somewhat creepy – definitely not something any man would want to come near his most prized jewels.

Aside from that, there’s also this view that “if it isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it.” Sex and jerking yourself off already feels awesome, so why ruin something that’s already good? So, when it comes to pleasure, making it stronger, harder, and achieving more satisfying orgasms, what other improvements could there really be?

Well, it’s good to know that there’s a lot! Giving up on sex toys during sex or when polishing the pole is like using one or two crayons in the whole set to draw a sunset. Although the drawing might turn out to be just fine, it’s certainly not going to turn out as awesome as a drawing that used several different shades.

Why Should You Use Sex Toys?

With sex toys, you and your partner can do amazing things, regardless of how agile you both are. No yoga, fasting, workout, or meditation will make your cock vibrate by itself. And you’re also going to fruitlessly struggle – due to the limits of the human anatomy –to arouse the male G-spot (prostate) while beating the meat at the same time.

That’s where sex toys like prostate massagers, Ringo rings, fleshlights, and enhancer penis rings come in. Once you hit that mystical almond-sized organ perfectly, you’ll be left wondering why you’ve never paid serious attention to your prostate. And even if you don’t think arousing your prostate is something you would want to explore, ThePornDude can help you find plenty of other sex toys that can make your sex life and fap sessions more exciting – even incredible. Here are 4 of some of the best male sex toys out there!


1. Automatic Male Masturbator

Robotics and sex toys companies based have recently introduced an exciting range of new pocket pussies in the market. One such product is the Onyx 2, an automatic male masturbator designed to provide hands-free orgasms. With several internal rings moving independently as they roll and contract over your penis, it stimulates the feeling of thrusting while you are completely motionless. The device can produce over 140 different motions with changing degrees of tightness and intensity.

That alone may sound pretty awesome, but it’s just a small part of what makes the Onyx 2 so revolutionary. It is designed to be fully IoT compatible and connects wirelessly to the company’s app and the internet. You can use it with VR porn and other sex toys too. This can be a real game-changer for couples in long-distance relationships. You can adjust the intensity and pattern of your partner’s play while your partner is teasing and tormenting you. While it may not fully replicate real sex, it can come impressively close.

guide to mens sex toys

automatic male masturbators

2. The Penis Stroker

This is another variety of pocket pussy but with a different design. Instead of having one opening for play and a suction cap, it comes with two different openings. One opening features inviting lips for pleasurable suction, while the second offers a tempting entry ready for exploration. That means you get to enjoy two pocket pussies for the price of one.

Each opening has a distinct texture pattern so you can experience notably different sensations. Some models include a suction shower mount for hands-free play, simulating the thrill of steamy shower sex. One of the best of such pocket pussies in the market is the Stealth Stroker from Cyberskin. It comes in a stealthy black tube, making it very discreet in case a casual hookup accidentally stumbles on it.

Male Masturbatory Aid


3. Cock Rings

Cock Rings can be fun little toys you can use to enhance your sexual stamina. This sex toy works by slipping it over an erect penis, which slows down the outflow of blood and allows your erection to last longer than you would normally be able to achieve. You can also slip it over your balls and it will as well delay your orgasm and prolong your play session. A word of caution though! You shouldn’t wear a cock ring for prolonged periods; typically more than 30 minutes as it can damage your penis to the point where you might lose the ability to get an erection.

There are two versions of cock rings: vibrating and non-vibrating ones. Non-vibrating rings are pretty simple. They simply slip on and ensure your penis remains hard. On the other hand, vibrating rings add extra sensations either to you or your partner. You can slip them on above your penis to arouse your partner’s clitoris or below it to arouse your perineum. Of course, vibrating rings are more expensive than non-vibrating rings.

The best vibrating cock rings like the Verge by We-Vibe come with additional features like connectivity functions. The Verge can be paired to the We-Vibe smartphone app to be controlled remotely. This means you and your partner can play from miles apart or even right next to each other.

Purple Cock Ring

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4. Prostate Massagers

These are some of the best sex toys most men have never heard about or considered trying. Perhaps that has something to do with the stigma associated with male anal play. These toys are designed to stimulate the prostate or the G-spot when inserted in the anus by applying gentle pressure to the prostate.

There are two versions of prostate massagers: vibrating and non-vibrating. Vibrating ones add extra sensation to your play and stimulate other parts of the body besides your prostate. The best versions work via an app or remote control. Non-vibrating massagers look like elongated butt plugs and they are simply great for applying pressure and stimulating your prostate but don’t come with any extras.

Prostate Massager

prostate sex toys

One of the best vibrating prostate massagers is the Lelo Hugo SenseMotion. It offers 5.5 inches of insertable length and can be remotely controlled. You can control each pulse as well as pattern simply by moving your hand. It might take some getting used to but once you’ve got the hang of it it’s an amazing way to pleasure yourself at home or on the go.

Instead of avoiding or giving up on sex toys, yet you crave for the ultimate pleasure, perhaps it’s the perfect time to try out some of the best toys suggested by ThePornDude on this list today? You can also check out more sex toys, and sex toy shops here!

There’s no better way to learn about what will turn you on, what will make you feel good and, more importantly, orgasm than trying out a sex toy you are comfortable with. According to scientific studies, masturbation can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men and ease menstrual cramps in women. It also helps to set you up for some great sleep. 

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