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There are a multitude of men’s sex toys ranging from vibrators to masturbators, penis plugs, cock cages, cock rings, erection aids and much, much more.  Here we cover the most popular types of men’s sex toys available right now.  So if you want to find out about mens sex toys, what they do, how you use them and the advantages and disadvantages take a view through these great pages.

Chastity Devices For Men

Male Tied Up In Bed As Example Of Male Chastity Is A Sexual Fantasy For Most Men Which See Them Lose Power In The Bedroom

Male Chastity is quickly becoming an important part of many marriages and long-term relationships. This is exactly why men's chastity cages and belts tend to be well-known sex-related products distributed around the globe.

Online Guide To Cock Rings

Infographic Representation Image On How To Wear A Cock Ring To Provide Benefits For Erectile Dysfunction

Your penis may disappoint you sometimes with your partner. When you are just about to enjoy the moment you have been working hard for, your cock may not be able to stand to attention like it should.

What Are Penis Plugs

Surgical Steel Penis Wand Which Has Tapered End For Easy Insertion For Urethral Play

When we think of male sex toys we usually think of things that the penis goes into such as masturbators, or something that is attached on to the penis such as a cock ring, sleeve or other such attachment.

Realistic Masturbators And Strokers

Infograph On Fleshlights With The Structure Of Fleshlights The Number One Selling Masturbator In The World

Masturbators and strokers optimize the act of pleasing and exciting yourself - also known as male masturbation. Masturbators and strokers are used when you need something new to masturbate with and you need the best and fun masturbation techniques.

Better Men's Health: Prostate Massagers

Diagnosing Prostate Cancer Is In Our Hands And Is An Important Part Of Male Health And Sexuality

The statistics on prostate cancer are alarming. In America alone there are 160,000 + new cases every year with almost 30,000 deaths from cancer that hasn't been caught in time.

Do Sex Pheromones Help You Get Laid?

Couple Laying Down Staring Deeply Into Each Others Eyes With Love

The theory is that humans don't actually have a lot of choice when it comes to sexual partners and that we are driven by chemicals, and hormones and the power of smell.

Benefits Of Delay And Excite Sprays

On For Him Power Glide By Sensuva Performance Boosting Male Sex Cream From Adultsmart Online Store

There's a lot of pressure when it comes to sex. Sex brings forth numerous insecurities, anxieties and bring about a number of performance issues and as such - there a lot of common mistakes men make in the bedroom.

Penis Enlargement And Erection Sex Aides

Man With Large Penis Underneath Trousures From Using Enlarging Devices

The mental agony of males with a smaller penis is understandable and the thought of having a small penis can cause feelings of insecurity when it comes to male sexuality. It can cause severe psychological problems which range from depression, feelings of sexual inadequacy, agitation and frustration