Do Sex Pheromones Help You Get Laid?

The Science Behind Sex Pheromones | How Do Pheromones Help My Sex Life

The theory is that humans don’t actually have a lot of choice when it comes to sexual partners and that we are driven by chemicals, and hormones and the power of smell. It’s been documented across the animal kingdom that a variety of animals and insects use the power of pheromones and chemicals to communicate to each other.


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Recent studies by Swedish scientists have concluded, through the use of brain imaging, that humans can also communicate through the power of smell. Similarly to the way that people will subtly communicate visually through expression of clothes, the indication of arousal through wearing sexy lingerie or outfits. Further, men and women respond to certain smells in very different ways. It’s long been debated as to whether humans subconsciously communicate with each other through the power of scent, and one of the strongest pieces of evidence thus far was concluded in 1998 with Martha McKlintock where it was concluded that the menstrual cycles of women living together would synchronise as a result of the chemical messages that were being released by the body in the form of sweat.

Pheromone Sprays in nature are simply chemicals secreted by an animal with its main effects being the attraction of the opposite sex. Pheromones are also used to communicate messages between animals throughout the natural world, and including within plants. The word itself has been derived from the Greek word and it means ‘to bear’. They are an excreted or a secreted chemical meant to trigger a social response especially in members of the similar species. Pheromone contains chemicals which act outside secreting individual’s body to affect the behaviour or physiology of the receiving personality.



Naturally, Pheromones are very volatile and odorous substances released by one animal and subsequently detected by another, causing some kind of physiological reaction. Science has now developed laboratory produced Pheromone Spray’s whose reaction is affects sexual activity, arousal and behaviour. Though, it can also affect level of aggression besides other diverse effects on the target animal or human being. Have you ever noticed that when you first start a new relationship that more people are hitting on you? This is due to a natural increase of pheromones – the pheromones increase arousal within other people and are linked to increased sexual behaviour, love, happiness and positive moods.


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Pheromones sprays are marketed and synthesized to consumers as mixtures to increase sexual attractiveness. Primarily, Pheromones are perceived through vomeronasalorgan situated within the nose and research studies propose that they are excreted from several parts of the body, including the sweat glands, urine and saliva. Pheromones are connected to a number of crucial stages in human lives ranging from breast feeding to mate choice. Research shows that breast-fed newborns have the ability to distinguish between a breast pad worn by stranger and one worn mother.


The Outcomes Of Wearing Pheromones:

Wearing Pheromones ensures powerful catalysts of sexual attraction. As individuals secrete the chemicals by perspiration, they in turn get detected subconsciously by the brain, nose and nervous system. In this case, about 10 % of men give off major amounts of sex appeal. Hence these men might not even look sexy, but through pheromone release they send out powerful attraction signals. Have you ever noticed a particular cologne worn by an ex and everyone that wears that cologne you instantly find somewhat arousing? The cologne that even in a crowded room you can smell and it gets your heart racing, make you feel a little more passionate than usual, maybe a little flushed and flustered; many colognes use types of pheromones and when you combine that with the emotions that you had for an ex they make a powerful combination. This is how pheromones can work.

Males release pheromones throughout their hair and skin and both males and females excrete trace quantities of it via their urine. Males excrete up to four and above times as much as women do. This particular pheromone, produced by the adrenal glands of the two sexes is also found in sweat under their armpits. Besides, it is also present in, and secreted by the sebaceous glands of the vagina and penis.  Studies also found that females secrete at least one other attracting pheromone from their vagina with the presence of copulin (pheromone present in these fluids) and that the appearance of these chemicals correlate with hormonal variations matching the changes in the female menstrual cycle.


Couple In New Relationship Produces Higher Levels Of Pheromones Making Them More Attractive To Other People


The Establishment Of New And Intimate Relationships

The study of science of smell research is Osmology; it has determined that both men and women are mutually attracted to each other through selective chemical couriers called pheromones. The pheromones stimulate sexual readiness, sexual desire, fertility, hormone levels and the deepest emotions. Though it’s not just limited to the young, or the heterosexual. Studies have shown that pheromones can help mature gay men on the dating scene and find love and long lasting relationships.

These studies confirmed that pheromones are commonly used by several in the perfume industry. Even though companies claim to use the compounds simply as a carrier of the fragrance but the added pheromones are likely to have the secretly seductive ingredient. However, the issue is that some of these companies will use pheromones from animals, which may or not cause attraction in humans. Because perfumes are basically marketed based upon their aptitude to appeal to the opposite sex, the pheromone sprays and perfumes combination makes them perfect scents.


The Benefits Of Using Sex Pheromones And Sprays

What to expect when you use pheromones products. Using pheromones have reported a broad range of benefits;

  • A heightened state of ease and relaxation especially in social situations.
  • Enhanced confidence and working relationships.
  • More romantic relationships and frequency of sexual intercourse.
  • Feeling happier and more attractive.
  • Less anxiety and Empowered.
  • Revved-up sex life and added frequency of dates.
  • Increased well-being sense.
  • Increased frequency of affectionate gestures.
  • Increases frequency of foreplay and more romantic partners.

Raised mood: Studies showed that both males and females who portray themselves as depressed testifies an overall sense of positivity, well-being and energy, on wearing pheromones and that the therapeutic advantages of using human pheromones are now under clinical trials of their use to go further to alleviate mood disorders and panic attacks.

Increased working relationships: A reporter explores human pheromones tried them to personally see for himself the end results. Later he realized that he was making more eye contact with people of opposite sex and sending a message of confidence.

Sexual attractiveness: In a study test on human pheromones, about 20 women obtained topically applied pheromones approximately three times a week. The females receiving the pheromones show a significantly higher rate of sexual contact with males than a different control group. The same study conducted with males had the same results, additional sexual contact with females than the males who applied the placebo spray.


Precautions And Safety

Pheromones sprays are usually considered safe and without no known side effects; nevertheless, they may cause biased unwanted effects. For instance, the use of a pheromone formula might bring in the attraction of undesirable associates of the opposite sex. Thus, careful and calculated use of the compounds should be exercised at all times.  However, it is also important to remember that not all commercially accessible formulations of pheromones products are equal! Unluckily, the unprecedented attention in pheromones has spawned the industry of unscrupulous pheromone sellers with their worthless pheromone products to unsuspecting clients. Whereby, a number of these companies still create fake product appraisal sites, written testimonials and videos. So don’t be tricked!


Man Spraying On Pheromones On His Bodies Warm Spots The Neck Behind The Ears And Wrists


Dosage And Timing

Common Perfumes may or may not have pheromones contents (since vendors are not needed to list them on the product tag).Therefore, early applications may be tested in little dosages of 1 or 2 quick sprays. When pheromones are bought separately, they can be inserted to a favourite perfume or cologne in quantity recommended by the manufacturer.  Therefore, to heighten the sexual experience passion, pheromones may be applied strategically in erogenous zones just a moment before the encounter. Also, they may be used to build up to sex, in which case they should be applied one hour or two beforehand and in case the desired effect is not observed, the amount can be amplified in small increments.

The scent of attraction is very factual and human pheromones sprays play a powerful role. For whoever wants to boost confidence and increase attractiveness to the opposite sex, human pheromones may be just what one is looking for.  Pheromones sprays have been demonstrated in a large number of organisms ranging from fish to mammals to amoebas, including primates. However, the issue of whether human being olfactory signalsexist has been in question with much debate. Whether or not pheromones work, one thing can be certain is they’ll definitely increase your confidence.