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Do you need some help selecting the right male sex toy?  Are you encountering problems with your men’s sex toy.  Here you will find Male Sex Toy Advice with tips, tricks, problems and solutions for all things male sex toys.

Introducing Men's Sex Toys Into Relationships

Couple Experiencing Problems In The Bedroom Due To Mismatched Libidos Which Can Cause Relationship Issues

One of the main issues occurring within relationships is a disparity between sexual libidos - generally it is the male with the higher libido. Though it should be noted that this is not always the case.

Male Insecurity And Penis Size

I've worked in an adult store for many years and on one particular wall we have a bunch of dicks moulded from porn stars. These dicks are unusually thick and you'll be hard pressed to find one less than seven inches.

Guide To Using Penis Pumps

Penis Pump Enlarging System With Plastic Cylinders And Suction Cups

I've utilized a vacuum pump for the penis for quite a while (now and again since the early 2000's) and have done it right on most occasions but also had some shockingly wrong sessions.

Health Benefits Of Masturbation

Man Sitting On Bed Masturbating Which Will Improve His Mental Health

Masturbation is fun right? Everyone loves it. It's simple, easy to do and it feels good, so why shouldn't we continue to do it. Did you know however, that scientific studies on the effects of masturbation has demonstrated that stroking

What Are The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Blue Male Symbol Deflated Symbolising Male Erectile Dysfunction Which Male Sex Toys Can Help

We have already looked at some of the toys that will help with erectile dysfunction. But what causes erectile dysfunction in men. The causes might be physical or mental as we will explore below.

Men's Diet For Better Sexual Performance

Green Vegetables And Spinach Contain High Levels Of Magnesium And Are Recommended For Improved Sexual Performance By Mensextoys

The truth is out. Sex experts, cardiologists and psychologists are in agreeance. Your diet has a huge impact on your sexual performance and can help alleviate erectile dysfunction