Spick And Span – Learn How To Douche Right Now

Spick And Span – Learn How To Douche Right Now

Learn How To Douche

Now that you are aware of what douching is, hopefully you’ve decided whether or not it’s right for you. If you’ve decided that its right for you and you want to give it a go – then you’ve come to the right page! Look no further as you will learn how to douche properly. This page will give you step by step instructions on how to safely douche your ass for the cleanest and safest of anal play!

Anal douching, when done correctly, can offer several benefits, especially for men who engage in anal sex. Here are three notable benefits:

  1. Improved Hygiene: Anal douching can help clean the rectum of fecal matter, reducing the likelihood of mess during anal intercourse. This can lead to a cleaner and more comfortable experience.
  2. Increased Confidence: Knowing that the area is clean can boost confidence during intimate moments, reducing anxiety and allowing individuals to relax and enjoy their experiences more fully.
  3. Enhanced Sexual Health: Proper anal douching can help prevent the transfer of bacteria and pathogens during anal sex, potentially reducing the risk of infections such as bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Step 1 – Learn How To Douche

Make sure that beyond any doubt that when you begin douching, you are within range of a toilet, shower or bath. Else, why are you even doing that there?!

learn how to douche

Step 2:

Thoroughly flush the Douche before you use it to guarantee it’s free from any dust particles and any stray organisms. A simple soap and water will be thorough enough. Just ensure that it’s a body safe soap and one that you’ve used before. Before you even think about inserting the douche, make sure that you’ve wiped off all excess soap and given it a very good flush.

Step 3 – Learn How To Douche

Ensure the water you use is warm and tepid– you don’t need it excessively hot, else you will do some harm to the delicate tissue inside your body– and you don’t need it excessively icy too, that will be a major shock to the system.

Make sure that it is just plain old water that you are using – do not add any cleanser or some other purging items (unless you need to bring about yourself heaps of pain and distress– a few individuals may like that, I don’t know – however a large portion of men will not). The thing is – that some cleaners and cleansers are really bad for internal skin and you could end up with some serious infections and irritations!

Step 4:

Ensure that the spout to be embedded (and yourself) are well lubricated before insertion. Silicone lubricant will not wash off with water, so if you’re doing this in the shower – then grab yourself some silicone lubricant to make the entire process much easier. Just don’t spill it, silicone will make the tiles very slippery.

Taking Shower

Step 5 – Learn How To Douche

You’ll need to embed the spout around 2/3 inches inside. Don’t go too deep or you’re going to have the opposite intention of what you’re actually aiming for. You generally just need to rinse the lower part of the colon for anal play. If you’re using a ball douche, then delicately crush the ball to permit the water to come inside. Try not to you have emptied all the water inside! Else you will endure ‘draw back’ – all that water will get drawn back inside the douche including all the stuff that you’re trying to clean out and no one needs that!

Step 6:

After you have inserted the water, you’ll begin to feel “full” and verging on like you have to go to the loo – quickly jump over to the toilet, take a seat and let go. I can say now, that at first it is the most bizarre feeling on the planet. Be that as it may, you will grow accustomed to it.

When you have removed all the water, I will flush and afterward go again – the reason? If you flush the toilet, or clean the shower/bath you’ll see how clean the water is when it’s coming back out of your body and you’ll be able to determine whether or not you need to clean yourself again, or whether you’re free to go have sex!

Alternatively you can release in the shower, just watch your feet!

Step 7:

Repeat the flushing as essential (until the water you remove is running ‘clear’) – which from my own individual encounters, can take between 2 to 3 flushes. You will likewise need to possibly hold up between 30 mins to an hour after douching before participating in anal play, as once more (I have learnt this from past experience) – you need to give your body a chance to absorb the remaining water.

In the event that you flushed a little higher than needed, the water may not have a chance to escape and you might end up with a little wet patch in your pants after douching. Wait half an hour or so before putting on your favourite male underwear, just in case. The body will generally absorb any little wet patches over time – so be patient, and don’t necessarily run straight from the bathroom to the bedroom!

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Some Important Things To Remember

Try not to put an excessive amount of water in one go – this could have the reverse impact you are searching for. On my first ever go, I attempted to discharge the entire douche of water inside – it got me off guard had a terrible mishap which I will say no more in regards to… just please take it easy! For your sake. . . and my memory.

Remember to only use warmish water, and to re-lube with every insertion. EVERY insertion. You can also provide the douche with a quick clean every time you take it out, however this is mostly for piece of mind unless some matter has actually become attached to the device.

Try Not To Use Anything Besides Water, Else You Could Cause Some Damage.

I for one thing, think that Douching is OK, so long as it’s balanced, and you set aside the time to do it properly. Like most things, douching is an individual decision, and everybody will have their own particular manner of doing it. I trust that this guide has been useful and valuable.

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