Big Boys Masturbators: The Best Toys Curated For You

Big Boys Masturbators: The Best Toys Curated For You

Big Boys Masturbators

Find ultimate pleasure with our curated list of big boys masturbators. The right tool and all the health benefits that come with it are waiting for you today. That’s right, you’ve heard it here first. Everyone needs to masturbate. It’s healthy for the body, its fights off prostate cancer, the flooding of hormones helps battle depression and mental illnesses and therefore everyone needs to masturbate.

Everybody Needs To Masturbate

What’s more, despite the fact that nearly everyone does, masturbation is still not normally spoken about. Why is that? It’s surprising really when the statistics written in a report at Psychology Today indicate that young men will generally watch pornographic material with their peers as opposed to with their partner. So is there a secret boys club where boys talk about masturbating, tricks and tips with their peers but they don’t talk about it anywhere else?

The thing about masturbation is that it’s considered normal and healthy and is a great way to keep the body in tune. Rather than taking masturbation as a demonstration of self-investigation, most individuals have it locked up in the bedroom, hidden and silent. Be that as it may, masturbation ought to be at the cutting edge of examination in the matter of sexuality, in light of the fact that it permits individuals investigate their own particular bodies at their own particular pace, to whatever feels great.

What Is The Stigma With Masturbation?

Masturbation is often more frowned upon than sex itself. In an interesting development in recent months, it was revealed that Osama Bin Laden gave permission, after seeking religious advice from his guides,  for his followers to masturbate whilst in captivity because it was expressed as an urgent need. How then, in any sense of the word, can the taboo nature of masturbation even make sense? Since masturbation is ordinarily a solo performance, why are individuals more reluctant to talk about masturbation before sex?

Before engaging in sexual relations and activities, you have to jerk off in order to learn the ropes. In order to understand your body and how it works. Despite the fact that numerous individuals jerk off before engaging in sexual relations to help them last longer, the act is still hidden, even from the people that we are in a sexual relationship with.

do not disturb

Cast your mind back to your pubescent teenage years — was there ever a period that concealing masturbation wasn’t vital? Perhaps this is where the idea of it being taboo was formed in your head. Perhaps it was a relative strolling into your room, possibly explaining a cum-stained sock, explaining why you constantly seem to have the sniffles with the amount of tissues you use, or even possibly taking an additional 20 minutes in the restroom: Masturbation is quite often covered up, and it is often a shamed act.

Can Healthy Masturbation Help You?

Masturbation then, can be likened to an act of privacy in which we are systematically taught at a young age, that not only is touching ourselves inappropriate, but that self-stimulation is a shameful act. Granted, with sex-positive parenting, we are becoming more open to the idea of curious children experimenting with themselves and their bodies so long as they understand that this is a private activity to be conducted in ones bedroom without other people around.

This allows a child to understand that it is okay, but there are appropriate ways and boundaries in order to do so. Thus, eliminating the shame that often results from such phrases as ‘if you keep playing with it it’ll fall off’, or ‘if you play with it you’re going to get hairy palms’.

The greater part of this is not to say that masturbation ought to be done out in the open. Private masturbation exists for a reason: to allow for journeys of self-revelation. Be that as it may, there is a contrast between keeping masturbation behind doors and keeping discussions about masturbation behind closed doors. Discussions should be encouraged. Perhaps it’s a chance to begin sharing what feels great, what systems, techniques or toys one uses, or even what one thinks or watches when stroking off. Well that’s what I’m going to do here. I’m going to throw off the cover of darkness and reveal some toys which I find absolutely amazing to jerk off with.

For Adult men masturbation can lower stress levels, improve sleep, raise mental health and also lower the risk of prostate cancer. Healthy masturbation with big boys masturbators seems like a no-brainer with this knowledge.

The Tenga Egg

The premise behind the Tenga egg is clean, disposable fun. Many of the Tenga eggs are made in such a way that they are a disposable masturbator. The Tenga is a Japanese inspired product with the motto ‘anytime, anywhere’. The Tenga eggs come preloaded with lubricant, you crack the egg open, open the packet of lubricant and coat the edge and the inside egg, wrap it over your cock and off you go.

Each of the Tenga eggs has a different texture inside – the patterns you see on the outside are similar to the internal textures of the egg itself. Each of them is specifically made for different strokes so it’s a fantastic excuse to grab a six pack and become familiar with them all. One of my personal favourites is the stepper; this little egg just does it for me. The ridges for the stroking just feel amazing all over the head of the cock as you stroke and twist. It’s really hard to describe, it’s like describing the sensations of an orgasm you really just have to try it.

tenga egg line upBuy tenga

Positives Of The Tenga Egg

The pro’s about the Tenga egg is that it is small, discreet and you can pretty much shove it in your bag and take it anywhere. It comes with lubricant and everything you need in one handy small packet size (about the size of an actual egg) and it’s pretty simple to use. It fits most dick sizes as it’s incredibly resilient and durable. I say most because if you’re so thick you need custom condoms – then you may have trouble with some of these eggs.

You will need to watch foreskins with any kind of masturbatory product and this one is no exception – especially since the Tenga egg sleeve relies on a very tight and firm grip to create the sensations and fun. If you want something a little bigger, but still disposable then the Tenga suction cups are amazing- by combining the incredible texture of the Tenga eggs, but in a bigger unit that has the potential to create some solid suction. They’re just not as portable as the smaller eggs. Indeed, I’ve still yet to come across a unit that provides better suction than the Tenga Suction cup.

Small Issues With This Toy

These things are solid, and once you put your finger over the little air hole on the top then you’re going to experience some very intense and hard-core sensations. The ONLY two downsides to the Tenga suction cups are that they are disposable and that the noises that come from this thing can be a little disconcerting. It oohs and aahs and sucks like a noisy crazy mad person. Tenga cups will also be a struggle with people that have very thick cocks.

tenga air tech

But if you can ignore thatit feels great. Tenga, realising that these cups felt great and that people didn’t want to throw them out have since designed a new air-tech unit – a reusable suction cup masturbator that encompasses all the good things about Tenga and which you can get with an electronic compressor that will literally suck you off. For those that want the best, Tenga have also introduced a Tenga flip hole which has all the benefits of the above, and can be easily cleaned and used again.

The Fleshlight

The Fleshlight has long since been considered some of the best masturbators in the world – indeed the word Fleshlight has often become synonymous with the term masturbator. Even taking into account the increasing competition from Tenga, Fleshlight’s are still considered to be the number one in the world. Whilst not having the same level of suction as any of the Tenga products, the Fleshlight’s are a little more encompassing of all dicks, shapes and sizes. Unless you’re as thick as a coke bottle (you work out which one) then Fleshlight will devour even the largest of cocks. Whether you’re straight, gay or bisexual, the Fleshlight’s come in everything from discreet coin slot entries, to vaginal, anal and mouth pieces

Flesh Light

buy fleshlight

Fleshlight also utilises some of the hottest female porn stars and the best gay porn stars on the current market to bring them to you. Some of the porn stars even bring unique new textures to the game. Alright, so what do I mean about textures? There are four parts to a Fleshlight.

  • The case
  • The end cap – which when tightened will provide suction
  • The sleeve
  • The cap which seals the unit for storage.

The sleeve is where all the fun happens. The sleeve is a soft flesh like material which is kept in the plastic unit casing, and this is the part that you, for lack of a better term, fuck. You lube the toy up, put some lube on your own cock, slide your cock in and off you go. The Fleshlight is renowned for having a multitude of internal textures. Indeed, they currently have more than 15 unique textures and with each additional porn star – they’ll create and design a unique texture.

Is This Toy Easy To Clean?

The entire sleeve is removable for easy clean and you can additionally buy extra sleeves, without forking out cash for a new casing. The only negative thing about the Fleshlight is the size. If you live at home with parents, kids, or just nosy flatmates, the Fleshlight can be a difficult thing to keep out of sigh. It’s about 4 inches thick at its widest, and roughly 12-13 inches in length. In comparison the Tenga suction cups are a little over half that size. Additionally, the suction on the Fleshlight’s is simply not as good as the Tenga, but it’s still damn good suction.

big boys masturbators

Fleshlight is again, something you really have to see in person – to not only feel the texture, but to truly understand it. I can assure you, once you see this, feel it, and hold it in your hand you won’t let go of it. With the Fleshlight, you really need to pay attention to looking after it – failing to look after it will result in the destruction of the material fairly rapidly. It’ll start with the material getting sticky, then discolouring and finally, starting to break down and lose the internal structure. Please, make sure you read the care instructions and then follow those care instructions.

Big Boys Masturbators – Dolls

You’ve all seen them. You’ve all heard about them. The final group of masturbators are the sex dolls. A lot of people will associate sex dolls as being owned by the people that can’t get laid, or the people that don’t like social interaction and that’s simply not true. Sex dolls are there for the realism.

With modern technology and a desire to head towards robotic sex, there has been numerous improvements to sex dolls. Sure you can get the novelty style latex blow up sex doll and then the next step up is the Cyberskin dolls with half-caste moulds and other such designs. Then you have the cream of the crop. Realistic, life size and almost virtually indistinguishable from a real person in a photograph. These are on the cutting edge of technology.

Extreme dolls can either be a silicone full sized doll, or simply just be the head, or tits, or vaginal region, or anal region in the form of a quarter, half or full size torso. You can get them in female versions and you can get them in male versions as well.

These kinds are generally not usually recommended as first time masturbators – simply because of their size and their price. You’d hate to spend between hundreds to thousands of dollars on a toy that you may or may not like. For realism, you can’t go past the dolls. You have something solid to hang on to you have substance to kiss, snuggle or hold against a wall and do whatever nasty things you want to do to them. However, unless you’ve experienced some of the smaller masturbators, and determined whether they’re your thing just hold off on rushing out and buying one of these bad boys. Take things in baby steps yeah?

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