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Prostate Massagers For Medical Purposes

The statistics on prostate cancer are alarming. In America alone there are 160,000 + new cases every year with almost 30,000 deaths from cancer that hasn’t been caught in time. When you break this down by country, the global statistics for prostate cancer records indicate that 1 in 8 men will develop prostate cancer. It is routinely the second most common type of cancer that people will get after skin cancer. Survival rates across the globe are very high when the cancer has been caught though it rapidly decreases with the stage of cancer being discovered at higher levels. There are many approaches to the detection of prostate cancer being used, however the only sure fire way is to get routinely tested once you become at risk, through aging.Prostate Cancer

What Are The Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer?

The difficult thing about prostate cancer, is despite it having many recognisable symptoms, not everyone develops the symptoms if any. Therefore people could have prostate cancer and not realise it, or they might attribute the symptoms to resulting in something else and not seek treatment. According the Cancer Council in Australia, these are the symptoms that you need to be looking out for:

  • Difficulty in urination
  • Slow, and often interrupted flow of urine
  • Frequent need to pass urine, especially at night
  • Incontinence

Now the above symptoms can indicate early stages of prostate cancer, but again it should be noted that not everyone will experience symptoms. It is important to note that if your family has a history or prostate cancer, and you’re over the age of 50 – then you should notify your doctor to begin regular health check-ups.

More commonly symptoms present themselves in advanced stages of cancer and these symptoms can include:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Pain or aches during urination
  • Constant lower back or pelvic pain

These symptoms may also present themselves in other situations such as benign prostatic hyperplasia – which is defined as a non-cancerous growth on the prostate gland. If any of the above symptoms present themselves then you need to visit your GP.

Another difficult thing when it comes to the detection and prevention of prostate cancer is that there is no single definitive diagnostic test for prostate cancer that can detect it. A combination of procedures is usually used which include a rectal examination such as a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam), as well as a PSA. The prostate produces PSA levels in the body and an elevated PSA level might indicate prostate cancer, or it could be the source of a variety of other medical illnesses as well. It will be important to have an open discussion with your doctor when it comes to this. From there you will have many options to effectively treat it, and you doctor will discuss with you a treatment plan for prostate cancer

There are however treatments available to decrease the risk of prostate cancer. Repeated studies have demonstrated that men who ejaculate more than 4 times per week, and who are routinely sexually active enjoyed up to a 33% decrease in risk of developing prostate cancer. Contrary to popular belief, the amount of sexual partners had no effect on prostate cancer, and it was primarily due to the number of times that they were having sex per week which directly affected their risk.

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Prostate Massager Pleasure Guide For Men | Best Prostate Massagers

In the modern day and age people sacrifice health for pleasure and vice versa. In some few and rare instances where both ultimate pleasure and health are achievable, the individual will experience a whole new satisfaction in their life. One of those instances includes using a prostate massager to stimulate the prostate. Not only will you experience mind-blowing stimulations/orgasms but there are also some key health benefits as well. Previously anal sex in men was considered gay, dirty and taboo. Increasingly, anal sex is being utilized by straight couples and single men alike who understand that anal play is not intrinsically linked to the idea of being gay. Using anal sex toys will not make you gay, this can be seen because there are many straight men that enjoy anal play, and there are many gay men that think anal sex is gross and they do not like it. In part, it’s very easy to blame gay culture for the dislike of anal sex, but as a matter of fact the dislike of anal play is not attributed to gender or sexuality, but more in terms of how you were brought up and the relationship between you and your body. It is for this reason why a lot of men will discuss their latest hook up, but might not necessarily enjoy the idea of talking about their prostate and their health. There are numerous underlying benefits of a male sex toy that performs a prostate massage and they are something that we cannot ignore.

By definition the prostate is a gland that stores an essential component of semen and it is located at the penis root below the bladder. It’s the size of a walnut.  Massaging the prostate will lead to the release of stagnant semen which consequently leads to the cleansing of your prostate. When you fail to do this often the stagnant semen will result to the imminent build-up of bacteria which may lead to swelling.

A regular prostate massage has a variety of benefits to a person. Some of the benefits include: reduction in the risk of some complications and diseases such as genital pain, prostatitis, and prostate cancer, urination during the night and erectile dysfunction which is mild during the early stages. Additionally the seminal fluid and its circulation are increased not to mention the overall improvement to erectile function from prostate massages. The best part about this massage is that the benefits accrued are long term, and that’s not forgetting a wide array of other positive outcomes you are bound to get.

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Prostate Massage Techniques Using a Prostate Massager

Some people have experimented prostate massage using their fingers. They do this by first of all locating the prostate and manually stimulating it repetitively by moving their finger in a back and forth movement. However this can be a daunting task and the flexibility required might be difficult for some.  Prostate massages with the finger and individual are the most beneficial to begin with. The reason for this is that you can directly feel where your finger is, and you can learn as to where the prostate is. Once you have located the prostate manually, then you can also do the same thing with the use of a specialised prostate massager that you can get from your couple-friendly adult store.

A correct prostate massage technique is what stands between being successful in it or not. Being successful in it is the major aim and by reading on you will learn how to perform an effective prostate massage.

Incorrect massaging even when done with a prostate massager will lead to failure or dismal results. In addition you can pick up a severe injury. It has been shown that massages that are done by the individual are most effective due to the ability to apply the right amount of pressure to all areas around the prostate. They can tell where the pressure is being applied, what the pressure feels like, and where to move the toy from there Moreover it’s a fairly simple and easy task and will save you money that you would have otherwise used on a professional.

For maximum effectiveness you should put certain considerations into mind. A finger can be somewhat effective in performing this massage but its inability to effectively reach the entire prostate area rule sit as a possible candidate for this massage. The finger is best for learning where the prostate is, and where to apply the necessary pressure. You actually need something that can go the full length and give you total stimulation. This is where a prostate massager comes in handy.

If you’re looking to find the male g-spot, then this video will show you how. By stimulating the male g-spot, also known as the prostate, you can effectively reduce your risk for developing prostate cancer. Did we also mention that it feels absolutely amazing and can give you the most intense full body orgasms of your life?

How To Go About It

At the onset of the massage, ensure that you are well prepared. The first step is to go the toilet and try to empty your bowel as much as you can. An empty bowel is best suited for this, and from there you will need to wait an hour or so and have a shower to ensure cleanliness. However if you find there is nothing much to empty then you are good to go. This bit will take practice and an acknowledgement of your body and its processes. If you are particularly worried – then you will need to read a guide on how to douche properly and go from there. Insert room temperature water into the douche, stand over the toilet and the shower and shake and release the water. Repeat this two or three times or until the water comes out clean.

The next step is to ensure that you carefully unroll a fresh condom over the large end of the prostate massager and then lubricate it using a suitable lubricant such as the SuperSlyde Lubricant.

Get To The Flow In A Manner As Though You Want To Crawl.

Gently and slowly insert the well lubricated massager 4 to 5inches into your anus. This is the recommended depth. The prostate gland is usually located in that depth towards your belly, in other words in and up.  Apply soft pressure forward into the anus toward the gland in a slow and gentle manner. The gland is usually very tender and you can actually feel the tenderness when you touch it with the massager.  While ensuring that you maintain the pressure, slowly remove the massager about one and a half inches as though you were employing the use of a finger.  Note that this being the same procedure employed in the milking of the gland, some fluid is bound to come out and this should not catch you by surprise. If this fluid comes out, it might feel like an intense and crazy orgasm, or it might feel like a ruined orgasm. A ruined orgasm occurs when stimulation is stopped, or removed prior to ejaculation.

Many people have certain uncertainties and fears about this procedure. Some have the fear that it will harm them while some are a little bit sceptical of the benefits it will bring them. However if this massage is done properly then you have no cause for alarm. Many people have reported long lasting, intense and multiple organisms from the use of prostate massagers. When properly used you won’t have to continue being envious of fellow female counterparts’ ability to experience such intense sexual feelings multiple times because you will have the ability to do so as well.

The prostate gland being about the size of a walnut is usually very easy to feel. If you are feeling a very intense sensation when applying pressure and then find that the intensity fades away when you remove the pressure then you have most likely found the prostate gland. The next cause of action is to release the pressure and slide the massager back into the anus and repeat the process with the number of times you are comfortable with.

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If you’re using something like the Aneros prostate stimulator – then the goal is not to use the massager with your hands. Tensing and contracting the pelvic floor muscles will gently nudge the massager into place.

You will experience very intense sexual stimulation and feel very aroused as a result of this process. This subsides after a short while. Do this 5-10 times. Embark on it again and apply gentle pressure on the gland and hold that spot with the massager for about 7 seconds and jiggle it then release it. Relax for about then apply pressure gently hold it to a count of 7 jiggle it and then release then let go.

You are now done with the process. A very easy process indeed.