Why Heterosexual Men Still Engage In Sex With Other Men

Why Heterosexual Men Still Engage In Sex With Other Men

Have you ever wondered why straight men still engage in sex with other men? Well, you are not alone in your thinking. London Escort Reviews┬áhave told some of the story; especially with male escorts. Across the world, there is an obvious gender divide as it relates to dealing with heterosexuals that experiment in activities within the gay community. If you have ever seen it before, when straight women kiss and fondle in a bar or at a party, it is usually because they want to get some attention or they want to explore their female sexuality. However, when straight men do hook up, it is typically thought to be an act of desperation. Some even think that these straight men lived in the closet before and are just coming out with their real sexuality. In another scenario, when heterosexual men and heterosexual women hook up, there is no explanation needed. But in any situation, if a straight man hooks up with another straight man, there is a whole different story. Let’s explore some of the reasons associated with this phenomenon.

The Main Reasons

This obvious divide might stem from a lack of understanding as it relates to different forms of human sexuality. For the female, there is more awareness and tolerance than in the scenario with two men. For one, women tend to be more experimental as is typically believed by many. There are different kinds of men who engage in sexual relationships as same sex. Let’s look at a few. It could be the person’s ambition or curiosity to delve into gay activity for the sole purpose of getting to understand or know about it. There could have been gay tendencies at a younger age, but the person did not act out on it, but suddenly is put in the situation or gotten brave enough to want to experiment. The straight man seeking to hook up with a gay person might be interested in the financial rewards that come with male escorting or similar profession. There are also some people who want to try a new lifestyle and have that kind of open mind for an alternative way of living. Nothing is wrong with that, of course. It is a personal choice.

The Opportunity

There are straight men that choose the gay lifestyle because the opportunity arose. He could have been caught in a situation where it was something on an emotional and physical level and it helped to provide a solution at that particular time. People are presented with opportunities like this all of the time. It is nothing to be ashamed of. In some cases, the straight man might not have even considered grabbing the opportunity, but may be at a place in his life where it is the obvious choice. There are instances where a threesome encounter might be sprung as an opportunity where the straight man is caught up in a situation where there is one female and two men. This is where he might come to know of his true sexuality.

The Narcissist

Some straight men are narcissistic and self absorbed; needing constant acceptance and attention. This might drive them toward gay men who provide the former. They might use sexuality as a weapon to get the attention that they seek.

The Fantasies

Last, but not least, some of the heterosexual men are addicted to sex, free sex games, attracted to men, even though, it is undercover and want to fulfill their own fantasies in life by doing things differently. In this case, they might want to step outside of the norm and experience something pleasurable and sexually explicit. This is the not a thorough list of reasons, but enough to explain why straight men sometimes behave the way they do.

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