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Benefits Of Delay And Excite Sprays

Increasing Sensitivity In Men During Sex | Male Excitement Sprays

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to sex. Sex brings forth numerous insecurities, anxieties and bring about a number of performance issues and as such – there a lot of common mistakes men make in the bedroom. The industry has capitalised on that and in the market today, there are a limitless number of products that aim to boost men’s and women’s self-esteem and confidence, both sexually and physically. Delay excite sprays however are one of many popular men’s products that will help men to make this happen. This is because by using them, one not only gets to feel good about themselves but they also get to fully satisfy their partners sexually.Generally, Men’s excite sprays are designed for Men who are experiencing difficulties achieving an erection or getting an orgasm. The spray plays a vital role in stimulating and sensitizing the male penis. This increased levels of sensitivity around the genitalia allows a man to become more easily aroused and achieving that perfect sexual experience. These can include heating lubricants, cooling lubricants and a particular favourite of mine – the On Power Glide Cream for him. A potent cream which creates a lot of heat in all the right places, in just the right ways for some very fun solo time or as foreplay.

On Mens Delay Cream

Excite sprays for women are sprayed around the vagina and the clitoris. In the event that they come in an oil or gel form –then a small drop would be applied directly to the clitoris. Before use, the spray can should be shaken well. One ought to then spray the areas mentioned and gently massage them to make sure that the spray has been fully absorbed. The recommended number of sprays to be done varies, but 3 to 5 times are just fine. In the case of a gel or oil, a small drop is usually sufficient. And, it’s important that it be applied before sex; preferably 10 minutes beforehand.

How To Effectively Delay Ejaculation | Preventing Premature Ejaculation

Men’s delay sprays are in their part specially designed for men who may be experiencing premature ejaculation or are in need of more excitement in the bedroom. The key reason why these sprays are ideal is that, their effect can be felt in just a matter of minutes. Now it doesn’t feel like an over stimulation as is the case when a high powered sex toy for men has been applied to the penis for several minutes, it is more a gentle numbing that decreases some sensitivity. Unless you over spray in which case you’ll go completely and utterly numb. All that is required is to spray the head of the penis shortly before sex for a few times and, wait about five minutes until the penis becomes desensitized. The spray is a topical anaesthetic that numbs the surface area of the penis. To use effectively you will need to start with one or two sprays. If you require more strength, then increase the number of sprays on the next use, as it might have a delayed effect. For ideal use, spray on half an hour beforehand onto the head and glans of the penis, allow it to be absorbed and then wash off any excess. Delay sprays usually have a foul taste, and as such might not be the ideal product to use for oral play, unless you’ve washed off the excess.

The most important thing about both of these is that, one doesn’t need to take any medication or do any extra ordinary thing to have good sex. Instead, they can solely rely on the delay or excite sprays and be assured of getting a more sexually satisfying experience while at the same time, being able to satisfy their partners like never before

Delay sprays are applied in spray form. This is done by first shaking the can and then holding it a few inches from the body and starting to spray. The recommended number of times to be sprayed is 3, although one is free to spray more than just 3 times. Although this is highly based on an individual’s requirements, this number should never exceed 10. Remember, that if you can’t feel anything you’re not going to get hard. The spraying should then be done on the head and shaft of the penis, preferably 10to 20 minutes before sexual intercourse. This is to ensure that there is enough time for it to start taking effect, and where possible any excess should be washed off. It will rarely cause a numbing effect on the man’s partner, unless it has not had sufficient time to settle in, but it does generally taste atrocious and is not recommended for oral.

Even though the delay and excite sprays are designed for men and women who may be experiencing some sort of sexual inadequacy, they can also be used by people who want to add a little excitement in their sex life. This is mainly because their use leads to an increase in sexual expertise, a prolonged session and, more satisfaction. As such, doesn’t matter where you’re young and beautiful, or a large and mature woman or man, delay and excite sprays can be used by everyone.

Why Use Delay And Excite Sprays

While delay sprays come in handy for men who may be experiencing some sort of premature ejaculation, excite sprays come in handy for women who are experiencing a low sex drive. Despite these two being a common problem, through the use of these sprays, one is guaranteed to experience full sexual satisfaction for they play a major role in boosting both the man’s and women’s sexual stamina.

More importantly though is their being all rounded such that, whether it’s the man or the woman who’s using the spray, the other partner is most definitely going to benefit from the results. They therefore are worth using when in need of feeling good about one’s sexual performance or when in need of meeting the need of one’s partner. In case it’s both the man and the woman who are using them, the sexual relationship is bound to get a very huge boost.

Intimate And Powerful Sex

These Sprays Are Known For Their Vast And Immediate Benefits Some Of Which Include The Following:

The sprays are highly effective such that, a man can last for a longer period while the woman can simultaneously get multiple orgasms. This is highly advantageous more so for a couple that wants to strengthen their sexual bond.

Using them is very safe and easy. This is due to the fact that the instructions are well written on the packet. Also, they can be applied fast and discreetly.

The effects are evident in minutes. Through this, one’s sex life gets to be kick-started shortly after the application which is usually 5 to 20 minutes after the application. They are not generally recommended for oral sex – as the topical sprays do not taste very nice at all. We’ve mentioned this bit a lot, do you think we’re trying to tell you something?

There are a lot of many sophisticated brands of delay sprays that doesn’t have to be used with a condom. Unlike before where one had to use a condom after the application, the new and improved brands make it possible for one to have sex without having to wear one. Getting a delay or excite spray is very easy since one doesn’t need to get a doctor’s prescription to buy one you simply go to your most popular adult store in Sydney.

Safety Tips And Recommendations

Since the delay & excite sprays can be highly flammable, they shouldn’t be used near any source of fire, or when there is someone near who’s smoking. This is highly recommended so as to avoid any occurrence of afire or burn related injury. Similarly, they ought to be stored only in places that are not likely to overheat.

However nice they may smell, one shouldn’t try to inhale them. Also, the spray should never come into contact with the eyes or be used if one has broken skin, or experiences any form of irritability and discomfort from using them.

Only the recommended amount should be used.

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