How Can Male Sex Toys Improve Quality Of Life?

How Can Male Sex Toys Improve Quality Of Life?

Male Sex Toys Improve Quality Of Life

Welcome to the site dedicated to boy’s sex toys. Did you know that male sex toys improve quality of life? Here we will provide a guide for mens sex toys, debunk a few myths relating to sex toys for males and explain why the rite of passage from a boy over the age of consent should include the use of sex toys and sexual aides for confidence, health and experience.  Let’s face it regardless of your age most males remain boys that want to play with their toys.

There is a recurring stigma surrounding boys and sex toys – and quite frankly, it needs to end. As you’ll see in the video below, there seems to be a double standard when it comes to men owning sex toys. The assumption is that a woman who owns a sex toy has embraced her femininity and has taken the path to being sexually experienced. The contrast is that men who own a sex toy are often perceived to be sexually inexperienced, and that they’re incapable of securing a sexual partner. Where does this come from?

Overcome The Taboo Of Male Sex Toys

We’ll, you can watch the video to find out more, but to extend on that video it partly relates to the idea of masculinity and sexuality. The video explains that it has become common knowledge that often women will need external stimulation in order to achieve a sexual climax. Men, are not seen as having that requirement.

Maybe there’s an idea that dick is pretty simple to get off, therefore it doesn’t need extra stimulation. But this idea discounts the need that men have in order to explore their own bodies. Meaning, that while society has accepted and embraced the idea of female pleasure, men are denied sexual pleasure and exploration of their bodies because in order to be in tune with their own sexual pleasure and desire that would make them less of a man.

Studies On The Use Of Male Sex Toys

Which directly relates to the idea of male masculinity and their idea of sexual pleasure. Whilst, according to the study within the video – 44% of men reported the use of a vibrator there’s still a lot of boys out there that still get really uptight when you mention sex toys to them and they take it personally for a variety of reasons including; they don’t think their dick is good enough, it makes them insecure about their performance, they think its queer/gay and the list goes on.

What they don’t realise is – regardless of whether they’re single or in a loving relationship, being in tune with their own body sexually is probably one of the most remarkable achievements that they can aspire to. Sure, anyone can grab a dick, stroke it a few times and make it cum – but not only can there be an art form to it, but there’s so much more to the male body than a dick and balls. There’s the sensuality of the erogenous zones; the nipples, the ears, the lips. There’s also the climactic and cathartic release of a slowly built up whole body orgasm that takes place over an extended afternoon compared to the 5 minute jerk and cum quickie.

For those that feel intimidated by sex toys – let’s see how other boys feel about that. A recent study debunked the myth that men feel ‘threatened or intimated by sex toys’. The results found that whilst 37 percent of women agreed with the statement that vibrators are intimidating to men, an overwhelming 70 percent of men actually disagreed with the statement.

male sex toys improve quality of life

Male Sex Toys Improve Quality Of Life Drastically

Let me put it plainly, if you’re a guy – single, in a relationship, gay, straight, bisexual or anything in between and you don’t have sex toys – then you’re seriously missing out on some unbelievable fun. Not all toys have to be inserted either, and whilst I’d certainly advocate for some healthy prostate and anal play and even self-examination, it does come down to your comfort levels.

That is a justification I will accept – what I won’t accept is the phrase ‘anal play will make me gay’. If anal play is going to make you gay, then eating vegetables for a night will make you a vegetarian. See, the absurdity of the statement should make it abundantly clear that anal play isn’t going to make you gay.

Unfortunately, to the disappointment of the church, and thousands of young men struggling with their sexuality – you can’t just suddenly decide to turn it off. Many people have tried, they grow up and get married and have children only to realise in their mature years that they were actually gay the entire time. A little ass play is certainly not going to make anyone gay.

What is a fair statement to make is the perceived gender biasness when one goes into a sex store – by that I mean it seems that there’s an abundance of toys for girls – what many people don’t realise is that the boys sex toys section is just as big. It just requires a little creativity and imagination. Indeed, even discounting the idea of inserting toys, the majority of female toys can also be used on a male as well!


Boys In A Relationship

Here’s the deal, before you freak out and start packing your bags in fear of replacement –there has never been any data or evidence which suggests that women have left their partners in favour of a sex toy. It just doesn’t happen. Whilst they might become more accustomed to a particular vibrator, or a particular type of sensation, there’s a variety of other factors which will result in a partner leaving. In fact, partners leave for a myriad of other reasons – including not participating in household chores – but never for a battery operated device.

Women And Men

The thing is that women, and men, use sex toys to engage in fantasies. In much the same way that men use Adult Videos as a form of fantasy. From there, they can learn to grow and their sexual boundaries and ultimately challenge themselves, and their partners. Usually it is this growth, and not the sex toy itself which causes discomfort in relationships. It is inevitable that over time change will occur, growth however is intentional and optional. As you grow, as you change within the relationship it might happen in one of two ways; you might grow together, or you might grow apart.

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Male Sex Toys Can Reignite Your Relationship

However, let’s subvert that and twist it into a positive – why don’t you see that as a positive thing? Your partner is expanding their sexual horizons and will in all likelihood, be open to new and exciting things! You’re going to need to challenge your awkwardness and get on the bandwagon of exploration.

Here’s a tip that most men don’t have a clue about. Those sex toys — the ones that at first glance make a few men feel envious, jealous or even sub-par — can turn into our greatest associates in bed. Try not to squander your time stressing how you stack up against the toy – you have warm skin, fingers and whispers.

There’s more to you than a dick. You don’t get frustrated at your car for having the capacity to work quicker than your legs – at the end of the day you are still in control of the car. The same goes for a sexual aide. Why get frantic at a sex toy? It’s simply doing its job and attempting to assist you and your partner out.

Single Lads

But what if you’re a single lad? The thing is that toys can help keep you motivated and primed for any sexual encounter. It prevents the body from becoming accustomed to your hand and becoming bored or awkward. It helps the muscles stay active and strong as well as it can help prevent premature ejaculation incidents. Just think, if you haven’t had sex for a while, what’s potentially going to happen once you jump into bed?

That’s right, you’re going to be so overcome with excitement that it’s going to be all over before you can say red rover. The use of sexual aides for men can assist in sexual stamina, delaying ejaculation as well as increasing the intensity of the orgasm. Did we mention how beneficial it also is for your mental health as well as your prostate health?

Further, sex toys for the single lad will help you be in tune with your own body sexually. Just imagine a nice relaxing afternoon with some porn, sex toys and just work those aches away. It can be extraordinarily therapeutic.

This website will go through several things relating to boys sex toys,  sexual health, sexual performance tips, sex toys and sexual aides and hopefully allow you to become not only a more experienced self-lover, but a big boy that’s bad in bed.

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