Great Sex Toys You Need During Your Next Chat Session

Great Sex Toys You Need During Your Next Chat Session

Sex Toys You Need For Your Next Adult Chat

Yes, that’s right, sex toys are also made for men. Gone are the dark ages where lotion and an old sock were the only way for one to get themselves off. In modern times there are a plethora of options for men to choose from when indulging in self-stimulation. There are a few special sex toys you need if you want to experience the next level of pleasure during your next video chat.

The reason why you probably have not heard of sex toys for men yet is mostly due to the puritanical shame that unfortunately still exists in our society. Sex for both men and women is still highly stigmatized, even in 2021.  Men are often seen as less than capable if they seek alternative sex options, which could not be further from the truth! Sex alternatives for Men mean a man is empowered enough to take his sexual needs into his own hands… pun intended.

Today we are breaking down our top 5 sex toys men love and why you might end up loving on them too. Trust us, this list is bound to surprise you.

Fleshlight Quickshot

This is what is called a masturbation sleeve. You may have already seen the anatomically correct Porn Star versions of Fleshlight’s in the past. This is a more discrete version of those. For those men who are not turned on by pounding plastic flesh, this is the perfect alternative. Instead of covering your entire penis, this toy will most likely cover part of your shaft. Unless of course, you have a smaller than average penis size.

In which chase, your welcome! Due to its smaller size and aesthetic, this sex toy is much easier to discreetly store and not have to worry about a lover stumbling upon it. Not that there should be any shame around anyways you get off safely, however, it is a lot easier to disguise this sex toy in comparison to the more traditional fleshlight options.

Vibrating Cock Ring – Sex Toys You Need

You don’t need to see a Dominatrix in order to enjoy the stimulation a cock ring provides its users anymore. The Lelo Simply does just as good of a job at your leisure while not being so hardcore as its predecessors. This sex toy fits snugly on the shaft of your penis. However, it’s not as extremely tight as the more traditional cock rings were made to be which was borderline torturous. The top area of the toy vibrates while the inner ring applies pressure to your shaft.

This means you can not only give yourself pleasure but your partners as well when using this very special cock ring. If you happen to finish before your partner this cock ring is also safe to wear on your finger. Once secured you can then insert and use it as a vibrator on your female playmate. That my friends is what we like to call a sex toy trifecta.

Sex Toys You Need

buy toy for prostate

Prostate Massager

This pick is on the more pricey side of all the toys on our list but it’s also the most popular prostate massager on the market. In life, just as in sex, you get what you invest in.  With the Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager, you simply tilt your remote control to direct the vibrational direction. It’s very high-tech for this reason. If you want more pressure on your left side, tilt the remote in that direction and so on.

You can pinpoint exactly where on your prostate that you feel the most stimulation with a tilt of the wrist, rather than fiddling with remote control. Once you’ve established your top erogenous spots you can further focus on these areas by increasing the intensity. Smart, ergonomic, and sleek design built for functionality. This is why the prostate massager is on the top of our list for Men’s sex toys.

The Lovense Range Are Sex Toys You Need

Lovense adult toys are exceptional for maintaining intimacy in long-distance relationships, thanks to their innovative app-controlled technology. These devices can be operated remotely via a smartphone, allowing partners to control each other’s pleasure from miles apart, adding a thrilling and interactive dimension to video calls. The seamless integration of Lovense’s technology facilitates spontaneous and intimate moments, almost as if you’re physically together. This capability not only enhances sexual interaction but also strengthens the emotional bond between partners, making them a must-have for couples who spend time apart yet desire a deeply connected and interactive sexual experience.

Vibrating Butt Plug

Butt plugs, particularly those controllable via an app, offer an engaging experience during adult video chats. These interactive toys allow your partner to control the intensity and pattern of stimulation remotely, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the session. The ability to hand over control enhances the interactive aspect of the call, making the experience more intimate and personalized. As you react to the changing sensations, the visual feedback enhances the connection, making it a popular choice for couples exploring long-distance intimacy.

vibrating butt plug for long distance

buy toy for prostate

Finishing Up

Embrace modern sex toys for men that challenge stigmas and enhance sexual experiences, especially in long-distance relationships. Whether you’re exploring pleasure with a discreet Fleshlight Quickshot, or delving into stimulation with a high-tech prostate massager, these tools are designed to elevate your intimate moments. Perfect for solo or partnered play, these innovative devices ensure every adult video chat is both thrilling and deeply fulfilling.

After all that sex toy chat if you really want to kick things up to another level you can also use sexting in conjunction with your new sex toy. There are some really amazing sex chat hosts available on Arousr that love to play with men using their sex toys. Having some direction from a female will only heighten stimulation and helps you feel even more connected to your sexuality no matter where you are.

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