What It’s Like Being A Male Escort – True Confessions

What It’s Like Being A Male Escort – True Confessions

Being A Male Escort isn’t exactly on your dad’s “Top 5 Jobs for My Son” list. Nevertheless, it’s a job that’s increasing in demand and that more and more guys are getting interested in these days.

If you’re one of those fellas (or just a curious bystander), glad you’re here! Today, you’re going to get an immersion into some first-hand male escort experience — my experience. After years of being a part of it, I’ll try to portray what it’s really like working in this industry and how I feel about it.

The Work

If you’ve learned about escorting through popular media, then you probably associate it with high-class prostitution. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s not my niche. The type of escorting I do is non-sexual, and believe it or not, this is the more prevalent branch of the industry.

Being a straight male escort, I work with ladies who are looking for some male company.

No, I’m not attempting to be witty here. When I say “company,” I mean it in the literal sense of the word — young people call it “hanging out.”

Clients take me out to dinners, sporting events, and sometimes even weddings (when they need a “+1”). My job is to look as good as possible, impress them with my polished manners, and be a good conversationalist.

Hopefully, all these “talents” I possess will result in a pleasant time for the lady and myself.

My Daily Routine

This job, however banal it may seem, takes a lot out of me. Basically, my entire day is centered around my meeting with the client, and you could say that I’m preparing for it from the moment I wake up.

An escort needs to look good, so exercise and diet are essential. I work out almost every day, and my meals are deadly dull. I also spend a lot of time taking care of my clothes and looking for new pieces to add to my collection.

To be frank, I wasn’t interested in fashion before getting into this business. Still, now it’s become a real passion for me.

As date-time approaches, I prepare by grooming, showering, and getting dressed. Then, I kiss my dogs goodbye and set off for the arranged location.

My work can last anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, and it rarely takes me outside of city limits. That’s quite convenient for me as I can get back home relatively quickly.

Admit it, this kind of lifestyle isn’t what you expected of a male escort. I would imagine the life of a monk isn’t much different. But hey, it is what it is!

How Much Do I Earn?

Although not as fabulous as some of you may think, an escort’s salary is more than decent. My colleagues and I don’t earn a fixed income, so the amounts we make vary from month to month.

A male escort service is paid by the hour. Most agencies give their employees the freedom to set their own wages, which is valid for my employer.

Now, I will not disclose how much I charge. However, I’ll say that most escorts earn between $50 and $100 per hour. With these rates, working a few hours a day, five days a week, can amount to a considerable salary.

The Challenges

Like any other job, escorting has its challenges.

When I first got into this industry, let’s say that I wasn’t the most confident guy out there. Pair that with the kind of women that most often hire escorts, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

You see, the ladies you meet at this job are often intense, independent, and fiercely intelligent. These qualities make them intimidating (if not straight frightening!) to most men, and I was no exception.

Luckily, with time I learned to relax around my clients and present the best version of myself, but It took a good long while to get there.

Discipline is another major factor that makes this work a bit demanding.

Being a professional gentleman requires a lot of self-work. I’m constantly trying to improve myself in any way I possibly can. Aside from staying in shape, which takes a lot of time and energy, I read a lot, spend hours (not joking) nurturing my hair, and don’t see my friends much.

Also, having a romantic relationship is near to impossible for me. Since my job entails me being around women, I don’t really want to go back home to one. Laugh all you want, but I’m being serious! Hopefully, I’ll manage to find a way to make it all work.

Being A Male Escort

That would be all I had in store for you today, folks. Being a male escort is exciting to work, and if you’re thinking about it, I hope this article serves as a starting point.

Either way, thanks for sticking out till the end!

My Night With A 72 Year Old ‘Trick’

If you had told me that one day I’d find myself intimate with someone who could be my mother, I’d have doubted it.

In my daily life, I definitely have a preference. I admire various types of beauty, yet I’ve always been particularly drawn to women with lush, long hair and healthy skin, captivated especially by warm, kind eyes. At my age, which is squarely middle-aged, I naturally gravitate toward women around my age or a bit older.

I hadn’t spent much time considering how much older a woman would need to be for me to consider her out of bounds. A surprise encounter on Tinder with someone a few years my senior? No issue there. But intentionally seeking a romantic encounter with a 70-year-old? That seemed unlikely.

I Got A Test From A Potential Client

Then, a text arrived from a prospective client asking if I had any age limits, causing my heart to skip before I nervously responded, “Of course not! How old are you?” Her answer—72—piqued my curiosity more than anything.

Trying to maintain honesty, I responded, “I’m sure you are absolutely beautiful.”

She was seeking a trustworthy escort, ideally someone close to her age, yet still vibrant sexually. She shared that she had recently lost her husband and missed the intimate presence of a man. She hinted at enticing offers: trips across states, overnight stays, and shorter meet-ups when she visited Melbourne for work.

Building a stable clientele is essential for a successful escort career, and while it ensures financial stability and familiarity, which can enhance intimacy, it sometimes feels too personal. Now, facing the possibility of a relationship with a 72-year-old woman brought new considerations.

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How Long Could I Be A Male Escort?

I pondered my career longevity and the thought of possibly interacting sexually with someone nearing 80 unsettled me, though I soon realized I was getting ahead of myself.

She was a successful businesswoman, now at the helm of a construction firm her late husband started in the 1980s. For over four decades, she played the supportive wife, a role that her new circumstances unexpectedly made her reassess, awakening dormant desires.

Upon asking when we could meet, she confidently replied, “The sooner, the better. When can you come?”

Facing this new scenario, I managed to arrange our first meeting amidst a growing sense of anxiety about the age difference and potential conversational gaps.

Physcial Attraction Does Count

Nonetheless, physical attraction plays a significant role for me, and a good conversation can be incredibly stimulating. Our phone chat suggested she had plenty of engaging stories.

We decided to have dinner before going to her place. I arrived early, spending the afternoon at a hostel, where I relaxed, sharing work tales with other travelers.

Despite my preparations, including some grooming rituals and a bit of indulgence to calm my nerves, I was keenly aware of her formidable presence and the need to be at my conversational best.

Upon meeting, her confidence and polished appearance immediately caught my attention.

We Chilled For Post Dinner Entertainment

We eventually relaxed into our dinner conversation, though she nervously veered into personal anecdotes, a sign of her grappling with the newness of the situation and the absence of her husband.

Post-dinner, we retired to her home. After some drinks and slow dancing, sensing her readiness, I suggested moving to her bedroom for a more intimate setting. Our physical interaction was gentle, respecting both her comfort and the memory of her husband.

She appreciated the sensitivity and eventually entrusted me with her vulnerability, which led to a tender, if cautious, intimacy.

By the end of our time together, she was eager for future meetings, and I found myself agreeing to more travels.

Reflecting on these experiences, I marveled at how the role had evolved me, constantly balancing personal integrity with the demands of my profession.

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