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Caged Tiger Male Chastity Device | Caged Tiger Cock Cage

Prior to discussing about a caged dragon, let us have a quick look at what exactly it is and what purpose it solves. It is a male chastity device made up of surgical steel for durability, and hygiene. The device is meant for the males who want to control their cravings for masturbation and sexual intercourse. The wearer of this device cannot indulge in the act of sex without seeking the permission of the dominant or key holder (Normally, wife or long-term girlfriend). It can be worn either for a limited period or for long term chastity play and orgasm denial.


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Why Is A Caged Dragon Worn?

Males who really love their spouses or girlfriends and want to be honest, give them the key to their manliness who can then control their sexual activities. The key holder grants permission to the wearer to decide when, how and how often he is allowed to indulge in sexual ecstasy.  The purpose of wearing this belt is the gesture of complete submission in BDSM relationships. BDSM toys are becoming increasingly popular in conventional relationships with popularity surging due to Fifty Shades of Grey. This is device that deny orgasms to the wearer by encapsulating the genital area. But, the wearer gets normal erections when the hormones stirred up.


How Does It Look Like?

This male chastity device has awesome looks. It is made up of surgical steel and available with a padlock which makes sure that your dragon escapes nowhere and remains secured for your sex partner. It is an ideal device to have control over your sexual urge when you are not with your special someone. The device comes along with a beautiful black velvet pouch. It comes in two sizes. The small one has an external curve length of 13 cm and internal 8.5 cm, whereas the large one has an external curve length of 18 cm and internal 10 cm.


Why Is It Preferred over Other Male Chastity Devices?

Caged Dragon is a very popular style and it has a lot of demand. The reason behind its being popular is that unlike other male chastity devices, it neither pinches nor impedes blood flow. It provides a complete comfort to the wearer. Once the device is being locked, it does not cause any trouble to the genital area of the wearer. The wearer remains confined to the curve comfortably. The key holder is provided with the three keys of the device. One key has to be kept with her and the other two can be kept at a safer place so that in case the main key is lost, the other two can be utilized.