The Powerful Impact Of Depression On The Male Libido

The Powerful Impact Of Depression On The Male Libido

Impact Of Depression

We know many things in this world, but the brain is still largely a mystery. The thing is that we don’t know enough about the chemical changes that happen in the cerebrum during depression. Research usually centres on the difference of treatments between people as well as how responsive they are to those treatments. What research into depression has determined is that depression adversely affects libido. Understanding the impact of depression on male libido is crucial, as it can deeply affect mental and sexual health.

The Impact of Depression On Men’s Mental Health And Libido

Depression is categorised as a brain disorder which can lead to emotional distress, anxiety and anguish. Whilst we all go through periods of being blue, this is not indicative of depression. Depression is categorised by long and extended periods of intense emotional distress which extends into weeks, months and in some cases, even years.

There are a range of treatments available ranging from medication to provide stability to the hormones and chemicals in the body to psychological therapy. Regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship the road to recovery when suffering depression is often difficult and long. From a clinical perspective it’s reasonable that a period of depression tends to influence all the systems of the body, separating them and frequently slowing them down. This impact is most noticeable with respect to rest and sleep, which is significantly disrupted. One of the symptoms of depression is male sexual dysfunction.

There are many ways in which depression can affect the body, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Aches and pains throughout the body
  • Chronic fatigue which is categorised as an individual who is so tired that they are unable to complete daily functions and normal activities.
  • A decreased interest in sex, intimacy and sexual activities.
  • A decreased appetite
  • Insomnia, a lack of rehabilitative deep sleep and over sleeping.

Since depression can affect energy levels, having depression can affect movement that uses energy, spontaneity and co-ordination and that includes the activity of sex. Depression severely limits the drive for sex and this can not only affect the inter-personal relationships of the individual but, can be especially damaging when one is seeking to be loved and nurtured but ultimately has no interest in maintaining that due to the energy levels required. Which in of itself is extremely counterproductive owing to the idea that sex and sexual activity is beneficial in fighting depression, yet the required energy for the sexual activity is simply not there.

Granted, this isn’t always the case and there are some people who find themselves with no disruption to their sexual functions, moods and energy levels and they have managed to either come to terms with or are able to keep up typical sexual experiences and intimacy. In some cases finding that having intercourse is the main thing that gives them solace and consolation and the strength in fighting depression.

How Can Sex Toys Combat Depression?

This is where boy’s sex toys can assist in combating depression. There are a range of toys out there in order to sexually stimulate and for those that can’t manage interpersonal relationships or whom simply do not have the energy to maintain intimacy in the short term – boy’s sex toys provide a safe and welcome release. Toys do not require energy to maintain a ‘closeness’ with, they are simply there for a purpose and can be put away in a drawer upon the completion of that purpose.

It provides a safe avenue for individuals that don’t necessarily feel the desire to, or have the energy to, communicate with other individuals. Whilst this can be beneficial in the short term, providing a stepping stone to recovery, it is ultimately not recommended for extended periods of time which can see sex toys become similar to a replacement of inter personal relationships and human connections.

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In men, the general damping down of the mind causes sentiments of tiredness and misery, which may be connected with loss of drive and erection issues. Every one of these issues has a tendency to decrease as the depressive sickness shows signs of improvement through medication and therapy – but it is sometimes in turning it all around where it becomes difficult.

Depression is often accompanied by negative thinking, which is where Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or CBT, is often used. Sexual release is great for the release of dopamine and other vital brain chemicals which are an essential part in combatting depression. Indeed, restored enthusiasm for sex may not only be the first indication of recuperation, but a valuable tool in kicking it.

There Will Be Ups And Downs – Impact Of Depression

A few days will appear to be better than othersit’s important to be aware that these feelings can be cyclic as you rotate between happiness and depression like a yo-yo. Try not to stress as this is a normal impact of depression. On the days that you show more energy, and feel a little lighter ensure that you take advantage of it by attempting to engage in some form of sexual activity. This could involve another person, or simply be about you keeping up your Pelvic exercises with a prostate massager, or pumping one out with a masturbator such as a Fleshlight.

Exercise Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Attempt to go for a walk consistently, maybe even with a friend. For a sensual experience, you could try walking with a vibrating cock ring, or a butt plug, or have a Remote Control egg in your pants (they’re not just for girls you know). This could even be a strong incentive to go for a walk, have some pleasure in it not only by getting some much needed melatonin from the sunshine, but also by having some pretty nice sensations.

impact of depression

Did You Know Exercise Helps Beat Depression?

Strolling not just gets you out in the natural air, at the same time, as different types of activity, it discharges endorphins in the mind. These are “upbeat” chemicals that quickly hoist your state of mind. What’s more, there’s significant proof to recommend that practice can be as useful for battling depression. Walking, even for 15 minutes a day can increase all sorts of hormones in the brain and be essential for fighting off depression.

Another thing that is recommended is to focus on something that makes you smile for a few minutes a day. Whilst this could be an artwork that challenges your mind, your favourite animal or pet, a flower, or you could focus on the gentle vibrations on your shaft that something like the cobra libra or the Pulse could provide you! It’s simply about being in touch with your body, and there’s few better ways to be in touch with your body than some sensuality.

You may also need to change your nourishment intake while you’re depressed you could have a small appetite or you could find peace in constantly eating. By eating foods such as black raspberries, figs, watermelon, pesto and dark chocolate. All foods that they say can help increase libido and sex drive! This is a mindful thing to accomplish for yourself and is useful for your physical and psychological wellness.

Regardless of the fact that you don’t feel like full-on sex, do try and masturbateso long as it doesn’t affect the intimacy of a relationship, masturbation can be considered a safe stepping stone. It’s a difficult journey and everyone’s journey is different but hopefully just one of the above things will make life a little easier.

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